Here we have collected poetry about River Twine Holt and its tribesmembers.
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Dreamflight Ponders   2511.04.02*  
Written By: Ingrid G. (122 words)
“I want even more/Now more than ever/To truly be of good use!”
Posted: 03/16/16    [No comments yet]
Dreamflight's Fears   2511.02.17*  
Written By: Ingrid G. (129 words)
Fierce Ones were seen!
Posted: 03/16/16    [No comments yet]
Dreamflight's Family Meal   2511.12.21*  
Written By: Ingrid G. (109 words)
Father sent to me “Would you like to eat with us?”
Posted: 03/04/16    [1 Comment]
Dreamflight’s Wild Identity Song   2510.10.31*  
Written By: Ingrid G. (139 words)
Dreamflight sings about who she really is!
Posted: 12/07/15    [1 Comment]
Birdcatcher’s Howl   2484.08.06*  
Written By: Ingrid G. (27 words)
Dreamflight thinks of Birdcatcher the night after his death.
Posted: 10/22/15    [3 Comments]
Where Among the Stars?   2362.05.04*  
Written By: Chris T. (80 words)
One-Leg ponders what Doeskin’s spirit might be up to.
Posted: 10/17/14    [9 Comments]
The Perfect Gift   *  
Written By: Matt Di Carlo (121 words)
Posted: 07/18/13    [4 Comments]
Crystal Springs   0847.01.29*  
Written By: Razzle C. (536 words)
On his Very Long Walk, Dusk is introduced to some of the dangers of Holt territory...
Posted: 06/21/13    [7 Comments]
The Stars Shine Cold   2511.04.03*  
Written By: Razzle C. (270 words)
Honey's life is filled with joys and sorrows and many changes, but even the long life of an elf is a mere eyeblink under the night sky.
Posted: 04/10/13    [6 Comments]
A Burst of Summer   2509.02.01*  
Written By: Razzle C. (68 words)
Even on the coldest winter nights, the innocent joy of the tribe's cubs can bring Chicory the warmth of summer.
Posted: 01/23/13    [6 Comments]
Soul Reunion   1746.04.12*  
Written By: Razzle C. (89 words)
(2012 Treasure Hunt) A mere turn after tragedy for parents, eyes meet eyes and soul meets soul a second time, bringing Summer a renewed hope for their tribe.
Posted: 09/10/12    [7 Comments]
No Joke   2341.03.09*  
Written By: Razzle C. (145 words)
(Trolls Story) (2012 Treasure Hunt) Even Stillpoint can appreciate some jokes -- but when it comes to safety matters, there's no humor to be found.
Posted: 09/06/12    [5 Comments]
Brulavid's Prayer   2511.08.05*  
Written By: Whitney Ware (280 words)
(Human Tribes Story) (2012 Treasure Hunt) Woad is sacred to the Fierce Ones...
Posted: 09/05/12    [7 Comments]
Daydreams of Death   2511.02.16*  
Written By: Razzle C. (264 words)
(2012 Treasure Hunt) After near disaster for two highthings, Mushroom obsesses over what might have been and what could still be.
Posted: 09/03/12    [7 Comments]
Teeth   2511.08.02*  
Written By: Razzle C. (239 words)
(2012 Treasure Hunt) After a hot summer day, Chicory craves a nice cool fish to eat.
Posted: 09/01/12    [7 Comments]
Dawn Guardians   0584.05.14*  
Written By: Granny C. (49 words)
Early morning at the Holt.
Posted: 07/12/12    [8 Comments]
Uncertain Future   2511.02.21*  
Written By: Razzle C. (142 words)
(2012 March/April Fic Trade) While overseeing the preparations for Bluestone Cave, True Edge worries for his family and tribe's future.
Posted: 06/22/12    [8 Comments]
Paces   2346*  
Written By: Razzle C. (199 words)
Chicory observes the life of one of her wolf-bonds, Brownblur, from cubhood to old age.
Posted: 02/13/11    [9 Comments]
Love Given, Returned Eightfold   2509.12.24*  
Written By: Amy Chandler (197 words)
(Secret Santa 2010 Trade Angel) Kestrel reflects on her life and love.
Posted: 01/07/11    [9 Comments]
As It Should Be   2503.07.23*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier (154 words)
Dreamflight feels that things are not as they should be.
Posted: 06/18/10    [9 Comments]
Red Skies at Night   2503.05.17*  
Written By: Heidi Henderson (446 words)
(2010 Howls Contest - Honey's Howl) Kestrel recounts the death of tribemates during the flood of 2327.
Posted: 05/05/10    [13 Comments]
The Loss of Birdcatcher   2503.05.17*  
Written By: Amy Chandler (321 words)
(2010 Howls Contest - Honey's Howl) During Honey's Howl, Rainpace relates the circumstances of her father's death.
Posted: 05/05/10    [7 Comments]
How Does it Feel?   2503.07.02*  
Written By: Chris T. (126 words)
(2010 Howls Contest - Newt's Howl) One-Leg answers one of Newt’s many questions
Posted: 05/05/10    [8 Comments]
Mother's Work   2403.01.12*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier (100 words)
The work will have to wait.
Posted: 02/19/10    [10 Comments]
I Want To Sing Their Songs   2503.09.21*  
Written By: Chris T. (129 words)
(2009 Sept/Oct Fic Trade) The human word-hunt has personal value for Moss.
Posted: 01/03/10    [10 Comments]
Dying Thoughts   2210.10.01*  
Written By: Adrienne Willis (83 words)
The last thoughts of two fathers.
Posted: 01/03/10    [13 Comments]
A Rainbow in My Hand   2475.04.01*  
Written By: Adrienne Willis (100 words)
Goldspice admires two rainbows.
Posted: 09/03/09    [5 Comments]
Two Gems the Color of the Sky   2205*  
Written By: Adrienne Willis (134 words)
Little Sparkle ponders two sapphires.
Posted: 07/01/09    [10 Comments]
Farscout's Sonnet   2503.04.15*  
Written By: Sarah Clawfoot (250 words)
Farscout muses on his own motivations.
Posted: 05/15/09    [11 Comments]
I Can't   2363.10.12*  
Written By: Linda Aarts (128 words)
Fadestar knows she isn’t like the others.
Posted: 04/14/09    [8 Comments]
BAYUMOP   2495.05.04*  
Written By: Trena Driessen (75 words)
(2007 Treasure Hunt) "Bayumop" means "a dew of insults" -- the Bukhno Baha version of stand-up comedy.
Posted: 03/20/09    [4 Comments]
Looking for Hope   2501.03.10*  
Written By: Joan Milligan (250 words)
Expecting a grandcub, Snowfall can't help but wonder.
Posted: 02/04/08    [8 Comments]
Just One More Day   2501.03.02*  
Written By: Sarah Clawfoot (174 words)
(April/May 2007 fic trade) Suddendusk hangs on to the Now for a little while longer before telling young Crackle she's going to get a new sibling.
Posted: 06/09/07    [8 Comments]
Unaccompanied   *  
Written By: Tommy Jeffers (106 words)
an elf mourns for a loved one in wrapstuff
Posted: 04/15/07    [7 Comments]
Once Upon A Cold, Cold Night   1743*  
Written By: Mary Jo Jeffers (426 words)
(Jan/Feb 2007 fic trade)
Posted: 03/09/07    [11 Comments]
Windburn's Lament   2400.*  
Written By: Amy Chandler (102 words)
Posted: 03/09/07    [13 Comments]
Luxuria of Starskimmer   2500.*  
Written By: Tommy Jeffers (104 words)
Posted: 02/25/07    [8 Comments]
Whispersilk: Reflections   2500.*  
Written By: Heidi Henderson (224 words)
Posted: 01/02/07    [9 Comments]
Dreamflight   2500*  
Written By: Mary Jo Jeffers (90 words)
Posted: 01/02/07    [9 Comments]
A Father's Musing   2226*  
Written By: Amy Chandler (101 words)
Blacksnake's muses over his newborn child...
Posted: 01/02/07    [9 Comments]
Limericks: Chicory   2500.*  
Written By: Cindy Pruitt (61 words)
(2006 July fic trade)
Posted: 08/07/06    [8 Comments]
Tracking With Crackle   2500.07.02*  
Written By: Joan Milligan (271 words)
Posted: 07/31/06    [10 Comments]

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