Paces   2346*  
Written By: Razzle C.
Chicory observes the life of one of her wolf-bonds, Brownblur, from cubhood to old age.
Posted: 02/13/11      [9 Comments]

Wolf meets elf and friendship starts: "Little one, I name you Brownblur!"
Through my legs, underfoot, any available space
Your little tail wags as you go
And my laughter matches your pace

Wolf-cub, you can't run very fast on your own, but I'll carry you for now
I see the excitement in your face
As I carry you faster than you yourself could go
At your lolloping, tumbling pace

Now you're still young, but growing, and run with me, where did your cubling days go?
We both feel the thrill of the race
As we run side by side, fast as we can go
Matching each other pace for pace

You're fully grown, now, and faster than I, but we both scent our prey on the wind
Ayooah! I've mounted -- now, let's give chase!
As you run towards our prey, faster than I can go
At my nimble -- but limited -- pace

You're an elder to me now, though I'm older than you, so I'll walk by your side again
The carrying is gone, but the love's still in place
I measure my steps, and try to go slow
Since you now move a much slower pace

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