A Father's Musing   2226*  
Written By: Amy Chandler
Blacksnake's muses over his newborn child...
Posted: 01/02/07      [9 Comments]

Tiny cub,

Wriggling cub,

Who will you be?

Will you be calm

Like your mother

Or daring like me?

Are you strong,


Fierce, and brave?

Will it be the

Thrill of the

Hunt you crave?

Or are you

Meant for

Tamer things?

Will you answer

When the river


Will you create

Wondrous things

With your tiny hand?

Will you gather

The bounty

Of the land?

Are you the

Healer we've been

Waiting for?

Or will you be

Chief like your

Ancestors before?

Hush, little cubling,

Your Father is


You are safe

In my arms.

No need to fear.

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