Teeth   2511.08.02*  
Written By: Razzle C.
(2012 Treasure Hunt) After a hot summer day, Chicory craves a nice cool fish to eat.
Posted: 09/01/12      [7 Comments]

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2012 Treasure Hunt
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2012 TREASURE HUNT CLUE #1: My bones are generally used for toothpicks or threading needles. Watch out, though, if I'm around. I will strike, and my teeth are sharp. (Answer: Sawtooth / Pike)

The day had been hot but the night was now cool
And as Chicory contemplated the rocky pool
She decided a fish
Would satisfy a wish
For something to eat
Both refreshing and sweet

Like any other wolfrider in her pack
Chicory had a need for prey to attack
But her wolf-instincts most often met
By food she could catch in the wet
And she thought tonight
A sawtooth was just right

She saw him: lean and delicious and swimming about
Chicory slipped into the pond and cast her net out
Then, with a tremendous splash
A strike like skyfire flash!
Chicory jerked back from harm
Still, the sawtooth bit her arm

It was a struggle for predator's food and prey's life
Until fisher, with one swift flash of her knife
Stilled the sawtooth's fight
Then gutted it under moons' light
Though fish had fought back
It was now a wolfrider snack

It was a small sawtooth, but still too much food for just one
Chicory asked Muckabout to wrap the rest when she was done
The fisher gave her lips one final lick
Then used one fine bone for a toothpick
Remarking to the cool water beneath,
"NOW who's got who in whose teeth?"

Illustration by Peggy B.

Collections that include this story:
Daydreams of Death
2012 Treasure Hunt
Brulavid's Prayer

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