Dreamflight’s Wild Identity Song   2510.10.31*  
Written By: Ingrid G.
Dreamflight sings about who she really is!
Posted: 12/07/15      [1 Comment]

I’m not just flighty
I’m really a dream in flight!
A great dream come true!
Possibly a dream for you.
Always reaching for the stars.

Not just a fisher
But a lure for certain elves
I wait with my nets
To drag you to my Love Den.
But only in my wild mind.

Wise elf star gazing,
But they call me immature!
I am a birch’s age.
I will stay forever young
For you, Love! I am Dreamflight!

Cunning elf crafting,
I can do more with my hands.
But that is too much
For you to handle. Trust me!
I don’t even trust myself!

A bird song expert,
Please hunt until you find me!
Elves lost in the woods?
But we won’t want to be found!
We’ll make a Den all our own.

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