Mother's Work   2403.01.12*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier
The work will have to wait.
Posted: 02/19/10      [10 Comments]

Pick up the pieces of fabric. Put them away.

"Tremor, No!"

Hurry, take the fabric from the baby. Put it away.
He's into everything.
It's so hard to work, to get things done.

"Just a moment, baby."

Can't pick him up. There's work to do.
He's crying.
Just a moment.

"Please, little one."

Please, a moment to rest.
To get things done.


The work is in pieces.
I'll never get it done.
Not while I have the baby.

"Oh, Tremor."

He smiled.
Here, I'll hold you.
Let's play.
You're only little once.

The work will have to wait.

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