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This is a brief introduction to all living elves of the River Twine tribe. All artwork and stories that a character appears in is linked in their full character sheet - click on the picture, or their name for more information about them!

Beetle ~ Wolf-friend: Rooter ~ Owned by Mira

Beetle – female, 172 years old, chestnut hair and hazel eyes, 3'10". A herbalist, archer and inventor. Beetle is a generally quiet, cheerful elf who can be regarded by some as a bit of an oddball. She is intensely curious about the natural world around her, and enjoys experimenting with all sorts of substances to see what results. While she is inherently intelligent, she tends to say whatever pops into her head, which tends to give her a bit of a bubble-head reputation. Willow's lovemate, and knows Willow's soul name, though Willow doesn't know hers. Daughter of Starskimmer & Cloudfern, half-sister of Notch & Otter. "Step-sister" is Dreamflight, and adoptive brother is Newt. Currently bonded to Rooter.

Bio picture by: Mira B.

Blacksnake ~ Wolf-friend: Frostback ~ Owned by Holly

(Fifth Generation.) 4'4", silver-grey hair, brown eyes. Was the lifemate of Chieftess Easysinger (deceased); father of Chief Windburn, and Chicory. Brother of One-Leg and Suddendusk, uncle to many, etc. Grandfather of Goldspice, Foxtail, Cinder, and Glow. Ambitious, intelligent, snarky, dour; thinks highly of himself and expects others to respect him and listen to him, even if they don't like him. Competitive, used to giving orders and having them followed; often brusque and critical. Sees himself as a leader and a protector; but his paternalism is not always welcomed by his tribesmates. Considering his long years and experience, as well as his sharp intellect, his opinions are often right on the money; however, he also harbors a strong sense of superiority, and can often rub his tribemates wrong for acting like an expert on all subjects, and for seeming like a know-it-all. Has an uneasy relationship with his son the chief -- they often don't "get" each other and frequently misread each other.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Brightwood ~ Wolf-friend: Redbrush ~ Owned by Joan

(Fifth Generation) F, 4'4", light blond hair, blue-violet eyes. A skilled plantshaper, Brightwood is sharp-minded, clever, and wilful, taking strongly after her sire. In her younger days she was a playful, sometimes impulsive, occasionally insubordinate troublemaker. Since her unwrapping her outlook is a bit darker. She doesn't share the desire to befriend the local humans and views them with caution, and is intensely troubled by the return of the Fierce Ones. Daughter of Lynx & Frost, Recognized of Farscout, mother of Copper, sister of Cloudfern. Bonded to Redbrush, mid-rank F.

Bio picture by: Rachel V.

Chicory ~ Wolf-friend: Sleuth ~ Non-adoptable character

5th generation -- Chicory is the daughter of Blacksnake and Easysinger, making her Windburn's younger sister. She is Recognized to Rainpace, and the mother of Glow. She's small for an elf and stands at 3'8". Chicory has almond-shaped, latte-brown eyes and a skin tone that ranges from pale to warm olive. Her hair is a messily kept mass of brown and red tied into pigtails, frequently decorated with beads and "shiny" things. Chicory is something of a tribal odd-ball. She has a fascination with pond-life and attempts to find out as much as she can in hopes that it will help the tribe. Chicory is a patient elf, which is echoed in her habits of gathering, trapping, fishing, and potting. Her companions generally consist of Rainpace, Dreamflight, Nightstorm, Willow, and Beetle among others.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Cinder ~ Wolf-friend: Longhowl ~ Owned by Laura

[Secondary character] (Seventh Generation) Second child of Whispersilk and Chief Windburn, he takes after his parents in appearance in his face and with his sea-green eyes, but his silver-gray hair comes from his grandfather Blacksnake. Already a calm, even-tempered, and quick-witted child, Cinder is more thoughtful than impulsive, unlike his older sister, and is more demonstrative and expressive than his father Windburn. While mature for his age, Cinder tends to be curious and game to try everything at least once, either crafting or hunting. His wolf-friend is Longhowl.

Bio picture by: Laura M.

Cloudfern ~ Wolf-friend: Crowsong ~ Owned by Sofia

[Primary Character] (Fifth generation) 4'1' Hair - pampas blond; Eyes - blue/violet. Plantshaper, herbal healer, sometimes fisher and trapper. Charming and good-natured, if a little haunted now and then by past events; old wounds have been torn open for him in these past turns, but they might actually be helping bleed a festering old wound dry. By nature cheerful, gifted but not egotistic, strong-willed enough to be stubborn or stern when it's called for; likes attention, loves life, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company. Father - Lynx (deceased); mother - Frost (deceased), sister - Brightwood, soul-brother Farscout. Father of Beetle, Recognized but not mated to Starskimmer. Lifemated to Greenweave; adopted father of Newt.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Copper ~ Wolf-friend: Flea ~ Owned by Beth

(Sixth Generation) Violet eyes, copper hair. Daughter of Brightwood & Farscout. An unusually observant, practical and silent little kid: self-confident but reserved, slow to engage with other children in normal, childish roughhousing type of pursuits -- tends to prefer the company of adults to other kids.

Bio picture by: Beth K.

Crackle ~ Wolf-friend: Muddypaws ~ Owned by Laura

[Primary Character] (Seventh Generation) Daughter of Windsong and Suddendusk, younger sister of Evervale and older half-sister of Rill. A storyteller in training with a love of all things strange and scary, cheerfully bossy and proud of her talent and her exceptional intelligence. She firmly believes that you're never too old to think the world is as weird and wonderful as you thought when you were smaller. Though an expert at keeping herself entertained, Crackle is very attached to family and tribe, and has loving and unique bonds with both parents and both siblings. In her other capacity, a maker of music and musical instruments, and the terror of cubs who don't know better than to listen to her. Bonded to Muddypaws, a clever, high-ranked male.

Bio picture by: Laura M.

Dreamflight ~ Wolf-friend: Fumble ~ Owned by Ingrid

[Primary Character] 7th generation 3'7' Hair -- Golden blond; Eyes -- Yellow-green. Dreamflight is a dreamy, friendly and cheerful fisher. Can be perceived as slightly air-headed (so to speak), but stays on task with day-to-day chores. Eager to prove herself useful though is found often with her head in the clouds. She has a love of birdwatching and skygazing and is great at mimicking bird calls. Easy to be around and cheerful when she isn't lost in thought. Likes experimenting and trying new things. Can be prone to develop crushes, though not so often as to be considered fickle.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Evervale ~ Wolf-friend: Halfmoon ~ Owned by Ellen

Evervale is the tribe's youngest plantshaper. She is young and quiet, but also courageous and curious. She enjoys hunting, tracking, whittling and spending time with others. She has a calm nature and avoids conflict as much as possible. She is lovemates with Longshot. She is also on the Human Language Team.

Bio picture by: Larissa J.

Fadestar ~ Wolf-friend: Autumnleaf ~ Owned by Linda

Fadestar -- Black wavy hair, large grey eyes. 21 years old, youngest sister of Kestrel. Fadestar focuses on what she can achieve instead of what she cannot. In many ways, she's very mature and very responsible for her age. Normally, she is a calm and even-tempered individual, much like her father. Driven and determined to reach the goals she sets for herself. Recently, her gliding ability surfaced when she rescued her best friend Newt. Determined to develop this, to become a long-range scout.

Bio picture by: Linda A.

Farscout ~ Wolf-friend: Duskgreeter ~ Owned by Sofia

[Secondary Character] (Fifth Generation) M, E-pale grey, H=black, HT=4'5". Scout, archer, tracker & hunter; a quiet, introverted elf with a restless spirit. Recognized lifemate of Brightwood, father of Copper; soul-brother Cloudfern, half-sister Goldspice. Bonded to Duskgreeter (male wolf, mature, high-ranked).

Bio picture by: Rachel V.

Firecat ~ Character in Wrapstuff ~ Owned by Lyn

(Second Generation, 536-562) -- female, red-gold hair, gold eyes. Died without Recognizing or reproducing. Daughter of Cubmaker and Redmane. She is a risk taker and adventurer, and likes to challenge herself and others, mostly as a means of proving herself. Firecat wants to be liked, and tries to be attentive to others' likes and interests as a way of trying to connect with them. A very strong sender, she is more effective at communicating that way; verbally, she can seem tongue-tied.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Flicker ~ Non-adoptable character

(Sixth Generation) male, infant; straight auburn hair and warm brown eyes. He is the OOR-conceived son of True Edge, Snowfall, and Kestrel (biological mother). He is a rather solemn cub, quick to cry when startled or sleepy, but is comforted by the presence of his family, especially his younger brother. Half-brother of Quick Fang, nephew of Fadestar, uncle of Willow, Pathmark, and Rill, cousin of Brightwood, Cloudfern, and Windsong.

Bio picture by: Megan M.

Foxtail ~ Wolf-friend: Briarfoot ~ Owned by Angie

(Primary Character) The first cub of chief Windburn and his lifemate Whispersilk. Quick-tempered and attention-seeking, Foxtail naturally avoids anything like responsibility and boredom. She often looks before she leaps and is staggeringly blunt. Clever and talented, it could often be said she wastes her natural gifts on mischief. On the positive side, though, she has been trying to improve herself... for whatever reason.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

Glow ~ Wolf-friend: Silversong ~ Owned by Tabitha

(Seventh Generation) -- daughter of Chicory & Rainpace. A curious, quirky, thrill-seeking child., cheerful, outspoken, and somewhat impulsive, with a dare-devil tendency to leap even after she looks. (The current tribe may find that she reminds them of her deceased uncle Riskrunner, or stories of great-grandmother Chieftess Foxsly.) Energetic and active, showing an early affinity for hunting. She also loves music and is drawn particularly to the pipes that her father Rainpace plays.

Bio picture by: Tabitha R.

Goldspice ~ Wolf-friend: Peakrunner ~ Non-adoptable character

Goldspice (5th Generation) 4'1", the tribe's goldsmith. Friendly, outspoken, loves life and is curious about the world around her and how it works. Lovemate of Moss, half-sister of Farscout, granddaughter of Blacksnake; wolf-friend Peakrunner.

Bio picture by: Tah-marien F.

Greenweave ~ Wolf-friend: Pounce ~ Owned by Catrina

(Sixth Generation.) 4'0", brown hair, brown eyes. Greenweave is happiest when he's working with his hands, be it weaving nets, carving, fishing the rivers of the Holt, or styling hair (especially when styling hair!). He's a patient, quiet soul and always willing to lend an ear as needed. He's deeply devoted to his lifemate, Cloudfern, and to Newt, whom the couple adopted after he came out of wrapstuff. Mending a bound from his Recognized, Honey, and their daughter, Dreamflight.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Honey ~ Wolf-friend: Mooncrier ~ Owned by Lyn

3'8" with blonde hair and yellow-green eyes. Honey is a capable, but not outstanding huntress and is still trying to improve her archery skills. Honey keeps herself active and is happiest when she falls into the wolfsong and the now. Honey has a sweet nature, and is generous and kind, yet she can hold a grudge for an oak's age. She is an idealist and a romantic at heart. Prone to over-thinking and emotional "gut" reactions, and sometime subtly manipulative when she sees a way to get what she wants. Honey's more grounded and centered these days although she can still be prone to social anxiety. Recognized to Greenweave, mother to Dreamflight, sister of Thornbow, off-and-on casual relationship with Blacksnake.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Kestrel ~ Wolf-friend: Starlight ~ Owned by Megan

(Fifth Generation)-- Female, auburn hair, hazel eyes. Parents: Leather & Stormdancer (both deceased). Siblings: Moon (deceased), Fadestar. Children: Bowflight (deceased), Flicker, Spark (adopted son). Grandchildren: Willow, Pathmark. Recognized mate: Boar (deceased). Lifemates: Snowfall, True Edge. 3'9", slender, one of two gliders in the tribe (the other being her sister) and the tribe's eldest member. A wise, active and pragmatic huntress & fisher, who has bit of a introverted streak.

Bio picture by: Megan M.

Longshot ~ Wolf-friend: Rambler ~ Owned by Merry

Seventh Generation-- 4'1", black hair, blue eyes--The son of Nightstorm & Moss, Longshot is a flirty, happy-go-lucky guy who almost always has a smile on his face. He talks a lot when he is around the holt to make up for all the silent hunt time. He also tries to keep his hands occupied at all times when he isn't hunting or tracking, otherwise he begins to get antsy and jiggles his legs or taps his fingers excessively. He manages to contain his fidgety nature during a hunt but the only true moment of complete stillness he gets is while he is lining up a shot and letting the arrow fly. An excellent archer with unmatched precision. He is lovemates with Evervale and Pathmark.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

Moss ~ Wolf-friend: Weasel ~ Owned by Stacy

(Secondary Character) (Sixth Generation) -- male, ash-blond hair, hazel eyes. Father of Longshot, lovemate of Goldspice, Moss is the very picture of laid-back; mellow and easy-going, he doesn't seem to get ruffled by very much of anything, although he is often overpowered by the sensations of the world around him. He has a quick and easy smile and a warm laugh that usually gets others laughing as well. Charming and friendly, Moss is a bit of a flirt and makes no bones about it. He's the tribe's senior tanner and is especially skilled in making rich, intense dyes for leathers. He is a talented musician, with both drum and harp. He is also a skilled archer, a talent he has passed along to his son Longshot. Currently a member of the HLT.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

Newt ~ Wolf-friend: Browncoat ~ Owned by Beth

(Fifth Generation) 19 years old; born outside of Recognition, suffers from albinism. Despite his coloring that made him avoid daylight even more than the average wolfrider, Newt is a cheerful, fairly normal boy, who enjoys swimming and climbing around. Had to be put into wrapstuff when fatally bitten by a snowmouth snake in 1918. After being unwrapped he moved in with Cloudfern and Greenweave. Currently he's taking care of Moonwing, a orphaned Whitemask Owl.

Bio picture by: Melanie D.

Nightstorm ~ Wolf-friend: Silverbite ~ Owned by Joanne

The sister of Snowfall, and mother of Longshot, Nightstorm is an artistic, temperamental personality She enjoys working hard and playing hard, and takes great pride in the results of her labors. She's a jack of all trades and master of none, she'll dabble in anything and everything that catches her curiosity. Her passion for individual crafts varies from season to season, and sometimes from week to week, and she often has a den-room of unfinished projects left in the wake of the latest inspirational falling-out. She's a woman of high passions, and has no hesitation about speaking her mind freely (and often with righteous conviction). Quick to make up her mind and quick to leap to a hasty conclusion; doesn't take well to being corrected. Thrives on attention, and on receiving positive strokes for her work; much less interested in constructive criticism or advice. Is one of the tribe's tanners/tailors, as well as the most experienced current practioner of weaving Preserver-silk.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

Notch ~ Wolf-friend: Beauty ~ Owned by Stacy

(Primary Character) (Sixth Generation) -- male, 4'0", brown hair, green eyes. A hunter, tracker and troublemaker. He is a clever, sly, and a quick-thinking elf who enjoys the creature comforts of life. Has no fear regarding the disapproval of his tribemates. Wolf-friend Beauty; son of One-Leg & Starskimmer, half-brother of Otter & Beetle.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

One-Leg ~ Wolf-friend: Longtooth ~ Owned by Chris

One-Leg(Primary Character) -- male elder, 4'4", ruddy hair & beard, blue eyes. Has become a fisher since his disability centuries ago, has recently become a hunter of human words. One-Leg is a crusty old rogue who enjoys a good tumble in the bed furs, storytelling, wine, and virtually any other recreational sport. He especially loves the ocean, and enjoys the occasional solo trip out to the shore, especially during storm seasons. One-Leg is blunt-tongued and has no patience for fools. Bonded to Longtooth -- male high-ranked wolf. Recognized of Starskimmer and Tallow (deceased), father of Flash (deceased) and Notch, brother of Blacksnake and half-brother of Suddendusk.

Bio picture by: Stacy L., color by Trena D.

Otter ~ Wolf-friend: Splash ~ Owned by Arthur

Otter -- son of Starskimmer, father at first unknown. Later it would point out that Greenweave was his sir. Playful and a trickster, loves to swim and fish. Bonded to wolf-friend Splash.

Bio picture by: Arthur R.

Pathmark ~ Wolf-friend: Bonetrail ~ Owned by Ingrid

[Secondary Character] (Seventh Generation) - male, blonde hair, hazel eyes, 3'10". A scout, tracker and trapper, enjoys making beads. Pathmark is a sweet, quiet and gentle soul and always the optimist. He is the type of person who will find a pearl in the worst of midden-pits. Friendly and social, and is a happy follower when participating in a group activity. Brother of Willow, grandson of Kestrel. Nephew of Flicker and Windsong. Lovemates with Evervale and Longshot and in an "Undefined Relationship" with Fadestar. Bonded to Bonetrail, male mid-high ranked wolf.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Quick Fang ~ Wolf-friend: Growler ~ Owned by Karena

Daughter of True-Edge and Snowfall. Feral, animalistic, and very protective. She got her name because she has been known to bite anyone (wolf or elf) in order to protect whatever she considers hers. There are several in the tribe who have bite marks on their bodies as a result of angering Quick Fang. She is a Wolf-bonder, she can communicate with Hunt blooded wolves and natural wolves. Because of being a Wolf-bonder Quick Fang feels more comfortable around the wolves than she does around most of the other elves and tends to sleep in the wolf dens. Recognized Suddendusk and bore him a son: Rill.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Raindrop ~ Wolf-friend: Patchface ~ Character in Wrapstuff ~ Owned by Linda

(Second Generation, 804-1585) -- female, brindle grey-brown hair, green eyes. Daughter of Raincaller and Greenleaf, full sister of Blackbird, Ivy, and Pinecone. Recognized Javelin, mother of Sundaze; Recognized Hornet, mother of Stormcloud, Hailstone and Thistle.

Bio picture by: Rachel V.

Rainpace ~ Wolf-friend: Windswift ~ Non-adoptable character

(Sixth Generation) M, 4'1", short, brown hair and blue-grey eyes, Recognized of Chicory and father of Glow. He is a trapper, tracker, word-hunter and passionate flute player. Before he became a father he belonged to the pranksters of River Twine Holt, albeit he had always been the most reasonable voice in that group. His life changed drastically during the last 10 years, since he took over more responsibilities, such as word-hunting, teaching (Newt) and taking care of a cub. Rainpace is still an easy-going, fun-loving elf, who always has a joke or a jab on his lips. But not only has his self-confidence increased since his good-for-nothing prankster times, but also his sense for duty and priorities, which had cost him the deep friendship with his childhood buddy Notch. Rainpace also took on an overprotective streak, under which his lovemate and cub have to suffer from time to time.

Bio picture by: Peggy B.

Raven ~ Character in Wrapstuff ~ Owned by Holly

(Fifth Generation, 1747-2327) -- 4'7" male, black hair, gold eyes. Raven was a quiet hunter who was named for his black head of hair. The son of Beesting & Owl, Recognized of Sunlight, father of Finch & Windsong.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Rill ~ Wolf-friend: SoftJoy ~ Owned by Daria

(Eighth Generation) -- Son of Suddendusk and Quick Fang. Grew up with both families. An active, friendly and with big ambitions. Likes exploring, hunting for new items for his collection and honey. He spends most of of his time with Crackle and Cinder, who is his best friend.

Bio picture by: Daria M. and Beth K.

Snowfall ~ Wolf-friend: Slychase ~ Non-adoptable character

(Sixth generation)F, white hair, blue eyes, 4'1", 565 years. Recognized and lifemate of True Edge, lovemate of Kestrel and mother of Quick Fang, Spark and Whitestag (deceased), adoptive mother of Fadestar and Flicker as well as the sister of Whispersilk & Nightstorm, grandmother of Rill. Snowfall has a cool, steady temperament. She is a wise nurturer who steps into every void where the role of a mother is needed, be it for an orphaned cub or a confused fellow elder. She is the silent presence who is there to watch over someone learning a painful lesson.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Spark ~ Non-adoptable character

(Seventh Generation) male, infant; wavy-curly, thick black hair and warm brown eyes. He is the OOR-conceived son of True Edge, Kestrel, and Snowfall (biological mother). He is a happy, lively cub, rarely cries and smiles a lot, dislikes being separated from his older brother. Brother of Quick Fang and Flicker, nephew of Nightstorm, uncle of Rill.

Bio picture by: Mareike H.

Starskimmer ~ Wolf-friend: Tenor ~ Owned by Kyna

[Secondary Character] female, 569 years old, sable hair, green eyes, 4'0" & buxom. A weak rockshaper, skilled herbalist and midwife, brewer of wines, mead & beer. Hates boredom, loves sex, can be aggressive in her pursuit of a tumble in the furs. Cocky, strong willed, and loves to tease, has a wicked sense of humor. Recognized to One-Leg & Cloudfern (but not lifemated to either); mother of Notch, Beetle, and Otter. Bonded to Tenor, male low-ranked wolf.

Bio picture by: Kyna H.

Suddendusk ~ Owned by Kyna

(Fifth Generation) -- Male, black hair, green eye. Son of Dove and Skinner. Recognized of Windsong, also Recognized of Quick Fang. Father of Evervale, Crackle, and Rill. An elf with an active mind and an active heart, it never takes much convincing to get Suddendusk to participate in the tribe's activities, and he's equally happy taking on large projects or small tasks. He is relatively laid-back and easy-going, though he does have a somewhat overprotective streak when it comes to his own family. Easygoing as he is, he's also a bit of a 'nutty professor' type in that he'll invent things for the sake of invention and not because the devices are in any way useful, and his mind is almost always working out some mechanical principle or other. He's an inventor, a thinker, a knapper, a thatcher, and, above all, a dedicated father, lifemate, and tribemate to all.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Thornbow ~ Wolf-friend: Thief ~ Owned by Angie

(Secondary Character) (Sixth Generation) -- 4'0", male, blond, green eyes; a quiet hunter who knows (and takes pride) in his place in the pack. Leans more toward the wolf in his blood than not; appreciates simplicity, and is uncomfortable when situations grow too complex. Likes to reduce matters to what's at the core. Generally presents a calm face to the world; can become quickly irritated, but such moods usually also blow over quickly. Skilled hunter, archer & bowyer; brother of Honey and uncle of Dreamflight; close friend of chief Windburn.

Bio picture by: Stacy L.

True Edge ~ Wolf-friend: Branch ~ Owned by Mike

True Edge -- 4'4", light blond hair and light blue eyes. Nearly an elder, accomplished hunter. Stubborn and independent; likes to do things his way, and always knows that his way is right. Straightforward, blunt, sometimes tactless. Recognized of Snowfall; father of Quick Fang.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Turnstone ~ Character in Wrapstuff ~ Owned by Heidi

First child of Cloudchase and Herbfinder, born in 1202; took after Herbfinder's mother Swan in looks, but inherited grandfather Flint's rockshaping magic. Has a warm, outgoing personality -- friendly and fun-loving, hearty and good-humored, tends to be optimistic. Not as earthy or blunt as someone like One-Leg, more the type to mediate between others than to argue. (Was a contrast with his serious, surly younger brother Skinner, but is the type of person to overlook such differences and work to be friends anyway.) Likes to hunt and fish equally. Likes to use a spear for fishing, but for hunting favors thrown weapons -- particularly heavy ones like axes and hammers, which suit his strength.

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Willow ~ Wolf-friend: Highpoint ~ Owned by Heidi

3'9", ruddy brown hair, blue eyes. Granddaughter of Kestrel, sister of Pathmark. Willow, the tribe's healer, is stubborn and fiercely competitive, and though she isn't afraid to speak what is on her mind, she knows how to choose her battles wisely. While she enjoys trapping, gathering, and -- most of all -- friendly dares and pranks, a serious side of her has emerged over the past hand of turns. She has finally come to terms with her healing abilities and embraces them, for the most part, in order to master them.

Bio picture by: Heidi H.

Windburn ~ Wolf-friend: Fireweed ~ Non-adoptable character

(Fifth Generation) 4'0", dark red hair, blue eyes. Father of Foxtail and Cinder, brother of Chicory, son of Blacksnake. The current chieftain of the River Twine tribe, Windburn is strong-willed, able-bodied, and can be hard-headed and stubborn. Dislikes allowing anyone to loaf. He is a brave and capable leader, although he can be prone to dark moods in which he is very gruff and snappish

Bio picture by: Holly H.

Windsong ~ Wolf-friend: Thumper ~ Owned by Maggie

(Sixth Generation)-- female, 3'9", honey blonde hair, dark green eyes, 277 years. Recognized of Suddendusk, and mother of Evervale and Crackle. Windsong is a calm, down to earth and practical creature most of the time. She is also fiercely independent (which her lifemate can vouch for) and protective (which the scars on her back is proof of). Windsong is not easily rattled and prides herself on being level-headed but when something actually manages to mess up her balance it's a doozy - with consequences. She dislikes drama and will avoid it if at all possible. A friend in need will find her patient and kind - what you get is the truth, but she will wrap it up nicely first. She is an excellent huntress and a good guard. Bonded to Thumper, a low-rank female wolf.

Bio picture by: Maggie A.

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