How Does it Feel?   2503.07.02*  
Written By: Chris T.
(2010 Howls Contest - Newt's Howl) One-Leg answers one of Newt’s many questions
Posted: 05/05/10      [8 Comments]

How does it feel to have a wooden leg?

Each new one is different, but they all feel the same

They feel that way for the many different hands that made them

Cloudfern strengthened this wood, and formed the hole for my stump

Suddendusk carved it down, and added all these lovely little bits of art

Thornbow sealed it against rain and sweat, mud and salt and fishblood

Moss crafts the soft leathers that keep my skin from being rubbed raw

Whispersilk gives me sturdy silk string to bind the leather to my skin

Greenweave makes the good strong cords that hold it all together

Many other hands went into many, many other legs

I can stand because my tribe lifts me up

It feels good

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