Love Given, Returned Eightfold   2509.12.24*  
Written By: Amy Chandler
(Secret Santa 2010 Trade Angel) Kestrel reflects on her life and love.
Posted: 01/07/11     Updated: 08/05/11 [9 Comments]

I have been here a long time.
I have walked this land,
flown this air,
and hunted these trails.
I have seen much,
done much, and
forgotten even more.

I have lived
for so very long.

I have been held in the circle
of my parents’ affection.
I have cherished the
joyful challenge of a sister.
I have found great love,
the other half of my soul.
I have borne a child…
a piece of my heart roaming free.
And I have seen them all
fly beyond me.

I have loved
and loved well.

I have dwelled
on hardship and loss,
let troubles shroud
my Now in shadow and hurt.
I have circled our skies alone,
until I thought I might spiral
into nothingness.

But I have lived and loved
and learned.

I have a new den for my heart.
I have a little sister
finally living free of the cocoon.
I have grandchildren
only a thought away.
And I have you, my mates,
surrounding me with your devotion…
heaping high the furs lining our nest…
warming my spirit so that I may
swoop and soar high with new hopes.

I have love.
I am young again.

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