Mother’s Gift   1938.12.24*  
Written By: Linda Aarts
(2015 Secret Santa) When Agate feels low, Shimmer and Dagger want to cheer her up
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Ed. Note: Shimmer is Starskimmer's cub name.

“Why is mother so sad, father?”

Little Shimmer looked up to Dagger, who gently ruffled the cub’s hair. “Your mother had expected to see snow,” he replied. “But the white cold won’t come. She is a little disappointed that she won’t see the snow crystals any time soon.”

Shimmer snuggled up to her father. “Then we should make her happy,” she told him.

“We should find her a gift,” Dagger replied.

The cub cheered and clapped her hands. “We are going to find mother a gift! But what? Wait, I know!” The waterfall of words was unstoppable as the young female grew excited. “We are going to find her some pretty white stones. Then she can make snow crystals, herself!”

Before Dagger knew, his daughter was pulling him outside. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to stop her, he lightly shook his head and called for Tiptoe, his wolf-friend. Looking for stones seemed to be their mission for the day.

“I’ve found it!”

Shimmer ran to her father, who was searching a little bit further with his wolf-friend.

“Look, father! Look how pretty it is!” She carried an average-sized stone. But it wasn’t white.

“That's definitely an exceptional stone,” Dagger told her, “And it isn’t white. Weren’t you looking for white stones?”

Shimmer shook her head. “They have to be pretty, at first. And this one is. Mother likes green. This is the one we are going to give.”

“All right, then. Let’s go back and surprise her.”

by Linda A. and Holly H.

Agate looked up. Though dressed in their winter clothes, it hadn’t been necessary, really — the weather wasn’t changing much. Autumn gowns would’ve been better, she mused. But when Dagger touched her mind to pay attention, she tilted her head to face her daughter.

“Yes, sweetling?”

“I know you’ve been sad, you know, because it hasn’t snowed yet. So father and I went outside to look for pretty stones for you. At first, I wanted to look for white stones so you could make your own snow crystals, but then I found THIS.”

Agate had waited patiently for the end of the story, but her eyes grew wide when she saw what Shimmer pulled out of her father’s fur coat. She looked at the beautiful green stone, and then, to her lifemate.

**Did you…?**

Dagger had leaned forward. Chin resting on his hands, he looked amused. **Nope. All her. She’s got the same feeling for finding gems like her mother.**

Meanwhile, Shimmer was jumping up and down, waiting for a response from her mother. Agate, almost hypnotized by the shimmers and flickers that the light caused, was able to pull her gaze off the stone and grabbed her daughter for a tight hug. “This is the best gift ever,” she told her cub, smiling in her hair. “And you know what? Snow doesn’t have to be white. Look.”

Shimmer let go of her mother and looked as Agathe lifted the stone towards the light. The light broke when it touched the stone, and green speckles moved over the ground.

Shimmer cheered. “It looks like green snow!”

Her parents laughed, and Agate beamed. “This is the best snow ever.” She looked up to meet Dagger’s eyes and smiled.

The stone received a prominent spot in the family’s den, and whenever Agate felt low, she would pick it up, and create her own green snow. Her dark feelings would melt away like the snow in spring.

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