Parental Conflict   2510.09.23*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier
The truth is better than a lie, isn’t it?
Posted: 02/16/15      [4 Comments]

(Ed. Note: This story follows "Remembering".)

“Greenweave, how could you?” Honey cried her question as she entered unbidden into her Recognized’s den. She asked the question again, “How could you?”

Greenweave sat up groggily in the bedbowl he shared with his lifemate, whom Honey could tell was pretending to be asleep, and asked, "How could I what?"

“How could you let our daughter go on believing she was a cub? She’s devastated all over again now that she remembers everything. I’d be with her, but she sent me away.”

Her former lifemate’s beautiful brown eyes were wide with innocence. He looked a bit like a wolf pup in that moment, and Honey felt her attack soften. “She knows?” he asked softly.

“Yes, she knows,” Honey said with a sigh, squatting so that she was no longer towering over him. “I spent the whole day sending to her, sharing whatever I could to help her remember who she is, and the truth of her life now.”

At that, Cloudfern sat up next to Greenweave and looked at Honey, his face blank but there was a calculating gleam in his eyes. Honey felt her defenses rising. “What?” she asked. “I did nothing wrong. I only shared the truth.”

“Which version of it?” the plantshaper asked drily.

“You’re asking if I kept the venom out?” she asked quietly, suddenly asking herself the same question. She had taken her first steps toward peace with Greenweave a little over two turns of the seasons ago. It had taken nearly the full amount of time since then to get to where she was now — able to squat in Greenweave’s and Cloudfern’s den without bitterness or resentment. She knew what she had shared with Dreamflight, and she knew she tried to give the sendings balance.

“Well?” Greenweave asked.

Honey sighed. “I shared the truth. I shared with her of her joyous, and love-filled cubhood. I shared with her of the times when we were a family. I reminded her of my sickness and of my being wrapped. I filled in what I could from stories that were shared about when I was wrapped. I told her of my unwrapping, and of how I felt afterward.”

At Greenweave’s look of defensiveness, Honey held up her hand to stay his speaking anything. “I owned my actions, Greenweave. I accepted the weight of pain that I caused, as well as my initial reasoning behind it. But I also shared of the steps that I’ve made to move on. I shared with her that we are a family still, although different. I told her of your love for Cloudfern. And of his for you.”

She was looking at both of them now. “And I told her I forgave. Whether either of you feel that was necessary, it was for me.”

She smiled at them, then knelt. “I’m at the point where I think I’m happy for you both,” she said honestly. “But that’s not why I came. I asked you how you could let Dreamflight go on believing she was a cub again?”

Greenweave shook his head sadly. “I suppose the biggest reason was… I missed her. I miss the old times, when things were easier. I loved her — and I still do, though she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me. When she thought she was a cub again, things were easier. And I suppose I wanted that for just a short time.”

Honey nodded, “I… understand, I suppose. It’s hard on our daughter now, though. She’s having to adjust to reality all over again — much like coming out of wrapstuff; and I don’t envy her that.” At this, she switched to sending, sharing layers of complexity to what she had to say, **Still, the truth is better than the lie, isn’t it? you, Cloudfern, happy and together. me, hunting and happy.**

Smiling at them, Honey stood to leave and added, “I think you should talk with her, Greenweave.” With that, she bid them a good night and left the den.

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