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Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2016-03-04
Such a great wrap-up of this very long, very intricate conflict! While several stories have been building up to an "end" to this plot, this feels like such a clear answer to the question "will they ever make peace?". And I have symapthy for Greenweave and Honey's actions both - they both made very much sense in their motivations.
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2015-02-24
I do see what Ingrid is saying, about how the reactions of both Honey and Greenweave here play into their character flaws! (Though I personally assumed that when Honey was sending to Dreamflight, it was focused more on Honey's viewpoint because… well, that's what Honey would know best, those things connected to her and that she herself had seen, and therefore, that is what would come across most strongly through sending, and would feel most truthful.)

Still, what I liked here was, "at least they're talking!" Flawed though it may be, at least it shows some cooperation.
Ingrid G.
New! Updated: 2015-02-17
Well, ain't no one perfect, even elves!! Honey/Greenweave remind me of a divorced couple who tries to do their best for their (even grown) kid and having their subconscious character flaws show up in full relief. ("It was easier" shows Greenweave's fear of conflict, and then there's Honey sending about herself). Even Cloudfern reminds me of the new spouse when he asks Honey about her motives drily (instead of just staying out of it!! LOL) I think the story's good considering I wrote the whole Remembering mess!!! :)
Melanie D.
New! Updated: 2015-02-17
What I find curious here are a few things. Honey berates Greenweave here but... she never thought of including him when she started sending to Dreamflight? She could just as easily have confronted him on it then and involved him instead of doing it on her own. It reminds me very much of the mother who snaps at her husband for letting the kids do whatever and having to clean up the mess without really talking to him about it or give him the chance to help with the mess. :P I'd actually would have loved to see the version where they both sent to her together. But I realize this might not have worked with what was established. ^^'

The second thing is.... Though I think Honey intended it to be for Dreamflights benefit she seemed to have only sent to her daughter about herself and how she experienced things. Which is also very much "the old Honey". I mean Dreamflight did have a life outside her family. It's very befitting for Honey though. She tries her best but one can't just shed their skin and be a perfectly new person and I like it that she still seems a bit self-centered even if not as aggressively as before.

The last thing is: I was under the impression that while Greenweave might have enjoyed having Dreamflight around him he still seemed concerned for her and did what Willow suggested would help her. He wanted her to remember, that was clearly pointed out in "Remembering". So he didn't just kick back and do nothing he just wasn't as forceful as Honey was and I wonder why he didn't tell Honey so but only gave the impression he didn't do anything to help his daughter? It kinda sits wrong with me since it makes Greenweave look worse then he actually was in the story.
It could have made for a very dynamic discussion about parenting styles and show some of the strength Greenweave gained in standing his ground and how he changed compared to Honey and that they can talk about things like this as "Dreamflight's parents" and not "former lifemates".

I do like Cloudfern here, making sure the whole mess doesn't start over again though. and it's nice that they found some neutral ground to have these kind of arguments without necessarily hurting each other again.
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