Midnight Blue   2510.08.10*  
Written By: Joanne P.
(2012 Treasure Hunt) Beautiful dyes take time, effort, and artistry.
Posted: 09/05/12      [10 Comments]

2012 TREASURE HUNT CLUE #5: I'm an unpalatable plant, but my leaves, when fermented, have a use. What am I? (Answer: Dyeweed / dyer’s woad)

Nightstorm poured the aromatic brew into the steaming basin of water, feeling a familiar tingle as the warm, slightly acrid vapors settled on her skin. This batch of dyeweed leaves had been steeping for several months now, kept at just the right temperature buried in a hole near the hot springs. Now it was time to see the results. She stirred the mixture carefully with a long wooden paddle, peering carefully through the fumes, and was rewarded with a glimpse of syrupy midnight blue. Carefully, she added the pale doeskin hide she had been saving and gently pushed it under the surface. She smiled, her head filled with visions of the rich color on new leathers she would craft.

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