A Tooth for A Tooth   2511.08.03*  
Written By: Melanie D.
(2012 Treasure Hunt) Crackle got her revenge.
Posted: 09/01/12      [10 Comments]

2012 TREASURE HUNT CLUE #1: My bones are generally used for toothpicks or threading needles. Watch out, though, if I'm around. I will strike, and my teeth are sharp. (Answer: Sawtooth / Pike)

Proudly Crackle presented the set of needles to Fadestar, who was just taking measurements of Newt standing before her with outstretched arms. The dark-haired elf lass looked at the thin bone needles, then up to her friend.

“A new set of needles,” Crackle announced with a wide smile.

“I see that,” Fadestar told her, not as impressed as Crackle would have wanted her to be. Newt bent his head to get a good look at the set as well, but failed when Fadestar lightly slapped his back and reminded him to stand still. “Is there something special about them?” she asked while counting the knots on the measuring string.

“Yes,” Crackle said, folding the cloth back around the needles and smirked. “Made them myself. And you know what makes these needles so special?”

“No. Care to share?” Fadestar asked while lining the measure string down Newt’s spine.

“You remember the sawtooth that bit me two days ago?” Crackle asked and sat down on the base Newt was standing on.

Both Fadestar and Newt looked at Crackle and traded a look of disbelief. Eventually it was Newt who asked the question, disbelief clear in his voice: “You mean that’s from the exact sawtooth?”

The red-head nodded smugly and declared: “Yes. Needlebite never again will bite innocent fishers and gatherers. I finally got him.”

Fadestar dropped her arms and shook her head. “How do you even know that? It’s not as if you marked that specific sawtooth.”

“I just know. I felt it,” Crackle said, ominously giving both of them a meaningful look, folding her legs to hide the fresh bandage on her right calf. “I just know.”

Illustration by Laura M.

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