Attack of the Killer Reptile   2510.07.12*  
Written By: Razzle C.
On a rainy day, a deadly meat-eating lizard is out stalking for prey near the Holt...
Posted: 08/17/11      [14 Comments]

With each step, thick river mud oozed up between the reptile's long-clawed feet. Rain spattered down on his back from above, making the hard brown scales on his back take on a polished, glistening look. He had bright blue scales on his underbelly, but those were hidden by the wet mud he stalked through, keeping him well-camouflaged from less intelligent prey. Powerful muscles rippled as the fierce predator made his way along the bank, moving upstream. He was hunting for his prey today, reveling in the hot summer rainstorm.

Smaller creatures scattered out of his way as he went, and he ignored them. He was out for something... more satisfying.

The reptile paused for a moment, lashing his long, well-muscled tail, before continuing his hunt, moving on in the direction of the Dentrees.

Suddenly, the earth erupted at the reptile's feet. He stopped in his tracks immediately and focused on it — food!

As the earthworm coiled to the surface out of the mud, coaxed out of its underground home by the rain, the reptile wasted no time and dived for it, jaws gaping. Though the worm was nearly his own length, he snapped down onto it fiercely with the hard edges of his mouth.

"There!" Crackle whispered, pointing at the small lizard in the rivermud in front of them as it proudly wolfed down its kill. "See that, Glow? That ol' bluebelly got his dinner, and that worm never stood a chance!"

Glow nodded eagerly. She had been listening to the young huntress's tale for the entire time that she, her mother, and Crackle had been watching the lizard hunt. Her young, wide eyes were fixed on the spectacle in front of them as the bluebelly lizard continued to eat its fast-wiggling worm. Chicory sat just behind her, grinning at the story and her daughter's reaction to it, and holding up a light blanket over her and Glow's heads, sheltering them from the rain. Crackle, meanwhile, seemed very much in her element getting happily soaked to the bone beside them, her own blanket wadded up forgotten next to her, and her hair plastered against her ears, neck, and scalp.

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