Snake Eyes   2509.03.09*  
Written By: Kyna Hansen
(2011 Random Combos Contest) Starskimmer has a streak of bad luck.
Posted: 04/08/11      [9 Comments]

Moss crowed triumphantly as the dice rolled another set of doubles in his favor. He flashed Starskimmer a roguish grin. She responded by pursing her lips slightly in annoyance. This night was not going quite as she had hoped. Moss was having too good of a lucky streak and Starskimmer was determined not to lose. She wanted a new pair of boots, curse it!

“Aw, don't be a sore loser now, 'Skimmer,” Moss teased as he scooped up the dice and returned them to the tossing cup. This he handed to the stoneshaper, who grabbed them with a hint of irritation. Moss chuckled. He could practically taste the hard cider he was about to win.

“The game's not over yet!” Starskimmer viciously shook her tossing cup then spilled the dice on the den floor. “Come on, Two Hands!” She silently appealed to the High Ones to send her a pair of fours, which she needed to beat Moss's last roll.

The two elves waited with bated breath as the pair of dice, carved of bone, danced about before finally settling on a set of ones. The elves of River Twine Holt long ago learned never to let a stoneshaper roll stone dice, especially bare-handed. The temptation to cheat proved too strong.

“Ha! Snake Eyes! Game over, you lose!” Moss laughed with delight, jumping to his feet and doing a little victory dance. Meanwhile Starskimmer just stared in horror at the dice lying before her feet. Of all the rotten luck!

Moss paused in his dancing to kneel in front of Starskimmer. He gently tipped her chin up so she had to look at him. “Aww, come on, kitten! Don't make such a sour face, you're much too pretty for that!”

“Oh you!” she mock-growled. Then she started to smile. Moss's good mood was far too infectious. Impulsively she knocked the musician to the floor, straddling him and digging her fingers into his ticklish spots. Moss began to howl with laughter as he fought to escape, but they were more or less equally matched and Starskimmer had the advantage of being on top. For long minutes they squirmed together on the floor, giggling like children.

At long last Moss got ahold of Starskimmer's wrists and pleaded the need for breath. She obliged him by leaning her heaving chest against his and snuggling close to his neck. His heart was beating fast, which pleased her. He let go of her wrists, wrapping his hands about her torso instead and they lay there cuddling in silence for a time. Starskimmer began to nip tenderly along his jawline, her fingers trailing seductively across his nether regions. She thought she felt his body begin to respond to her advances.

After his breathing had lost its ragged edge, Moss maneuvered himself out from under her, turning onto his side to better see her face. The change in position forced Starskimmer to stop her calculated assault on his various erogenous zones.

“Now, about my winnings...” Moss arched his eyebrows playfully. Starskimmer sighed and rolled her eyes, silently cursing her luck again. She was zero for two for the night.

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