Picking Your Prey   2414.03.28*  
Written By: Angie Cousins
(Mature Themes) There comes a time in every young elf's life when the activites change during New Green Bliss. Foxtail has her own plans.
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RTH 2414.3.28

With a wild howl that devolved into soft, delighted yips, Foxtail slipped from her den and slithered willy-nilly down the tree to land in the gathering circle. A number of her tribemates were already there and a growing pile of dyes and paints and geegaws signaled the impending celebration for the rebirth of the year. They glanced at her as she danced her way across the packed earth and a few smiled or gave small nods of encouragement. She returned the looks with her own bright grin. Approaching the center, she upended the bag dangling from her shoulder to spill the collection of feathers gathered over the long cold winter out onto the ground beside a basket of late snowdrops. She crouched and spent a moment adjusting the pile to better show her hard work; birds were rutting hard to catch but worth it in the end. She fingered one of the little shining blue-black feathers that were her favorites. She would have to be quick to snatch enough of them up, she thought. Her first full New Green Bliss needed to be perfect.

"Not sneakin' things ahead of time, are you, kitling?"

Foxtail started and spun on the balls of her feet with a gasp but, the moment she recognized the speaker, she grinned. Flowing to her feet, she adjusted the expression to a coy little smile and deliberately brushed down her skirt, adjusted the long curls at her shoulders, and wriggled a bit before she finally met his eyes, new-leaf-green to smokey-green. "Would you tattle on me if I were, Notch?" Taking a step closer to him, she pressed her palm to his bared chest; Notch would not have to spend much time on his wardrobe at all during the initial stage of the celebration. She pouted until he laughed and then allowed her hand to slide idly over his chest. She watched his face narrowly from beneath her lashes now, trying to judge his reactions. It was hard; she was new to this. However, she had the entire past cold season of hints and veiled teases from him to work with and she believed in her instincts. Various members of the Holt, bearing up under the enforced teaching and cub-sitting duties her parents passed around, said she had a lot of potential to learn. This was as good a time as any to test those words. "If you do, you know you'd be out of the running for me," she completed with a smirk.

"Then I guess I'd better watch myself, hadn't I?" His grin sparked a laugh from her and he neatly caught her hand before turning it palm upwards. He bent over it, eyes still watching her, and breathed a teasing, heated sigh across the sensitive flesh. Her shiver rewarded him and he released her, bringing his hand back up almost immediately to tweak her earlobe as he leaned in close to her personal space. **Save me one of those feathers, sweetling,** he whispered directly into her mind. **Maybe we'll see each other soon.** With that teasing-warm send, Notch released her and stepped back. He threw her a wink over his shoulder as he sauntered away towards where Rainpace stood at the edge of the circle with his own anticipatory grin.

**Oh, we'll definitely see each other, Notch. I'll put so many feathers on you that you'll think you're a brightwing!** She radiated total confidence and more than a little bit of smugness as she again smoothed her hair and walked to the other side of the growing circle, an inviting swing to her hips, oblivious the now suspicious eyebrow lifts in Notch's direction. That wolf's son had spent the long cold time teasing her badly and dropping loaded hints in her direction and now, she had decided, was her chance to return the favor. He was going to squirm that night. It was just a matter of convincing him and dissuading the others.

She was proud that her hands only shook the slightest bit as she dragged them down his chest, smearing the paint and catching at the promised feathers until they dipped below the water and the current took it all away. She felt his eyes watching her closely and, without looking, knew that a wicked smirk curved his lips. He was daring her, waiting for her to go further and knowing that she had never yet fully joined with anyone despite all of her talk and flirtation. Foxtail hesitated but then grabbed at her courage with both hands and lifted her little pointed chin to meet him eye for eye. She smiled sweetly and then, suddenly, dropped her hands down along his hips. When a slight shiver passed through his lean frame in response to her fingertips shifting and moving in a slow, water-hindered drag over his flanks, she knew she had the right hook and she stepped closer to him. Her naked breasts brushed against his chest and her eyes half-closed at the sensation which distracted her until she felt his hands mirroring her careful touches on her own thighs.

**How's that, sweetling? Feel good?** His smug pleasure slipped through her mind, tickling almost as much as his callused fingertips against the skin of her hip and thigh. Pressing closer, he brought his mouth to her ear and nibbled delicately at the soft lobe. **Hope so. You gave me an awful lot of those feathers to get me here.** His hands moved to grip her slim hips, just hard enough to earn a surprised yelp from her. He grinned wickedly and abruptly pushed her back a few steps, following closely to keep their bodies brushing teasingly. She squeaked a bit as the water rose higher, the river climbing her tight curves until Notch stopped them, elbow-deep. **Did those carrion birds give you a hard time? Must've been a lot of them to catch for so many feathers.**

His amusement echoed clear and warm in the sending, contrasting with the cool water covering most of them but reflecting the solid heat of his body against hers. She forced a pout past the delicious feelings, though, and reached behind him to start rubbing again at his back to remove traces of dye. "Stupid carrion birds never give me any trouble," she retorted cheerfully. She paused to give him a saucy wink as her hands slid down either side of his backbone. Palms flat, she exerted enough pressure to shift him forward and press them back together, front to front, in a tight, tingling embrace. She felt the length of his hardness press along her belly, the root of him nearly against her own burning center. Experimentally, she brought her hands down further until she could cup his backside. He laughed but there was a catch in the sound, detected by her quick ears. She smirked at him. **I always catch what I want to catch. Didn't you know? I'm a great huntress.**

Notch laughed again but allowed his head to fall back with a sigh as she dropped her hands even further, touching warm skin beneath cool water with thoughtful experimentation. **High Ones, sweetling, you've got a big opinion of yourself.** It was breathless and amused and brimming with an increasing heat. As her body pressed harder to his and her fingers slipped just between his legs to flicker against the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, he allowed her to feel the force of what she did.

Going wide-eyed and looking up at him with a gasp, Foxtail flushed deeply at the intensity of the want and the demand. With effort, she recovered enough to smile at him crookedly. **And I learn fast,** she added before abruptly removing her hands entirely from his enticing body and taking a step backwards. **If someone cares to teach me anything interesting.**

Before she could anticipate it, Notch made a sudden move and his hand closed around her wrist tightly. She gasped at the pressure and he grinned wickedly before yanking her back towards him. Water splashed, soaking hair and faces, but he kept hold fast against her struggles, reeling her in slowly but surely until he had her warm, wet body up against his once more. The river rippled around them in quieter protest. **Hush now, little kitten.** His smirk bled into his sending, straight interpretation of the self-satisfied expression on his chiseled face. **I thought you wanted me tonight. Change your mind?**

"No, I just..." Foxtail choked on her next words as his free hand cupped beneath her breast and he drew the pad of his thumb around her nipple, eyes never leaving hers. The circle went one way first, then the next, pressure varying unpredictably. When she finally hissed a strangled sigh, his grin increased to wolfish proportions and he leaned closer to nuzzle her cheek chastely even as he continued his gentle massage to her breast.

**What was that, Fox-kitten?** He allowed his lips to trace a slow line along her jaw. Feeling her body melt and go loose-limbed, Notch dared relax his hold on her wrist and slid the newly freed hand to her hip. Neatly, he moved then to encircle her trim waist with his arm and pull her even more firmly against his hard body.

She sighed and brought her arms up to loop around his neck. Words failed and the breathless burst of fierce, honey-sweet want that she managed to send caused him to flush and grind into her hips without hesitation. His mouth found her earlobe and nipped hard before he could catch himself. A vocal, shuddering moan slipped from Foxtail and her arms wrapped around him stranglingly tight. Her hips pressed into his without hesitation. All that he suddenly heard in his head was his name and it sounded oh-so-sweet. He brought his mouth to hers, devouring her lips with hungry nibbles.

**Now, Notch, more. Please. Now.**

He dropped both hands to grab at her thighs, hooking beneath and pulling her off-balance. Without any hesitation, Foxtail adjusted her arms better around his neck and let go. It took hardly any effort to lift her, her slimly muscled legs immediately wrapping about his hips. When her mouth traced the corner of his jaw and her breath came heavy against his damp skin, his own mind gave over only to image and sensation, forgoing words in favor of the increasing bond of heated want need have. He almost stumbled on the way to the bank but caught his footing and lifted them both from the water.

She laughed softly, breathless, and tightened her hold.

**Den. Now.** With that growling announcement, Notch pointed them both in the direction of the nearest unoccupied den. Somehow, inexperienced as she was, little Foxtail had found his sweet spots and, if they didn't get to furs immediately... Well, he would not be held responsible if he enjoyed the chief's daughter in a shrub somewhere. Puckernuts.

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