Dreamflight's Inspiration   2511.08.01*  
Written By: Ingrid G.
“I have a crush,” she admitted in the same way she might complain about a butt rash to Willow.
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“Did you want to see me, Dreamflight?” Windburn asked.

She had wanted to see him privately in his den.

“Yes, my Chief!” Dreamflight looked away angrily. “I have a crush,” she admitted in the same way she might complain about a butt rash to Willow.

“Why are you telling me this? Aren’t any of your friends around?”

As if on cue, a legion of butterflies flew past outside the window, followed by the shapes of Preservers.

Illustration by Ingrid G.
“It’s just that,” Dreamflight tried to explain, “you’re my inspiration!”

Suddenly the reason for the young tribemate’s increased silliness and awkwardness of the past season was explained.

“I see,” Windburn replied, rubbing his neck uncomfortably.

“I thought you should know that when I look at you and when I think of you, that’s when I make my best songs, and my most colorful silks!” Dreamflight’s very eyes waxed poetic.

The Chief blinked his eyes at the blonde haired elf for a few seconds, trying to process her confession. “I never took you for a song shaper,” he filled in, while thinking of a firm yet gentle response.

She stood up straighter and lifted her chin proudly. “I’m not just a fisher and crafter, you know!”

“Dreamflight,” Windburn began, “you are my tribemate and a valued member of the tribe when you choose to be.”

He cleared his throat in discomfort, but before he could continue, Dreamflight broke in, “I just want to be clear that I don’t want anything from you! All I want is to dance and sing and craft crazy things and moon about. It’s actually less awkward for me now that you know why than for you to see me being utterly silly and not know why.”

“I don’t mind being your inspiration, Dreamflight,” Windburn tried to continue.

“As long as you don’t get the wrong idea!” Dreamflight launched in, finishing his very sentence before he could. “I’m just nurturing this crush for the sake of my creativity. Keep in mind that I’m just your tribemate and that’s all! Do you understand?” she asked in all seriousness.

Windburn exhaled his breath in relief from the rejection. “Thank you for keeping me informed.”

Dreamflight nodded and headed towards the door, then suddenly turned and asked, “Have you done any painting recently?”

“The tribe has been keeping me a little distracted,” Windburn answered, giving her a hard stare.

“You have to keep up your crafting!” she scolded, missing the non-verbal cue. “If you make a painting, I might make a ballad for you,” Dreamflight teased.

“If you insist,” the Chief said in a resigned voice. “Though maybe you should see about making a ballad for everyone, song-shaper.”

“My inspiration!” she sang in response, leaving his den with relief in her heart. The confession over, it was time to go birdwatching.
Illustration by Ingrid G.

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