What I Learned from My Mother's Job   2015.03.24*  
Written By: Chris T.
(Trolls Story) By Thumprint, Age 10.
Posted: 11/06/14      [6 Comments]

Written for Teacher Basalt’s class on the Fourth Day of the Third Winter Moon, in the 1505th Year of Underhaven

Today was Take Your Child To Work Day. My mother, Cauldron of the House Of Scholars, took me to work with her. She is an assessor. That means she tells everyone how much their things are worth. In case they want to trade them for other troll’s things. Or their services too. She has an office, but she does not spend much time there, because that is not where trolls keep their goods and services. Today she did her job at the Grand Banquet Hall. She talked to many different trolls, and asked many questions. Sometimes she got nice answers, and sometimes they argued with her. To try to make her change the numbers, but she did not. She had an abacus to help add up the numbers, which she is very fast as using. And I had my slate board from classes with me, and sometimes she had me write down figures for her with chalk.

What I learned was I do not want to have my mother’s job. There is a lot of shouting and numbers that do not add up to anything. I like it much more when my father, Inkstain of the House Of Scholars, takes me to the Library when he is doing his job. He is a historian. That means he tells everyone how much their past is worth.

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