Dreamflight's Relief   2500.04.21*  
Written By: Leonie Jonk
A new outfit creates an unexpected problem for Dreamflight...
Posted: 12/20/06      [11 Comments]

“These leathers are amazing, Whispersilk!” Dreamflight said with a smile as she spread her arms. Her eyes sparkled with wonder while she paraded through the clothing makers den.

The young fisher was dressed in a one-piece suit. The leather had been dyed green and orange and fit her form perfectly. Though it didn't have sleeves attached, there were loose sleeves covering her arms. Affixed to the loose sleeves hung short white feathers and when she spread her arms they looked almost like wings.

“I love them! You knew exactly what I wanted!” she exclaimed and the high pitch of her voice revealed just how much she liked it. While she examined her new outfit with out-stretched arms, a breeze found its way through the den opening and ruffled her feathers lightly. Dreamflight's grin only widened further.

It was no secret that Dreamflight had had a strange fascination with the sky from the moment her eyes had opened enough for her to glimpse it. This made it quite understandable the thing she wanted most was the ability to soar through it. But to Dreamflight's disappointment, the High Ones had never gifted her with the ability to fly.

Throwing her arms around Whispersilk, she squeezed her friend tightly. “Leave it to you to give me wings,” she said with a grin and planted a grateful kiss on the seamstress's cheek before running her hands over the leather.

Whispersilk just let it happen with a satisfied smile on her lips. “The idea wasn't a hard one Dreamflight. I'm sure that if I could give you real wings you'd never return to the ground!”

Dreamflight giggled in reply and finally stopped admiring every bit of her new ‘hide'. “Oh don't be silly. I'd swoop down from time to time.” A playful smirk graced her lips.

Dreamflight had always been the type to be happy about new clothes and she had cause for cheer often enough. Whispersilk was one of the main tanners; the fact that she was Dreamflight's friend had definitely helped her love for outfit-experimentation flourish. Luckily for Dreamflight, she was used as a plucky parading bird often enough.

“I'd better get going,” Dreamflight said as she grabbed her spear and a rope with several fish attached to it. “If your lifemate finds me hanging around while there are fish to be gutted he'll have my hide. And I just got new ones!” she joked and threw a wink Whispersilk's way.

Getting out of the chief's den with ease, Dreamflight started to make her way to her own den when a wolf limped her way. “Well hello there, what have you been up to?” The fisher asked, scratching the wolf behind the ear. The wolf called Darkpelt grunted dully but some scratches showed that he had been snapped at by the pack again.

“Come on then, I have to prepare this so it won't be rotten by the next night fall.”

The wolf followed her but the way his ears laid made it clear he was in a foul mood.

When the two reached the denning tree Dreamflight turned to the wolf and spread her arms. “What do you think of your bond's new leathers?” Dreamflight asked triumphantly.

The wolf had very little to say of course, since he didn't quite interest himself in elven fashion. However, when he spotted the feathers hanging from her arms he snapped at them. It was his own way of showing his bond that she needed to come back to the ground instead of mingling with brittle boned birds.

Dreamflight frowned at Darkpelt. “Hey! I didn't snap at you when you started going grey did I?”

She turned to fetch some things from her den; a knife to gut the fish for starters. When she got back to the ground the wolf was still waiting. Apparently being with his feathery elf-friend was still better then the pack.

After choosing a patch of ground, she started neatly gutting the fish, ridding them of their insides. Neat wasn't quite the word to describe it however as she got fish entrails everywhere, except on her new clothes. Even the wolf lifted its head and gave her a funny look. “What? It's not like I'm the only one providing us with fish," she said, leaned back and cleaned her hands on some grass. “They're still good for eating.”

Letting out a little sigh as she fell back on the ground she stared up at the sky above her. She'd gotten up much too late that evening and most birds had been hidden from her view by that time, much to her disappointment. As she lay there she felt a rumbling feeling in her stomach which descended gradually. With a groan she sat up and clasped a hand over her stomach.

The wolf looked at her without rising his head from its forepaws. “It's got nothing to do with my gutting.” Dreamflight shot at him as she got up.

She felt the pressure building up inside of her as she picked a bush to squat behind. There was a problem though. The leathers she had gotten only a short while ago were beautifully tight-fitting ... and very hard to get out of. She was starting to sweat from the effort and the one-piece only seemed to stick to her more. ‘I've got to get out of this' she thought to herself and an option presented itself. She grabbed the knife she had been gutting the fish with and held it to her clothes.

A short inner struggle followed and the decision came none too soon. She ripped the top and bottom apart, pulled off the pants and squatted down. A breath of relief came from her mouth as something hit the ground with a dull splash.

She closed her eyes with another sigh, wiped and pulled on what had once been a one-piece suit.

Dreamflight glanced down at the rip with a soft whimper. Not too long ago she had been so happy with these clothes and now she had broken them.

Using one hand to keep up the pants she walked back over to Whispersilk's den. Shoulders hunched and apology already in her eyes she stepped in again, prepared for what was bound to come.

“Ehr... Whispersilk...?”

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