Try Counting Wolves   2500.11.26*  
Written By: Joan Milligan
Crackle tries a time-honored method for falling asleep.
Posted: 11/25/06      [12 Comments]

“One pretty wolf running in the snow.

“Two pretty wolves running in the snow.

“Three pretty wolves running in the snow…”

(I guess they'd better run faster than that.

Because if they're not careful, they're going to sink down to their bellies in the snow.

In the spring they'll still be stuck there, hungry and confused. And when the snow melts they wouldn't know what to do next. They'll keep jumping into rivers and wait for their feet to get cold again.

They won't be very good for riding, and then when next winter comes, they'll run out to celebrate.

And before we know it, we'll all be belly-deep in snow…

I don't think I'm doing this right.)

“One wolf howling out loud.

“Two wolves howling out loud.

“Three wolves howling out loud…”

(I wonder what they're howling at.

It can't be the moons because it's day outside.

Maybe they've decided that from now on, wolves have to howl at the sun.

They'll make all the wolves who howl at the moons roll on their backs and step on their tails when it's sunny.

And then no one will be able to sleep again in daytime.

I think I like that…

I don't think this is helping me fall asleep.)

“One wolf with gray fur.

“Two wolves with gray fur.

“Three wolves with gray fur…”

(Enough gray fur.

Wolves should come in all sorts of colors.

Like that time Muddypaws found that really good batch of purple mud.

I wonder if wolves with purple fur are also good for counting…


I don't think that's what Mother meant.)


“One wolf.

“Two wolves.

“Three wolves.

“Four wolves.

“Five wolves…”

(This is boring.

I think I'll get up and do something else.)

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