Half Done   2499.10.14*  
Written By: Gills C.
(Oct. 2006 fic trade) A dare gone wrong and a hard landing.
Posted: 11/05/06      [12 Comments]



"Puckernuts, ow."

"Will you stop whining? We're both as tangled up in this."

"Yeah, that's true as Sending ...Will you move? Your boot's in my --"

"I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm ... Ooof." Evervale tumbled out of the bush, carrying half of it with her, in a sprawl of bare arms and legs and hair. She glared at Longshot from where she sat on the ground. "This is the last time I'm taking you up on a dare."

"It was going so well, too." Longshot was still trying to untangle himself from a particularly stubborn and thorny branch caught in his hair. "And it was a good dare."

"It was." Evervale started picking things out of her own hair, after verifying that no thorns had stayed stuck in her after leaving the bush. "You could've chosen a better target, though." It had seemed like a good idea at the time -- spend the day together, in whatever tree Longshot could hit, furthest away from the Holt. Neither one of them had figured on the tree growing out of a large bush with very long, very sharp thorns. With care, they'd gotten up the tree just fine. It wasn't a very comfortable perch, and during the day, well ... They'd both gotten rather distracted at some point, and a particularly energetic shift of position had them both flying out of the tree and directly on top of the bush. "Think we'll need a healer?"

"For this?" Longshot finally extracted himself and stood in front of her, looking put-upon. "We'd be the first choice for a funny story until next moon-turn. Are you hurt?" The consternation turned into worry as he bent over to inspect her. "You're not bleeding."

"No, you broke my fall. And you are, a little." She pointed at a long scratch up his arm. He shrugged and wiped at the blood.

"It's nothing. So ... You wanna pick up where we left off? Or not, we can also not pick up --" He added hurriedly, seeing her stormy expression. It'd been so good, too. "Um, I'll choose a better spot next time?"

"We'll see about a 'next time'." Evervale smiled archly. Now that the rush of the fall was over, and nobody was hurt, she found the whole thing funny. When Longshot's face visibly fell, she giggled. "I won't be following your upriver ideas anytime soon. Something like that would've been better." She gestured at a nice, soft pile of autumn leaves conveniently close to them. "How come we missed that?"

"Dare said the tree." Longshot was smiling again as well. He looked up at the tree in question. "Oh, puckernuts!"


Silently, Longshot pointed up at the clothes hanging from a branch very high off the ground. He looked at Evervale. Evervale looked back. They both giggled.

"We can come back for them later." Evervale shook her head, still laughing, and threw herself on the piled leaves. Longshot's eyes widened comically. With a fatalistic shrug and another look up at the tree, he went to join her. He wasn't one to leave a job half-done, after all.

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