River Twine Holt Submission Guidelines   5.1*  
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last updated 5/1/2007


1. Artwork submitted for the website in a .jpg, .gif or .png format. An image size of 700 x 700 pixels maximum or smaller is preferred for the web. If possible, please optimize your images for web use (72 dpi) to reduce loading time.

2. Artwork submitted for print in the annual .pdf fanzine needs to be high quality and of a large file size. Please contact the Art Director (artwork@rivertwine.com) for exact requirements; we encourage artwork to be submitted for both purposes.

3. All art needs to be e-mailed to River Twine Holt's Art Director at artwork@rivertwine.com. It will then be posted to the website. Please get all necessary approvals prior to submissions -- if you need help doing so or have any questions, just ask the club's Art Director.

4. If you would like to submit artwork created for you by a non-member artist, you must submit the artist's full name and a valid email address along with the piece, and make sure that that artist has given permission for their work to be posted to our website. Copyright will be enforced; infringements will not be printed, and the submitter penalized accordingly.

5. Cartoon Dolls: Because online dolling is very popular, there are some regulations as far as dolls go.
A) Dolls created through doll-makers (i.e. Candy Dolls, Minis, Preps, or other drag and drop makers) are not allowed on the site. Because these are not created by the artist, and there is no way to know if the creator of the doll-maker created it or not, this is an issue of copyright. Doll maker dolls are welcome to be posted on the message boards with a link to the site, but will not be displayed as 'Member Art'.
B) Any dolls created on a base that is not your own much have credit to the base creator, this includes a website as well as the creators name.
C) Dolls are always given sketch credit (.5 points)
D) If you wish to create a doll of someone else's character, that member's approvals for the doll must still be received before the doll can be shared.


1. All story submissions should be sent via email as an attachment file. File formats must be MS Word .doc or Notepad .txt, or Rich Text Format .rtf formats, or you may simply copy the story into the body portion of an email (MS Word preferred). In-document formatting should be Arial font, 10 point, single spaced with 1" margins. If you have an image file to accompany the writing, please send it as a separate .jpg file in the email - do NOT embed it within the Word document.

2. All stories need to be e-mailed to the Story Team leader (stories@rivertwine.com). Written submissions will be reviewed and edited, and if necessary a reviews will then be returned to the author for revision.

3. Stories need to include the following administrative information: a teaser line for use in the timeline, the date the story takes place, a list of which characters the story should link too, and a list of all member approvals the author has received. All approvals must be requested and received prior to the submission of poetry or stories.

4. Please use the following format when writing stories:
• **sending**
• 'thinking to oneself'
• "speaking out loud"
• any material which you would like italicized in the text should be marked with < I>and < /I> notifications
• any material which you would like to see underlined in the text should be marked with < U> and < /U> notifications
• any statement which needs to be bolded should be marked with < b> and notifications

NOTE: embedded formatting codes for italicizing, bolding and underlining text often disappears when documents are cut and paste outside of the word processing program of origin, so please make sure to indicate special formatting requirements.

5. Authors are asked to please remember your rules of grammar – for example, stories submitted without punctuation will be returned to the author unread. Stories written in RP format will also not be accepted. Stories should generally be written in third person, past tense, i.e., Bloodsmoke carefully stalked his prey NOT ::Bloodsmoke stalks cat-like through the forest::. Please spell check your document before submission, and please review the clubs glossary of terms.

6. If you would like to submit writing created for you by a non-member author, you must submit the author's full name and a valid email address, and you must ensure that the author has given River Twine Holt permission for their work to be posted to our website. Copyrights will be enforced; infringements will not be printed, and the submitter penalized accordingly.
NOTE ON CHARACTER APPROVALS: Each artist & author is responsible to make sure that they're gotten the necessary character approvals before art or stories are submitted. Doing so will help avoid embarrassing mistakes and upset friends after a story or art is posted to the website. It is not enough to just ask "Hey, can I use your character in my story?" or “Can I draw your character?” Other members need to see the finished product and approve it; if they ask you for changes, you need to make those changes.

For members unsure on what level of use requires approval, review the following guidelines:
• Any visual representation of another member's character.
• In a story, if a character speaks or performs any action, then approval is required.
• In a story, if an action of any type is attributed to a character off-screen, then approval is required. Example: A past-tense reference to something another persona has performed, such as: "Twenty years ago, Bloodsmoke painted himself sapphire on a dare from his lifemate and streaked like a blue jay, naked, through the stunned human camp" would require approval from the owners of both Bloodsmoke and the player of his lifemate, if applicable.
• The use of NPCs will be reviewed by the story approvals team, and members are asked to please give unowned characters the same respect as owned personas receive. Don't just slap NPCs into a story based solely on their unowned status; make sure NPCs are portrayed according to the skills and personality described on their CIS.

As a general rule of thumb -- simply use common sense and common courtesy.

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