Lodestone   2208.08.10*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier
(Trolls Story)(2009 A Thousand Words Fic Contest) Private thoughts are hastily written.
Posted: 04/20/09      [13 Comments]

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Lodestone wrote furiously, hoping to finish his vent before the council meeting. He had not stopped to light the candle, but worked instead by the light of the shards. ‘I must make haste. There is to be a High Conclave Meeting. A point-ear was found in the traps… Deceased, but it must have kin nearby. Would that Grimthorn were first seat of the military. He would take action. Hatchet will expect us to use prudence and pacifism—it’s what they did last time this happened, in the time before I was born. I know my history! Prudence and pacifism, bah! That is how our ancestors were pulled into slavery. We must take action!

The troll hurriedly entered the rest of his thoughts on his personal scroll and then stuffed it into his robe. He would file it with the others in the safe once he returned home. Writing his thoughts down prior to conclaves always served him well. By venting with paper and pen, he was able to choose his words more carefully when speaking. Someday, he would be Head of the House of Scholars. Then he would make his thoughts known.

Hearing bells chime the hour, Lodestone grabbed the copies of the Tome writings he had retrieved from the Republic Seat Library. He planned to read them during the session and remind the trolls of their past, warn them of their possible future. He had considered substituting some of his own writings, but knew better. Better, for now, to play the part of loyal second. One day, though, he would make the truth known. One day, he would, with Grimthorn’s help, remind the trolls of their strength. Only then would they be free of the threat of the point-ears.

by Heidi

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