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Honey and Greenweave

Not all lifematings go smoothly...

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Stories and poetry attached to this collection:
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Perfect   2369.05.04*  
Written By: Ellen Million
A fishing adventure turns into the answer to a life-long wish.
Posted: 05/29/09      [12 Comments]
Happier Moments   2371.04.20*  
Written By: Lyn Cavalier
(2013 July/Aug Fic Trade) Greenweave makes the most of the good times with his lifemate.
Posted: 10/02/13      [8 Comments]
Too Much Truth   2373.05.15*  
Written By: Ellen Million
In sending, there was only truth, and this was the truth...
Posted: 12/21/06      [14 Comments]
Permanent   2470.03.08*  
Written By: Ellen Million
Only days after his Recognized is placed in wrapstuff, Greenweave is reminded that nothing in life is permanent...
Posted: 05/29/07      [10 Comments]
Imperfect   2503.05.16*  
Written By: Ellen Million
Honey is unwrapped from her long sleep.
Posted: 10/06/09      [12 Comments]

Artwork attached to this collection:
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Secret Santa 2012:  Honey, Greenweave and young Dreamflight (RTH 2371)
Secret Santa 2012: Honey, Greenweave and young Dreamflight (RTH 2371)
Megan McCarthy

Scents (Dreamflight, Honey & Greenweave)
Scents (Dreamflight, Honey & Greenweave)
Leonie Jonk

One Happy Family (Greenweave, Honey & Dreamflight)
One Happy Family (Greenweave, Honey & Dreamflight)
Melanie D.

Cut (illo for "Imperfect")
Cut (illo for "Imperfect")
Melanie D.

Dreamflight's dreams
Dreamflight's dreams
Ilona Veldhuis

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