Reader Member Questions

We just have a few questions for you when you write in to ask to join as a Reader Member! Please include the answers to these in your email to us:

  1. What brought you to River Twine Holt? Are you involved in any other Holt club, or other fandom activities?

  2. Have you read over our club's membership rules & regulations, and are you comfortable with our club's participation requirements of 1 comment on a piece of fiction or art per each annual quarter?

  3. When an account is set up for you on our website, we will need to use a name that consists of a first name and either a last name or a last initial. You can use your real name or a nickname for the first name, but we'll still need the last initial or some form of last name; usernames should not contain numbers or punctuation. When we give you the go ahead, you will have to hit "register" on the forum yourself; please use the same name that you gave us as your first name for the website, so that our forum admin can find the registration request amongst the spam and bots. We do ask that if you are going to use a nickname, that it not be one that sounds like an ElfQuest-character name, as those are reserved for player members on the forum, to avoid confusion. Usernames should not use numbers or punctuation.

    (Note: we will set up an account on our website for you, and let you know the initial password. You will have to register yourself on the messageboard, and we need to know under what name, so that our mod can distinguish it from spam-registration attempts, and approve it.)

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