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Humans Arrive in the RTH Woods

After centuries, new groups of humans show up in the tribe's territory.

Before reading this storyline, take a look at:

* First Encounter with Humans

After centuries, the tribe's worst fears are realized when a new group of humans appears from the sea, in RTH 2471.

Several decades later, after uneasily getting used to the new human presence, another group arrives from the east, in RTH 2493.

After this storyline, see:

* Other Human Encounters

* Humans

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Stories and poetry attached to this collection:
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First Contact (Part 1)   2471.05.14*  
Written By: Holly H., Joan Milligan, Whitney Ware
Ebean colonists arrive and settle in the River Twine forest, much to the Holt's dismay
Posted: 12/17/06     Updated: 07/01/07 [10 Comments]
First Contact (Part 2)   2493.09.08*  
Written By: Whitney Ware
Evervale makes a shocking discovery -- a strange new tribe of humans (the Bukno-Baha) are invading the Holt's forest.
Posted: 05/29/07      [17 Comments]
First Contact (Part 3)   2493.09.09*  
Written By: Holly H.
The chief and his hunting-party meet up with Farscout and Evervale, to deal with the invasion of their forest by a new group of humans (the Bukhno-Baha).
Posted: 08/05/07      [9 Comments]
First Contact (Part 4)   2493.09.10*  
Written By: Joan Milligan
With a new tribe of humans (the Bukno-Baha) slowly approaching Holt territory, chief Windburn and his hunting party must face the threat to save the tribe.
Posted: 02/04/08      [8 Comments]
Edge of the World   2493.09.12*  
Written By: Chris T., Whitney Ware
On the heels of “First Contact, Pt. 3”, Farscout and One-Leg backtrack the Bukno-Baha.
Posted: 01/11/09      [7 Comments]

Artwork attached to this collection:
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Fierce Ones' horn (from "The Edge of the World")
Fierce Ones' horn (from "The Edge of the World")
Holly H.

A grim meeting (Illustration for "First Contact P1")
A grim meeting (Illustration for "First Contact P1")
Holly H.

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