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Please click on any highlighted names for an individual page about the ancestor, containing links to art of them, or to stories in which they appear. Information about tribal ancestors is still under development; while some individual deceased characters (particularly the past chiefs of the tribe) will have character information sheets (CISs) in the club's webbase, many ancestors won't be detailed beyond their names, family relationships, and salient details.

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Fifth Generation

P-bearheart.jpg Bearheart – (1318-1984) M, H=black, E=blue. The son of Beesting & Snaptwig, brother of Raven & Fletcher, Recognized of Dreamberry, father of Snowfall, Whispersilk & Nightstorm. Bearheart was a hearty, bearded hunter who was respected for his skills with a spear as well as for his knapping. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Dreamberry, Cider, Rhythm, Birdcatcher & Ringtail). (art by Holly H.)
P-birdcatcher2.jpg Birdcatcher - (1251-1984) M, H=blond, E=blue. Son of Lacewing & Strand, half-brother of Tossfur & Newt, Recognized of Tallow and father of Thornbow & Honey. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Bearheart, Dreamberry, Cider, Rhythm, & Ringtail). (Art by Rachel V.)
P-blacksnake2.jpg Blacksnakeborn RTH 1207. Wolf-friend Wasp (alpha male). Was the lifemate of Chieftess Easysinger (deceased); father of Chief Windburn, and Chicory. Brother of One-Leg and Suddendusk, uncle to many, etc. Ambitious, intelligent, abrasive; thinks highly of himself and expects others to respect him and listen to him, even if they don't like him. Competitive, used to giving orders and having them followed; often brusque and critical. Sees himself as a leader and a protector; but his paternalism is not always welcomed by his tribesmates. Considering his long years and experience, as well as his sharp intellect, his opinions are usually right on the money; however, he also harbors a strong sense of superiority, and can often rub his tribemates wrong for acting like an expert on all subjects, and for seeming like a know-it-all. Has an uneasy relationship with his son the chief -- they don't "get" each other and almost invariably misread each other. Played by Holly H. (Bio picture by Holly H.)
P-boar.jpg Boar - (1263-1579) M, H=blond, E=grey. Son of Breeze & Autumntide, brother of Cider, Recognized of Kestrel, father of Bowflight. Killed while hunting. (Art by Megan M.)
P-bramble2.jpg Bramble - (1402-1409) F, H=auburn, E=blue-green. Daughter of Agate & Dagger, Bramble was a cheerful, temperamental child who died at the age of seven, over 20 years before the birth of sister Starskimmer. (Art by Sarah Covington)
Blurb Brightwood.jpg Brightwood (born RTH 1235, went into wrapstuff in RTH 1597). -- cub-name Fawn. Recognized of Farscout, daughter of Lynx & Frost (both deceased), sister of Cloudfern, niece of True Edge, cousin of Chicory, Fadestar, Kestrel, Quick Fang,Windburn, and Windsong. A skiller plantshaper, Brightwood was a friendly, elf who's sweet smile and cheerful disposition often hid a skewering wit. One of the beauties of her generation; daughter of Lynx & Frost, Recognized of Farscout, sister of Cloudfern. Mortally injured in the tribe's first encounter with humans. Placed in wrapstuff in RTH 1567, was six months pregnant at the time. Played by Rachel V. (Bio picture by Rachel V.)
Blurb Chicory.jpg

Chicoryborn RTH 1726. Daughter of Blacksnake and Easysinger, sister of Riskrunner (deceased) and Windburn, aunt of Foxtail and Goldspice, cousin of Brightwood, Cloudfern, Fadestar, and Kestrel. A fisher, gatherer, potter, and dabbler in alchemy. Wolf-friend Sleuth. Played by Molly W. (Bio picture by Linn S.)

P-cider.jpg Cider - (1244-1984) F, H=blonde, E=brown. Daughter of Breeze and Autumntide, sister of Boar, Recognized of Rhythm, mother of Moss. A brewer, fisher, and crafter of art objects, with a bubbly personality. Loved baubles and jewelry. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Rhythm, Dreamberry, Bearheart, Birdcatcher & Ringtail). (art by Stacy L.)
Blurb Cloudfern.jpg

Cloudfernborn RTH 1585; cub-name Moonmoth. 4'1' Hair - pampas blond; Eyes - blue/violet. Son Frost and Lynx, brother of Brightwood (in wrapstuff), soul-brother of Farscout, lovemate of Greenweave. Plantshaper, herbal healer, fisher and trapper. Charming and good-natured, but a little haunted now and then by past events. By nature cheerful, gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company. Wolf-friend Spirit. Played by Sarah Cov. (Bio picture by Rachel V.)

P-doeskin.jpg Doeskin - (1349-1862) F, H=light brown, E=hazel. Daughter of Whirlwind and Birch, sister of Nettle; Recognized of Ringtail, mother of Rainpace. A skilled tanner and tailor. Killed by the bite of a poisonous spider, that caused her to die in her sleep. (art by Holly H.)
P-dreamberry.jpg Dreamberry - (1248-1984) F, H=white, E=green. The daughter of Diver & Summer, sister of Ringtail and Seafoam; Recognized of Bearheart, mother of Snowfall, Whispersilk & Nighstorm. Dreamberry was a cheerful soul who was both an accomplished brewer and weaver. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Bearheart, Cider, Rhythm, Birdcatcher & Ringtail). (art by Trena D.)
Blurb Fadestar.jpg

Fadestar (born RTH 1855; went into wrapstuff RTH 1865). Daughter of Leather and Stormdancer (both deceased), sister of Kestrel, niece of Chieftess Easysinger and cousin of Cloudfern and Brightwood. Sickly throughout her childhood, Fadestar was placed in wrapstuff when she could not overcome a case of deadly pneumonia. Played by Linda A. (Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb Farscout.jpg

Farscoutborn RTH 1229; cub-name Briar. Soul-brother Cloudfern, half-sister Goldspice, Recognized lifemate of Brightwood, cousins Fletcher and Newt. Scout, archer, tracker & hunter; spends the majority of his time patrolling the borders of the tribe's territory. A quiet, introverted man with a restless spirit. Wolf-friend Bracken. Played by Whitney W. (Bio picture by Rachel V.)

Blurb Fletcher.jpg

Fletcher (born RTH 1687, went into wrapstuff RTH 1769). Son of Snaptwig & Beesting (both deceased), cousin of Farscout and Newt, uncle of Snowfall, Whispersilk, Nighstorm, and Windsong. Cheerful, good-natured hunter, archer, tracker, fletcher (obviously) and bowyer. Was gravely injured, trampled by a branch-horn during a hunt, and had to be put into wrapstuff. (Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb Goldspice.jpg

Goldspiceborn in RTH 1698, cub-name Sparkle. Half-sister of Farscout, granddaughter of Blacksnake and Chieftess Easysinger, uncle Windburn, aunt Chicory, lovemate of Moss. Goldspice is a gentle, curious, and open-minded elf; a crafter and the Holt’s goldsmith. Wolf-friend Peakrunner. Adoptable NPC. (Bio picture by Stacy L.)

P-hope.jpg Hope – (1240-1245) F, H=black, E=dark green. Daughter of Easysinger & Oakhand, Hope was a shy, intelligent child who died during the peak of the 1245 winter plague. (art by Trena D.)
Blurb Kestrel 2.jpg

Kestrelborn in RTH 1072. Recognized of Boar (deceased), grandmother of Willow and Pathmark; niece of Chieftess Easysinger (deceased), sister of Fadestar, cousin of Cloudfern, Brightwood, Chicory and Windburn. Only glider in the tribe and the tribe's eldest member. A wise, active and pragmatic huntress & fisher, who has bit of a introverted streak. Wolf-friend Starlight. Played by Megan M. (Bio picture by Megan M.)

P-lynx3.jpg Lynx - (0812-1597) M, H=dark blond, E=green. Son of Shyheart & Cedarwing, brother of Sunlight & True Edge, Recognized of Frost, father of Brightwood & Cloudfern, soul-brother to Blacksnake. Arrogant and honest, but in a playful, roguish way that many found charming. Very intelligent and observant, possessed of a restless mind. While out on a far-ranging hunting trip with his family, was killed by humans (called the Fierce Ones), along with his lifemate Frost, and parents Shyheart and Cedarwing (Farscout and Cloudfern survived, along with Brightwood, who was mortally wounded and put into wrapstuff). (art by Rachel V.)
P-blank.jpg Moon – (1247-1510) F, H=blonde, E=grey. Daughter of Stormdancer & Leather, sister of Kestrel & Fadestar. Moon was a self-confident, witty young huntress & fisher, who had her mother’s flashfire temper and impulsiveness and who waited (unsuccessfully) her entire life to develop her mother’s gliding ability. Close friend and sometime-furmate of Tossfur, before he Recognized and lifemated with Nettle; Tossfur had hoped for an eventual lifemating, but Moon didn't want to den full-time with someone who showed throat so easily, claiming that she'd get bored. Killed while hunting.
P-blank.jpg Nettle - (1382-1737) F. Daughter of Whirlwind and Birch, sister of Doeskin; Recognized of Tossfur, mother of Greenweave.
Blurb Newt.jpg

Newt (born RTH 1409, went into wrapstuff RTH 1418). Son of Lacewing (deceased), cousin of Fletcher and Farscout, uncle of Greenweave, Honey and Thornbow. Born out of Recognition and an albino. Despite his coloring that made him avoid daylight even more than the average wolfrider, Newt was a cheerful, fairly normal boy, who enjoyed swimming and climbing around. Had to be put into wrapstuff when fatally bitten by a snowmouth snake in 1418. No immediate living relatives remain (closest is first-cousin Farscout). (Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb One-Leg.jpg

One-Legborn RTH 1189; previous name Axehand. Recognized to Tallow (deceased) and Starskimmer (not lifemated); father of Flash (deceased) and Notch; brother of Suddendusk and Blacksnake, uncle of Chicory, Crackle, Evervale, and Windburn. Has become a fisher since his disability centuries ago. One-Leg is a crusty old rogue who enjoys a good tumble in the bed furs, storytelling, wine, and virtually any other recreational sport. He especially loves the ocean, and enjoys the occasional solo trip out to the shore, especially during storm seasons. One-Leg is blunt-tongued and has no patience for fools. Wolf-friend Longtooth. Played by Chris T. (Bio picture by Stacy L.)

P-raven.jpg Raven – (1247-1827) M, H=black, E=amber-gold. The son of Beesting & Owl, Recognized of Sunlight, father of Finch & Windsong, Raven was a quiet hunter who was named for his black head of hair. (art by Rachel V.)
P-rhythm.jpg Rhythm - (1302-1984) M, H=brown, E=amber. Son of Songsent & Dagger; Recognized of Cider, father of Moss. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Cider, Dreamberry, Bearheart, Ringtail, & Birdcatcher). (art by Stacy L.)
P-ringtail.jpg Ringtail - (1273-1984) M, H=dark brown, E=blue. Son of Summer & Diver, brother of Seafoam and Dreamberry; Recognized of Doeskin, father of Rainpace. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Dreamberry, Bearheart, Cider, Rhythm, & Birdcatcher). (art by Holly H.)
P-riskrunner.jpg Riskrunner – (1465-1710) M, H=white, E=blue. Oldest son of Easysinger & Blacksnake; father of Goldspice, Recognized of Ice. True to his name, this self-confident elf was adept at getting himself into and out of trouble. Rash and often impulsive, but also clever and charismatic. Was a sometime-furmate of Nettle, before she Recognized and lifemated with Tossfur. Killed suddenly while on a hunt, when a tuftcat erupted from its den and slashed through his throat. (art by Holly H.)
P-seafoam.jpg Seafoam - (1240-1245) F, H=grey, E=sea-green. Daughter of Summer & Diver, sister of Dreamberry & Ringtail. Seafoam died as a small child during the RTH 1245 winter plague. (Art by Sarah Covington)
Blurb Starskimmer.jpg

Starskimmerborn RTH 1431. Recognized of One-Leg and Cloudfern (not lifemated to either), mother of Notch, Beetle, and Otter. A weak rockshaper, skilled herbalist and midwife, brewer of wines, mead & beer. Hates boredom, loves sex, can be aggressive in her pursuit of a tumble in the furs. Cocky, strong willed, and loves to tease, has a wicked sense of humor. Wolf-friend Tenor. Adoptable NPC Bio picture by Rachel V.)

Blurb Suddendusk.jpg

Suddenduskborn RTH 1330; previous names Blackberry Recognized of both Windsong and Quick Fang; lifemated to Windsong, father of Crackle and Evervale; brother of Blacksnake and One-Leg; uncle of Chicory, Windburn, and Notch. An elf with an active mind and an active heart, it never takes much convincing to get Suddendusk to participate in the tribe's activities, and he's equally happy taking on large projects or small tasks. He is relatively laid-back and easy-going, though he does have a somewhat overprotective streak when it comes to his own family. Easygoing as he is, he's also a bit of a 'nutty professor' type in that he'll invent things for the sake of invention and not because the devices are in any way useful, and his mind is almost always working out some mechanical principle or other. He's an inventor, a thinker, a knapper, a thatcher, and, above all, a dedicated father, lifemate, and tribesmate to all. Wolf-friend Icemane. Played by Sarah Cl. (Bio picture by Holly H.)

P-sunlight.jpg Sunlight – (1252-1827) F, H=blond, E=blue-green. Daughter of Cedarwing & Shyheart, sister of Lynx & True Edge, Recognized of Raven, mother of Finch & Windsong. A plantshaper, Sunlight was a calm and self-confident maternal figure who at times exhibited an impulsive streak. Died in flash flooding (along with Beesting and Tallow) that took her hunting party by surprise.(art by Rachel V.)
P-tallow.jpg Tallow – (1345-1827) F, H=light blond, E=green. Daughter of Tangle & Hooksharp, Recognized of One-Leg (had Flash) & Birdcatcher (had Thornbow & Honey). Tallow was a skilled crafter who hated waste of any type. Died in flash flooding (along with Sunlight and Beesting) that took her hunting party by surprise. (art by Joan M.)
P-blank.jpg Tossfur - (1317-1799) M. Son of Lacewing & Turtle, brother of Birdcatcher & Newt, Recognized of Nettle and father of Greenweave.

True Edgeborn RTH 1502. Recognized of Snowfall, father of Whitestag (deceased) and Quick Fang, brother of Lynx and Sunlight (both deceased); uncle of Cloudfern, Brightwood, and Windsong. Nearly an elder, accomplished hunter, friend of chief Windburn. Stubborn and independent; likes to do things his way, and always knows that his way is right. Straightforward, blunt, sometimes tactless. Wolf-friend Charm. Played by Mike H. (Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb Windburn.jpg

Windburnborn RTH 1646. Recognized of Whispersilk, father of Foxtail, son of Blacksnake and Chieftess Easysinger; brother of Riskrunner (deceased) and Chicory; uncle of Foxtail and Goldspice; cousin of Brightwood (wraptstuff), Cloudfern, Fadestar, and Kestrel. Chief of the tribe, Windburn is strong-willed, able-bodied, and can be hard-headed and stubborn. Dislikes allowing anyone to loaf. Windburn comes to decisions quickly and sticks by them once made; a firm disciplinarian. Is able to think through problems, but doesn't want to hear too many opposing opinions except by very trusted friends and advisors. Is not comfortable around cubs, and firmly believes that it is not his job to oversee the raising of any, including his own. His job is as leader and that's it! Brave, and very capable, if a little hard to swallow for the more 'easy going' and 'laid back' elements in the tribe. This does not mean that he is completely unapproachable; rather that he is on the stubborn side and very hardheaded. He is able to see other points of view, but often times has to be very convinced before he'll believe that something that he has decided may not be the best way to go about something. Wolf-friend Whirl (alpha female of the pack). Non-adoptable NPC (Bio picture by Holly H.)

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