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Fifth Generation, (1345-1827) F. Daughter of Tangle & Hooksharp, Recognized of One-Leg (had Flash) & Birdcatcher (had Thornbow & Honey). Tallow was a skilled crafter who hated waste of any type. Died in flash flooding (along with Sunlight) that took her hunting party by surprise. (art by Joan M.)


"Letter of the Law" - by Chris T. - 1625.02.16 - Flash’s first wolf-bond ends in tragedy.

"Out on a Limb" - by Gills C. - 1664.07.22 - When his brother's life is in danger, Suddendusk only wants to help.

"Winter's Chill" - by Whitney W. - 1665.01.23 - A young Honey finds that finding true love isn’t an easy as she dreamed it would be...

"Fletcher" - by Whitney W. - 1769.10.24 - Young Fletcher is mortally wounded, leaving Farscout to ask questions without any answers.

"Fadestar" - by Whitney W. - 1855.12.10 - Young Quick Fang’s wolf heart is stronger than her doomed playmate Fadestar’s…

"Newborn Fears" - by Whitney W. - 1897.12.12 - Windburn faces fatherhood for the first time… and struggles to overcome his own inner demons.


thumb_jm_tallow01.jpg by Joan M.