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Fifth Generation, (1248-1984) F, H=white, E=green. The daughter of Diver & Summer, sister of Ringtail and Seafoam; Recognized of Bearheart, mother of Snowfall, Whispersilk & Nighstorm. Dreamberry was a cheerful soul who was both an accomplished brewer and weaver. During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtook two hunting parties before they could reach safety; was killed along with five other elves (Bearheart, Cider, Rhythm, Birdcatcher & Ringtail). (art by Trena D.)


"Promises" by Whitney W. - 1235.05.18 - Brightwood’s birth warrants her father Lynx’s asking a jealous boy for a favor to the family…

"Flesh & Blood" - by Joan M. - 1710.10.02 - Upon his brother Riskrunner’s death, everything changes for Windburn.

"Newborn Fears" - by Whitney W. - 1897.12.12 - Windburn faces fatherhood for the first time… and struggles to overcome his own inner demons.


thumb_td_dreamberry.jpg by Trena D. thumb_la_dreamberry_snowfall01.jpg by Linda A.