Dramatis Personae -- Wrapstuffed Members of the Tribe

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Blurb Brightwood.jpg Brightwood (born RTH 1235, went into wrapstuff in RTH 1597). -- cub-name Fawn. Recognized of Farscout, daughter of Lynx & Frost (both deceased), sister of Cloudfern, niece of True Edge, cousin of Chicory, Fadestar, Kestrel, Quick Fang,Windburn, and Windsong. A skiller plantshaper, Brightwood was a friendly, elf who's sweet smile and cheerful disposition often hid a skewering wit. One of the beauties of her generation; daughter of Lynx & Frost, Recognized of Farscout, sister of Cloudfern. Mortally injured in the tribe's first encounter with humans. Placed in wrapstuff in RTH 1567, was six months pregnant at the time. Played by Rachel V.

(Bio picture by Rachel V.)

Blurb Fadestar.jpg

Fadestar (born RTH 1855; went into wrapstuff RTH 1865). Daughter of Leather and Stormdancer (both deceased), sister of Kestrel, niece of Chieftess Easysinger and cousin of Cloudfern and Brightwood. Sickly throughout her childhood, Fadestar was placed in wrapstuff when she could not overcome a case of deadly pneumonia. Played by Linda A.

(Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb Fletcher.jpg

Fletcher (born RTH 1687, went into wrapstuff RTH 1769). Son of Snaptwig & Beesting (both deceased), cousin of Farscout and Newt, uncle of Snowfall, Whispersilk, Nighstorm, and Windsong. Cheerful, good-natured hunter, archer, tracker, fletcher (obviously) and bowyer. Was gravely injured, trampled by a branch-horn during a hunt, and had to be put into wrapstuff.

(Bio picture by Holly H.)

Blurb Honey.jpg

Honey (born RTH 1665 and went into wrapstuff RTH 1970). Recognized of Greenweave, mother of Dreamflight, sister of Thornbow, niece of Newt. Primarily a fisher. Sweet, generous, and kind; but with an over-idealized sense of romance, sometimes prone to jealousy, and could be cunning and subtle when determined to get her way. Became ill in 1970, and had to be put into wrapstuff. Played by Ellen M.

(Bio picture by Ellen M.)

Blurb Newt.jpg

Newt (born RTH 1409, went into wrapstuff RTH 1418). Son of Lacewing (deceased), cousin of Fletcher and Farscout, uncle of Greenweave, Honey and Thornbow. Born out of Recognition and an albino. Despite his coloring that made him avoid daylight even more than the average wolfrider, Newt was a cheerful, fairly normal boy, who enjoyed swimming and climbing around. Had to be put into wrapstuff when fatally bitten by a snowmouth snake in 1418. No immediate living relatives remain (closest are nephews Greenweave and Thornbow, and niece Honey; and first-cousin Farscout). Played by Melanie D.

(Bio picture by Holly H.)