The Chiefs of River Twine Holt

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(article by Holly H. and Whitney W. - posted 07/31/06, updated 04/04/07)


This is just a brief introduction to the chiefs of River Twine Holt. The dates in parenthesis indicate the years during which the individuals chiefs led the tribe.

Chieftess Wolfsister (RTH 1 to RTH 166) – the daughter of Halfwolf (son of Firstcomer Zerran in shape-changed form), Wolfsister took a small band of tribesmates from the original group of High Ones and led them back to the area in which the Palace had crashed. Wolfsister was extremely fertile, and birthed a number of children by several fathers. She founded the tribe in the forest the River Twine tribe still inhabits during the same year her first child (Badger) was born.

Chief Burn (RTH 166 to RTH 327) – the second-oldest of Wolfsister’s children, Burn was an aggressive leader who was notorious for the fury of his temper. Recognized the quiet Sparrow, and fathered three children, Red, Javelin, and Foxsly.

Chieftess Foxsly (RTH 327 to RTH RTH 1002) – the youngest of Burn and Sparrow’s children, Foxsly was unchallenged as chieftess upon her father’s death. She was a cunning and daring elf who had a devilish streak of humor. Was lovemated to the adventurous Crest; but Recognized with Reedweaver and had all of her three children (Easysinger, Frost, and Leather) with him.

Chieftess Easysinger (RTH 1002 to RTH 1825) – Foxsly’s oldest daughter by her Recognized Reedweaver, Easysinger was a wise, cautious, and much beloved woman, who ruled her tribe for over well over 800 years. Recognized first with Oakhand, but their daughter Hope died while still a young child; next Recognized Blacksnake, with whom she had three children, Riskrunner, Windburn and Chicory.

Chief Windburn (RTH 1825 to present) – the current leader of River Twine Holt and the second of Easysinger's three children, Windburn is a tough, realistic, leader who hates to show weakness. Thickheaded at times but generally open to ideas if they make sense, and in private is a skilled artist. Recognized of Whispersilk, father of Foxtail.

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When Halfwolf was born to Zerran, one of the High Ones with the rare magical ability of metal-shaping created a gift for the wolf-blooded elf, in celebration of the union between the elves and the world they now lived in. The gift was a necklet of brightmetal, open in the front, with a wolf's head on one side and a star on the other.

After Halfwolf was killed on the journey to the new Holt, the torc was passed on to his daughter Wolfsister. It became the symbol of the tribe's chiefs, as Wolfsister's son Burn took it after her death, and passed it on to his successor, Foxsly.

Foxsly's body was not recovered by the tribe after her death in the troll tunnels, and the original torc was lost with her. Easysinger had the metal-smith Ice re-create the torc out of silver (since the elves are now unable to work brightmetal), and that is the one that she wore and that is currently worn by her son Windburn.

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