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Fourth Generation, (1000-1778) M, H=brown, E=blue. Son of Riversong & Crest, brother of Hawkcall and Lacewing. Recognized of Beesting, father of Bearheart & Fletcher. Snaptwig was an impulsive trapper and fisher, who had a keen wit and an even keener sense of humor. (Art by Holly H.)


"Labors of Love" by Sarah Clawfoot - 1227.02.13 - An account of Farscout’s genesis.

"Losing the Game" - by Whitney W. - 1250.01.13 - A young Farscout struggles with his preoccupation with Brightwood…

"Fletcher" - by Whitney W. - 1769.10.24 - Young Fletcher is mortally wounded, leaving Farscout to ask questions without any answers.


thumb_hol_snaptwig01.jpg by Holly H.