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River Twine Holt and its members have won the following awards from the fandom at large:

2010 Golden Wolf Awards

(No icons were made for the 2010 GWAs.)

Favorite Male Character - 1st Place - Moss

Favorite Child Character - 1st Place - Newt

Favorite Supporting Character - Honorable Mention - Thornbow

Favorite 'Nasty' Character - 1st Place - Notch

Character with the Most Developed Background - 1st Place - Foxtail

Character Developed Most within the Past Year - 1st Place - Willow

Favorite Interaction Between Characters - Honorable Mention - Foxtail & Notch

Favorite Tragic Character - Honorable Mention - Honey

Most Striking Character - Honorable Mention - Farscout

Favorite Scoundrel - 1st Place - Notch

Favorite Artist - 1st Place - Holly Hutchison

Favorite Artist - Honorable Mention - Melanie D.

Most Improved Artist - Honorable Mention - Megan McCarthy

Favorite Writer - 1st Place - Heidi Henderson

Favorite Writer - Honorable Mention - Trena

Favorite Role Player - 1st Place - Angie Cousins (Foxtail)

Most Active Member - Honorable Mention - Lyn Cavalier

Favorite Group - 1st Place - River Twine Holt

Favorite Website - Honorable Mention - River Twine Holt

Favorite Overall Group Plot - Honorable Mention - River Twine Holt

2009 Golden Wolf Awards


Character-female-kestrel1.gif Character-child-crackleHM.gif

Character-support-windburn1.gif Character-oddball-chicory1.gif

Character-background-oneleg.gif Character-developedyear-wil.gif

Character-couple-fs&bwHM.gif Character-tragic-honey1.gif

Character-athletic-otter1.gif Character-striking-brightwo.gif

Member-writer-whitney1.gif Member-improvedwriter-melan.gif

Member-improvedartist-rini1.gif Member-improvedartist-megan.gif

Member-active-melanie1.gif Member-active-lynHM.gif

Pc-heidi-elfity.gif Pc-holly-above.gif


2008 Golden Wolf Awards

GWA2008-Group-Website.jpg GWA2008-Group-StorylinesHM.jpg

GWA2008-Char-AthleticHM.jpg GWA2008-Char-NastyHM.jpg


GWA2008-Mem-Artist.jpg GWA2008-Mem-ArtistHM1.jpg

GWA2008-Mem-Writer.jpg GWA2008-Mem-Active.jpg

2007 Golden Wolf Awards

GWA2007-Group-Storylines.jpg GWA2007-Group-FaveOlderHM.jpg


GWA2007-Char-FaveChild.jpg GWA2007-Char-FaveFemale.jpg

GWA2007-Char-MagicalHM.jpg GWA2007-Mem-WriterHM.jpg

GWA2007-Mem-ImprovedArt.jpg GWA2007-Mem-ImprovedArtHM.jpg

GWA2007-Mem-Active.jpg GWA2007-RP-Rivertwine.jpg

2006 Golden Wolf Awards

Gwa2006-char-npc.jpg Gwa2006-char-hm-NPC.jpg

Gwa2006-char-hm-tragic.jpg Gwa2006-char-hm-child.jpg

Gwa2006-holt-hm-under1year.jpg Gwa2006-mem-active.jpg

Gwa2006-mem-artist.jpg Gwa2006-mem-hm-artist.jpg