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Return to Dramatis Personae -- Deceased Members of the Tribe. For detailed family-tree information, please visit the River Twine Holt Geneaology page.


Third Generation, (0410-1245) M, H=grey, E=grey. Son of Squall and Ambergold, brother of Harmony and Spider. Recognized of Wren (father of Dove, Melody, and Reed), and later forced Recognition with Beesting (fathered Raven). The tribe's last healer (until the present day), Owl went mad when a plague decimated the tribe, and he had to be killed by Chieftess Easysinger. Died during the distemper plague of 1245. (art by Holly H.)


thumb_hol_owl01.jpg by Holly H. thumb_hol_owl_wren01.jpg by Holly H. thumb_hh_owl02.jpg by Heidi H. thumb_hh_owl01.jpg by Heidi H.