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First Generation, (????-0598) M, H=blond, E=green. The tribe's founding plantshaper. Wolf-blooded. Recognized Feverease (fathered Reedweaver and Smoke), Cubmaker (fathered Moondust), Moth (fathered Raft), Sweetslip (fathered Oakhand), and Raincaller (fathered Blackberry, Pinecone, Ivy, and Raindrop). (art by Rachel V., color by Trena D.)


"Totality" - by Whitney W. - 2000.07.19 - Farscout failed to notice when the bright afternoon light first began to fail...


thumb_rv_greenleaf01.jpg by Rachel V. thumb_rv_greenleaf-color_trena.jpg color by Trena D. thumb_la_greenleaf01.jpg by Linda A.