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This is the list of the "glider" (telekinetic) line of magic-users in the River Twine Holt tribe. Click on an individual's name to go to their wiki page or CIS (character information sheet), where more personal details can be found, along with stories and art linked to the character. Please consult the Genealogy page for information on other descendants of some ancestors, who may be "carriers" of the magical power without having manifested it themselves (as it could show up again in their descendant lines).

P-crow.jpg Crow -- First Generation (????-952) M, H=black, E=golden. A wolfblooded elf, and the tribe's founding glider. Recognized Cubmaker (fathered Sparrow and Feather), Littlepaw (fathered Tadpole and Ripple), Moth (fathered Fisher), and Sweetslip (fathered Carver). Passed his gliding powers on to his daughter Feather. (art by Rachel V.)
P-feather.jpg Feather - Second Generation (520-1274) F, H=brown, E=brown. Glider. Daughter of Cubmaker and Crow, full sister of Sparrow. Recognized of Badger, mother of Softlock, Butterfly, and Blue Jay. Passed her gliding powers on to her offspring Butterfly and Blue Jay. (Art by Linda A.)
P-bluejay.jpg Bluejay – Third Generation (732-1130) M, H=black, E=blue. Son of Feather & Badger, full brother of Softlock and Butterfly. Bluejay was a witty, clever glider who excelled at fletching, and at trouble-making. Never Recognized or reproduced, and so never passed on his gliding powers. (Art by Linda A.)
P-butterfly.jpg Butterfly – Third Generation (724-1639) F, H=brown, E=blue. Daughter of Feather & Badger, full sister of Softlock and Blue Jay. Recognized of Spearpoint, mother of Strand and Stormdancer. Butterfly was a shy glider who avoided conflict or bloodshed. Enjoyed herbalism, fishing, and gathering shellfish. Passed her gliding powers on to her daughter Stormdancer. (Art by Sarah Covington)
P-stormdancer.jpg Stormdancer – Fourth Generation (1549-2355) F, H=black, E=grey. Daughter of Butterfly & Spearpoint, sister of Strand, Recognized of Leather, mother of Kestrel, Moon & Fadestar. A strong glider, Stormdancer was named for her joy in aerial dances during thunderstorms. A temperamental, impulsive woman who never shied away from an argument. Died of complications from childbirth, a few days after the birth of Fadestar. Passed her gliding powers on to her daughter Kestrel. (Art by Holly H.)

Kestrel – Fifth Generation (born in RTH 1572). Daughter of Stormdancer and Leather. Recognized of Boar (deceased), grandmother of Willow and Pathmark; niece of Chieftess Easysinger (deceased), sister of Fadestar, cousin of Cloudfern, Brightwood, Chicory and Windburn. Only glider in the tribe and the tribe's eldest member. A wise, active and pragmatic huntress & fisher, who has bit of a introverted streak. Wolf-friend Starlight. So far, her gliding powers have not manifested in any of her descendants. Played by Megan M. (Bio picture by Megan M.)


Fadestar – Fifth Generation (born in RTH 2355). Youngest sister of Kestrel. Fadestar focuses on what she can achieve instead of what she cannot. In many ways, she's very mature and very responsible for her age. Normally, she is a calm and even-tempered individual, much like her father. However, she is almost allergic to the words "You cannot", mainly due to her former sickly state during which she heard those words the most. Driven and determined to reach the goals she sets for herself. Played by Linda A. (Bio picture by Linda A.)

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