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(maps & article by Ellen Million and Holly Hutchison; updated 7/16/09)


There are three Dentrees, nearly grown together, and much entwined in the upper branches. These are the Mother, Father and Child trees, and within their trunks are most of the elf dens. There is a lower level which has storage, and a crypt-like area for the elves wrapped in Preserver silk.

It is important to realize that these room assignments are not absolute. The younger, more... ah... free-spirited members of the tribe tend to sleep wherever they like, and elves don't have the same sense of ownership that we humans have. During cold winter months, in particular, you are more likely to find 5 or 6 elves sharing some of the more insulated lower dens. The Dentrees have no central heat, so more elves in a den is better (and often, more fun!).


Dentree Elevation
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This schematic is meant to give a rough idea of the elevation of terrain around the Dentrees. This would be a view looking north, with the Child Tree in the foreground, the Father Tree in the background, and the Mother Tree not visible (or drawn in) sort of behind the Child Tree and to the left.

This illustrates one of the reasons why the Dentree site is safe from seasonal flooding: high riverbanks along the Holt's River. There is, additionally, probably more of a slope from the edge of the bank up to the Dentrees than this shows -- gaining perhaps 2 more feet of elevation. While the river has certainly flooded, it has not overtopped these banks since the elves have been living here. (The other thing that contributes to flood-safety in this location is the fact that floodwaters coming down the Clickdeer River are diverted between the Holt's River and the Braided River.)

The area between the Dentrees and the riverbank (a distance of approx. 40 yards, or 36.5 meters) is largely a clearing, ringed by thicker forest growth, and a fringe of smaller trees along the bank itself (not a solid wall). To the sides and "back" of the Dentrees (left of this picture), there is a much narrower area of sparse growth and clearing, including smaller trees that may grow close to the Dentrees themselves.

Layout of Levels: Individual Dens

Ground Level

Em groundlevel.jpg

Second Level

Em secondlevel.jpg

Third Level

Em thirdlevel.jpg

Fourth Level

Em fourthlevel.jpg

Basement Level

Hol basement01.jpg