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Second Generation, (0133-1002) M, H=black, E=dark grey. Son of Knifemaker and Bravestride. Soul-brother of Chieftess Foxsly (and died with her in the trolls tunnels); Recognized to Riversong and father of Hawkcall, Snaptwig, and Lacewing. Died on an expedition into the troll tunnels, along with his lifemate, Chieftess Foxsly.(art by Jan B.)


"Totality" - by Whitney W. - 2000.07.19 - Farscout failed to notice when the bright afternoon light first began to fail...

"2007 River Twine Holt Treasure Hunt Results" - by Amy C. - 871.09.09 - "What is Foxsly’s mate Crest named for?"


thumb_rv_crest_foxsly01.jpg by Rachel V. thumb_rvww_foxsly_crest.jpg by Rachel V. thumb_jb_crest01.jpg by Jane B. thumb_jb_foxsly_crest01.jpg by Jane B. thumb_jb_crest03.jpg by Jane B. thumb_jb_crest02.jpg by Jane B. thumb_jb_crest04.jpg by Jane B.