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Sixth Generation, (1512-1989) M, H=blond, E=green. Son of Kestrel and Boar. Recognized of Finch, father of Willow and Pathmark. Killed in a mudslide/rockslide. (art by Joan M.)


"Fadestar" - by Whitney W. - 1855.12.10 - Young Quick Fang’s wolf heart is stronger than her doomed playmate Fadestar’s…

"Newborn Fears" - by Whitney W. - 1897.12.12 - Windburn faces fatherhood for the first time… and struggles to overcome his own inner demons.

"The Night Tournament" - by Sarah Clawfoot - 1945.07.25 - An archery contest settles things among the tribe's best archers… for now.

"All the Possibilities" - by Whitney W. - 1986.06.09 - When Starskimmer comes up pregnant outside of Recognition, it's a question who the baby's father might be...


thumb_bk_2007_holiday_wishes.jpg by Beth K. thumb_jm_bowflight01.jpg by Joan M.