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The wolves of the River Twine pack are recognizable as grey wolves, and exhibit the usual range of pelt colors found in that species: from black to white, with all shades of grey, brown and tan in between.

Coat colors are limited to realistic wolf patterns and hues -- no wolves with horse-type or domestic dog-type markings, or markings that are too obviously "pictures".


Wolves' eyes will be bluish-grey when they first open as pups, and will often go through a greenish phase as they begin to change color approaching adulthood. But all adult wolves' eyes are in the yellow-gold spectrum of colors. They do not have the same range of colors that the elves do.


The RTH wolves are about a quarter-again larger and heavier than their natural (non-elf-blooded) cousins. When full-grown adults, they tend to be between 30" (.76 m.) and 34" (.86 m) at the shoulder.

Hol heights group05.jpg


The elf-blood mixed in with the tribe's wolf-pack gives them longer lives than their purely natural cousins. An RTH can have a lifespan of up to 30 years (as opposed to 15 years at most amongst natural wolves). Not all wolves, however, may reach that advanced age. They will start slowing down around age 25, and some number of them may die in hunting accidents due to their age.


Just as there are some rare elves with very lupine attributes, there have also been the odd wolf with more elvish attributes.

The main difference between them and other wolves, though, is that they are slightly smaller in build, a little more sly/clever, and they prefer elven company to that of the pack. They are always ranked as omega, as they have little aspiration to earn rank in the pack, nor wish to devote time to keeping it.

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