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2515.01.01* Honey needs a new coat, and tests it out as soon as she gets it. ("Something Warmer", L. Cavalier)
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2514.12.17* On a cold winter’s night, sometimes it’s best to have some fun. ("Cold Winter’s Night", L. Cavalier)
2514.09.30* Otter finds it hard to follow Firecat’s climb. ("Pride Before a Fall", L. Cavalier)
2514.09.17* When tresses makes Crackle feel all trussed up. ("Mane Issue", L. Melis)
2514.06.18* As the elves’ search of the island continues, they encounter some bad news… and some stunning surprises. ("To the Western Isles, Pt. 3", H. H., J. Milligan).  More discoveries are made on the island, and hopes begin to mount up. ("To the Western Isles, Pt. 4", H. H., J. Milligan)
2514.06.16* As the elves continue to explore the Isles, mysteries and discoveries unfold. ("To the Western Isles, Pt. 2", H. H., J. Milligan)
2514.06.15* The tribe sends an expedition to explore the secrets of Twin Peaks Island. ("To the Western Isles, Pt. 1", H. H., J. Milligan)
2514.06.11* Some races don’t always end with a victory or finish. ("Races and Trouble", L. Cavalier)
2514.05.30* A thought nipping at the back of Crackle’s mind finally bites. ("Nipping Thought", L. Cavalier)
2514.04.19* Windburn and Kestrel discuss a new venture, while life for the tribe goes back to normal. ("The Next Steps", L. Cavalier, H. H., M. McCarthy, J. Milligan)
2514.04.10* Notch thinks about things, and that's always a bad sign. ("It's Good To Be Notch", S. Lucas)
2514.03.17* They win some and lose some, but through it all, they're friends. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
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2513.11.03* A day in the life of a bonded wolf. ("Elf", M. H.)
2513.10.18* Hunters tell one another old stories while waiting on their prey. ("Hunters' Tales", L. Cavalier)
2513.10.08* Every glider should go to the islands at least once. To say you’ve done it. To prove you can. ("Distant Goals", H. Hutchison)
2513.10.02* Beetle is sure that she's learned from a certain experience. ("Explosive Expedience", J. Milligan)
2513.09.27* Glow has something special she wants to show Copper. ("Birds", T. Rosbergen)
2513.09.05* Could an elf's way change? Foxtail wondered. ("Other Ways", A. Cousins)
2513.08.15* Kestrel comes to a conclusion that took far longer than it should have. ("A Perfect Day", M. McCarthy)
2513.07.31* A trip to Eagle Bay brings those who go closer to one another. ("Closing the Gap", L. Cavalier)
2513.07.20* Fadestar has her reasons. Most just don’t think to ask. ("Reasons", A. Cousins)
2513.07.12* Otter’s climb to the top of Flint Ridge gets interrupted. ("High Climbing", L. Cavalier)
2513.07.07* An adventure from One-Leg’s past sheds light on Fadestar’s fears. ("Axes and Archers", H. H., C. T.)
2513.05.16* Kestrel sometimes worries for Brightwood's quiet cub. ("The Quiet One", J. Milligan)
2513.04.25* Blacksnake faces an interruption in his alone-time but it proves quite interesting. ("Peace and Quiet", A. Cousins)
2513.04.10* True Edge spends a night with his sons. ("Nap Time", M. H.)
2513.04.03* Brightwood finds it hard to believe that anyone understands the true danger of the humans – even Newt. ("Harsh Words", J. Milligan)
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2512.12.31* Beetle gathers beets for the new mothers, despite the cold. ("Sweetroots and Sweet Cubs", L. Cavalier)
2512.12.06* A surprise winter storm blows in more than the tribe expects. ("Surprises in the Snow", M. H., M. Heilemann, M. McCarthy)
2512.11.10* After fishing with Windsong, Newt and Evervale reminisce. ("Recollecting Mothers' Hugs", L. Cavalier).  Rill has trouble learning to hunt like his mother. ("Memories of the Hunt", M. H.)
2512.10.05* Starskimmer has her own ideas about where inspiration comes from. ("Inspirations", A. Cousins)
2512.10.02* Foxtail is full of good ideas and likes to share them. ("Just a Few More Tricks", A. Cousins)
2512.08.20* How to describe Newt’s latest concoction? ("Aftertaste of Memory", C. T.)
2512.07.03* Snowfall didn’t recall her previous pregnancies bringing so much fatigue. ("Always Tired", L. Cavalier)
2512.06.15* When caught red-handed, a mump must face her punishment. ("Caught in the Act", W. Ware)
2512.06.14* Candlewick steals some time with a historical document of immense value. ("Grimtooth's Traps", W. Ware)
2512.04.20* Newt and Evervale are nearly swept away in a spring flood. ("Deadfall", W. Ware)
2512.03.14* Cloudfern goes to Goldspice for help with something precious to him. ("Mending Things Not Broken", S. Lindström)
2512.02.07* Moonwing the owl settles in with his new elf-friend Newt. ("Caring for Owls", S. Lindström)
2512.02.02* Newt shares in an important moment in Moonwing’s life. ("Winter Wings", W. Ware)
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2511.12.23* Beetle organizes a tribal viewing of a meteor shower. ("Stars Falling Like Rain", A. Chandler)
2511.12.21* Father sent to me “Would you like to eat with us?” ("Dreamflight's Family Meal", I. G.)
2511.12.01* Copper loved the winter... ("Slow-Drifting Snow", W. Ware)
2511.11.31* A perfectly starry night takes a different turn. ("Not a Night for Stargazing", L. Cavalier)
2511.11.29* All Newt wanted was to ask for some help. ("Mice for Moonwing", P. B., M. D., H. Henderson)
2511.11.22* Newt discovers the nest-hole of a pair of whitemask owls, and it changes his life in ways he never expected. ("Whitemask", H. Hutchison)
2511.11.07* Cloudfern and Greenweave, the night before Greenweave leaves on his first long winter watch. ("Going to the Watch", S. Lindström)
2511.09.11* (Trolls Story) While there are many who are played, only a select few can make the arrangements. ("A Change of Tune", H. Henderson)
2511.08.25* Cloudfern and Honey have not always been at odds. Maybe it is time for peace now. ("Not Always Fighting", S. Lindström)
2511.08.06* The Tinker’s First Seat has a hobby, and an admirer as well. ("Ancient Shadows", W. Ware)
2511.08.05* Woad is sacred to the Fierce Ones... ("Brulavid's Prayer", W. Ware)
2511.08.03* Crackle got her revenge. ("A Tooth for A Tooth", M. D.)
2511.08.02* After a hot summer day, Chicory craves a nice cool fish to eat. ("Teeth", R. C.)
2511.08.01* “I have a crush,” she admitted in the same way she might complain about a butt rash to Willow. ("Dreamflight's Inspiration", I. G.)
2511.07.29* Beetle accomplishes a lifelong goal with Willow’s help, but has some regrets. ("Butterflies", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2511.07.21* Starskimmer and Beetle have always enjoyed crafting together. ("Working Together", L. Cavalier)
2511.07.15* For all of their differences, each culture has familiar touchpoints... ("Comparative Studies", W. Ware)
2511.07.12* Crackle finds dread is like shooting in the dark and Thornbow discerns her struggle. ("Shot in the Dark", L. Melis, J. P.).  Pathmark finds that his attention and affection aren’t where he expected. ("Captivated", L. Cavalier)
2511.07.08* Over the years, Fadestar’s and Pathmark’s relationship changes multiple times. ("Changing Ways", L. Aarts)
2511.07.02* Returning from a long scouting trip, Pathmark runs into a friendly face. ("Pathways Home", A. Cousins)
2511.06.21* "“Go away, Chief, you’re bothering me,” the young elf muttered, appreciatively watching Notch head towards the Dentrees." ("Dreamflight in Love and Lust", I. G.)
2511.06.20* A shark encounters One-Leg and Greenweave. ("Impulses", C. T.)
2511.05.07* When Windburn loses his wolf-friend, the chief isn’t the only one to mourn — and Foxtail steps up to share her mother’s gifts with Cinder. ("Just Like Mother Used to Make", W. Ware)
2511.05.02* (Trolls Story) A most interesting discovery needs a good home. ("Driftwood", C. T.)
2511.05.01* But now the prey was right there directly under her! At once the wolf in Dreamflight took over her mind. All thoughts stopped. ("Dreamflight and the Prey", I. G.)
2511.04.29* Wolves were not slaves to their riders. They had their own free wills — and their own concerns separate from the cares of elves. ("Wasp", W. Ware).  Fadestar has been pushing herself too hard and Newt is worried. ("Fadestar's Training", S. Lindström)
2511.04.28* Fadestar relives a moment that could have ended much differently. ("Nightmare", L. Aarts, M. D.).  The Ramat Colony prepares to defend itself. ("Thornwalls and Stone-Throwers", W. Ware)
2511.04.23* Windburn has Farscout show him where he and Fadestar encountered the Fierce Ones. ("Far Too Close", S. Lindström)
2511.04.19* Beetle and Willow disagree about the nearby human tribes. ("Don't Go", H. Henderson)
2511.04.10* Murkfur and Windswift both want to be chosen as Rainpace’s new wolf friend. ("Windswift", L. Cavalier)
2511.04.04* Did the arrival of the Fierce Ones affect Cinder more than anyone thought? ("Impatience", M. Di Carlo, M. McCarthy)
2511.04.03* Honey's life is filled with joys and sorrows and many changes, but even the long life of an elf is a mere eyeblink under the night sky. ("The Stars Shine Cold", R. C.)
2511.04.02* “I want even more/Now more than ever/To truly be of good use!” ("Dreamflight Ponders", I. G.)
2511.04.01* The tribe comes back together to decide what to do next about the human threats. ("After the Storm", H. Hutchison, J. Milligan, W. Ware).  Honey finds that she's lost old callouses. ("Tender Skin and Callouses", E. Million)
2511.03.30* Copper didn't believe that story, but she echoed it desperately now. ("Safe", J. Milligan)
2511.03.28* Unpleasant thoughts keep Blacksnake awake. ("Harsh New Thoughts", S. Lindström)
2511.03.19* Scouts trail the Fierce Ones south as the hunters leave the nothern steppes. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 10)", W. Ware)
2511.03.17* Fallout from Notch’s decision to blow the Fierce Ones’ horn, from another point of view… ("Frozen Roads", W. Ware)
2511.03.14* Spring meant new life, warmth, and hope. ("Moment of Hope", L. Cavalier)
2511.03.09* A best friend in dire need triggers something in Fadestar. ("Lift Off", L. Aarts, M. D.)
2511.03.03* Copper shares with Goldspice the contents of one night’s dream. ("Empty Hands", W. Ware)
2511.03.01* In the wake of the blizzard, the tribe waits to see what happens next with the Fierce Ones, while Rill decides to prove how very good he can be. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 8)", M. H., W. Ware).  Charm passes away but life continues with the Bluestone Cave group. ("Charm's End", M. H.).  Repercussions follow after Rill’s misbehavior. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 9)", W. Ware).  Some things hit you hard, no matter how far you are away. ("Too Close to the Heart", M. Heilemann)
2511.02.28* As a winter blizzard looms, the tribe reacts to Notch’s unconventional means of rescuing his father and Pathmark from discovery by the local humans; Rill prepares for an adventure of his own; and Blacksnake finds more than he’s looking for in the depths of the storm. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 7)", P. B., H. Hutchison, W. Ware)
2511.02.27* Snowfall, Beetle and Windsong lurk on the edges of a Fierce Ones camp, while Rainpace and Dreamflight endure a cold watch-post; Farscout, Brightwood and Blacksnake spy on the main Fierce Ones group, as Windburn and Foxtail debate the severity of the situation; True Edge listens to Crackle’s doubts, and One-Leg, Pathmark and Notch run into some unexpected problems on the Bounty River. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 6)", M. Atkinson, P. B., L. Cavalier, M. H., W. Ware)
2511.02.25* Otter learns a lesson about providing for the tribe. ("Fishing for Your Supper", M. H.)
2511.02.24* Newt decides it's time to have a talk with Cloudfern. ("Worked to the Bone", S. Lindström)
2511.02.23* Newt struggles with uncertainty and new responsibilities. ("Weight of Worry", A. Chandler).  Cloudfern is tired and just wants to tend to Otter's arm before he sleeps. ("Skinning Rabbits, Mending Arms", S. Lindström)
2511.02.22* Blacksnake, Brightwood and Farscout have some unwelcome encounters and make a very unwelcome discovery, while Goldspice tends to the tribe as acting-chief at the Holt, and One-Leg expresses his opinion regarding the situation as it regards the local humans. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 5)", W. Ware).  During the tense times, Thornbow has a chance to ask a question that has crossed his mind once or twice. ("Behind Green Eyes", A. Cousins)
2511.02.21* While overseeing the preparations for Bluestone Cave, True Edge worries for his family and tribe's future. ("Uncertain Future", R. C.).  All of this, Crackle thought, wasn’t supposed to happen. This all made for great story material, but not for situations in real life. ("Paradise Lost", L. Aarts)
2511.02.20* When the rest of the tribe scatters to prepare for the return of the Fierce Ones, those left behind find small comfort... ("Those Left Behind", W. Ware).  Kestrel pushes her gliding ability to its limits, while Blacksnake joins Brightwood and Farscout in trailing the humans — and finds that the elves are not the only ones following the Fierce Ones’ trail north. Cloudfern and his team must reclaim Bluestone Cave, while Windburn contemplates the other humans the tribe has to worry about. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 4)", H. Hutchison, M. McCarthy, W. Ware)
2511.02.19* Far from home during crisis, a memory keeps Kestrel warm. ("Lullaby for a Stormy Night", J. Milligan)
2511.02.18* Some tribe members get into position to guard against or track the Fierce Ones, while others prepare and support their kin. ("The Gathering Storm (Part 3)", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison, W. Ware)
2511.02.17* Windburn is caught by surprise by the return of the Fierce Ones, but the tribe's chief has not been caught unprepared... ("The Gathering Storm (Part 1)", W. Ware).  Cloudfern has waited for centuries for this nightmare to materialize... ("Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On", W. Ware).  Glow reassures her family that they’ll be safe against a Fierce Ones invasion. ("Listen to the Thunder", W. Ware).  The tribe reacts to the return of the Fierce Ones and begins to take action... ("The Gathering Storm (Part 2)", P. B., R. C., H. Hutchison, M. McCarthy).  Fierce Ones were seen! ("Dreamflight's Fears", I. G.)
2511.02.16* When Fadestar asks to become an apprentice scout, she does not suspect how quickly her life can change... ("First Patrol", L. Aarts, W. Ware).  After near disaster for two highthings, Mushroom obsesses over what might have been and what could still be. ("Daydreams of Death", R. C.).  The story could have had a very different ending... ("Death & Dream (AU ending to "First Patrol")", W. Ware)
2511.02.11* True Edge and Charm experience the simple flow of time while on patrol. ("Mine", M. H.)
2511.02.10* Crackle tells a story to a rapt audience, but gets more of a reaction than she'd bargained for. ("Crazy", W. Ware)
2511.01.08* Chicory takes her daughter out to learn some basic tracking skills. Since it's winter, the bears are all asleep in their dens and should be safe to track... right? ("Going on a Bear Hunt", R. C.)
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2510.12.27* After hearing his grandmother’s big news, Pathmark just can’t keep his excitement to himself. ("Family News", A. K., M. McCarthy)
2510.12.26* Snowfall, True Edge, and Kestrel decide the next step in conceiving a child outside of Recognition after their failed last attempt. ("Bittersweet", M. H., M. Heilemann, M. McCarthy)
2510.12.25* Fadestar knows about clothes, but can she convince Otter? ("Coats", L. Aarts)
2510.12.05* Greenweave finds himself confronted with tangles and knots once more. ("Frozen in Knots", M. D.)
2510.11.30* Young hearts wish and hope...sometimes in vain. ("Hope Lasts Eternal", M. D.)
2510.11.28* Newt seeks out Farscout for advice about his conflict over Otter’s affections. ("Carving Feathers", W. Ware)
2510.11.26* Otter finds his family relations grow more complicated than his simple heart wishes for. ("Bitter Knowing", W. Ware)
2510.11.15* After hearing a scary story from Crackle, Glow runs to her mother, who thinks it’s a good time to one-up her. ("The Rockshaper of Greenstone Mountain", M. Di Carlo)
2510.11.14* Newt proves himself when Windburn comes down with a dangerous fever. ("Willow Bark, Feverease & Boneset", W. Ware)
2510.11.12* Blacksnake spots a chance for a little pay-back... ("Necessary Measurements", W. Ware)
2510.11.04* When Rill learns that boomerangs are possible, the cub must have one! ("Whirl-Stick", W. Ware)
2510.10.31* Dreamflight sings about who she really is! ("Dreamflight’s Wild Identity Song", I. G.)
2510.10.17* Goldspice and Moss need no words between them. ("Without a Word", L. Cavalier)
2510.10.01* **You could try being more helpful,** Honey sent plainly. ("Dreamflight's Crush", L. Cavalier, I. G.)
2510.09.30* Dreamflight wonders if she really wants to remain in her cocoon of doubt and pain any longer. ("Starting Over", M. D.)
2510.09.26* “There’s my all grown-up adult daughter!” ("A Recognized Shift", I. G.)
2510.09.23* Sometimes to live in the present, you have to live in the past. ("Remembering", I. G.).  The truth is better than a lie, isn’t it? ("Parental Conflict", L. Cavalier)
2510.09.10* Newt makes a decision and reveals a secret. ("To Take a Bow", A. Chandler, M. D.)
2510.09.08* Cinder and Rill try to prank the chief of pranks. ("To Prank a Prankster", M. Di Carlo)
2510.09.05* A parent-child game of poke-hoop. ("The Mark Twice Hit", K. Hansen)
2510.09.03* Newt knows his place. But is his place separating him from his friends? ("I'm Not a Hunter", M. Deinert)
2510.08.27* Newt takes some time to remember a brother he lost. ("Winning Alone", R. C.)
2510.08.19* Moments in Gurgleflap’s long fascination with water. ("Deep Time", L. Cavalier, C. T.)
2510.08.10* Beautiful dyes take time, effort, and artistry. ("Midnight Blue", J. P.)
2510.07.18* "Despite the array of emotions, everyone came together now to get some closure on the event." ("A Howl Unlike Any Other", M. McCarthy)
2510.07.16* After a tragedy, it's Blacksnake's nature to search for answers. ("Searching for Answers", H. Hutchison)
2510.07.15* Glow is determined to bring home a special gift for her mother and she won't let anything stop her. ("Name Flowers", A. Raidel)
2510.07.14* Rill decides to make a raft - but he needs a little help. ("The Littlest Raft", L. Cavalier).  Newt offers to keep something for Fadestar she can’t keep herself right now. ("The Blanket", M. D.)
2510.07.13* The presumed first success of assisted pregnancy by Willow fails. ("Gone", M. Heilemann, M. McCarthy)
2510.07.12* On a rainy day, a deadly meat-eating lizard is out stalking for prey near the Holt... ("Attack of the Killer Reptile", R. C.).  What harm could there be in a story about the Daystar and the Moons? ("Sun and Moon", L. Melis)
2510.07.06* Rill and Crackle bond over a storm. ("A Story and Skyfire", E. Owen)
2510.07.02* “You make elves sound like bows and arrows, useless without each other.” ("Hungry for Something Else", J. P.)
2510.06.27* Greenweave gets a pleasant reminder that the Now could use more attention than he gives it. ("Now", S. Campos).  (Human Tribes Story) The colony's new mata arrives. ("The Summer Ship", W. Ware)
2510.06.25* A warm summer night leads to a number of discoveries. ("Discoveries", A. Rosbergen)
2510.06.24* "I don't know if we are ready. To do this again, that is." ("Another Try", M. Heilemann, M. McCarthy)
2510.06.15* Nonoli thinks about a wedding as she plucks a grouse. ("Wedding Feast", L. Cavalier)
2510.06.09* A simple hunt leads to much more. ("A Family Hunt", M. H.)
2510.05.29* Foxtail can read between the lines but Newt has to learn to ask all the same. ("A Shift in the Air", A. Cousins)
2510.05.25* Newt catches more than expected when fishing in the river. ("Gone Fishing", M. H.)
2510.05.20* Kestrel and True Edge find that their differences, though still there, don’t matter quite so much anymore. ("The Strongest Bond", M. McCarthy)
2510.05.18* Rill gets a lesson in patience. ("Patience and Fire", R. Swartzendruber)
2510.04.17* Greenweave's calm surface masks unsettling memories. ("Depths", S. Campos)
2510.04.04* Flutterby shares a secret treasure with Cinder. ("Special Things", C. T.)
2510.03.27* Beetle learns that the storyteller can't control the story once her audience gets ahold of it... ("And Whether Fish Have Noses", W. Ware)
2510.03.18* Winter seas were the most dangerous for ships of the Empire traveling to the Eya-Lu-Ramat colony, so only courier ships emboldened by the senatorial business they carried braved a winter passage. ("The Winter Ship", W. Ware)
2510.03.14* Windburn has an unexpected visitor one chilly, late-winter morning. ("Seeing a Different Side", H. Henderson)
2510.02.02* Elves on a word-hunt get caught in a snowstorm. ("Skin to Skin", L. Cavalier)
2510.01.25* Why does Chieftess Easysinger call Newt "spirit-cub"? ("Spirit-Cub", M. D., H. Hutchison)
2510.01.21* For a young wolf and rider, it seems like forever before a pup has grown enough to ride. ("Backtracked", W. Ware)
2510.01.18* Cinder discovers a treasure in his grandfather's keepsakes box. ("The Amulet", W. Ware)
2510.01.10* I wonder – if you can fly, maybe you don’t need a lovemate. ("Between Love and Flying", L. Aarts, J. Milligan)
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2509.12.24* Kestrel reflects on her life and love. ("Love Given, Returned Eightfold", A. Chandler)
2509.12.12* Crackle learns impatience does not always lead to the reward you imagined. ("Tan Your Hide", L. Melis)
2509.11.07* Crackle has grown-up ambitions, but is having trouble getting her elders to take her seriously. ("Crackle's Fire", L. Melis)
2509.11.01* In which brother and sister have a special thing. Really. ("The Corruption of Rill", J. Milligan)
2509.10.18* Hiding from humans while word hunting isn't always easy. ("Near Miss", L. Cavalier)
2509.10.14* It's a beautiful day for fishing. ("Spearfishing", J. P.)
2509.09.24* Some elves never let a moment's chance at influence slip by. ("Shaping", A. Cousins)
2509.09.10* Cinder's attempts at archery gain him an unexpected new teacher. ("Learning to Loose the Arrow", M. Di Carlo)
2509.08.25* Copper has an unusual problem. Good thing that Crackle is the unusual sort. ("Understanding Copper", J. Milligan)
2509.08.24* Newt's archery lesson leads to something different. ("Setting Sights", A. Chandler)
2509.08.19* Dreamflight realizes that, even for elves, there isn't always all the time in the world. ("Impermanent", S. Campos)
2509.08.14* Even after many years, some habits cannot be changed. ("Old Habits", P. B.)
2509.08.09* Deeproot tells her husband more than she’s supposed to. Quite often. ("After-Hours Confidant", C. T.)
2509.08.03* Copper finds an unusual teacher in the woods. ("Found Things", A. Cousins)
2509.07.30* Curiosity keeps Otter awake. ("Just a Little Nudge", M. Deinert)
2509.07.10* Longshot goes to find some berries and wine. ("Mixed-Up Drunk", L. Cavalier)
2509.07.04* Young Glow is the envy of her agemates after she finds a coprolite. ("Glow's Necklace", W. Ware)
2509.07.01* As young Copper grows, she finds an unexpected best friend. ("Changing of the Guard", B. Kita, W. Ware)
2509.06.30* Newt and Otter share a short but confusing moment. ("Pale Treasures", M. H.)
2509.06.15* Sometimes you learn more from your failures than your successes. ("A Dream Not Yet Realized", L. Cavalier, M. H., M. McCarthy)
2509.06.10* Farscout isn’t used to people coming to look for him when he wants to be alone. ("Bedtime", A. Cousins)
2509.05.29* Newt can’t be a word-hunter, but he can dedicate himself to learning everything they discover. ("Word Games", L. Cavalier, C. T.)
2509.04.17* Cinder shares a bonding moment with his father in the storage dens. ("Storage Discovery", M. Di Carlo)
2509.04.15* Thornbow and Newt figure out how far Newt’s interest in archery really goes. ("Broken", M. Deinert, J. Normand)
2509.04.03* Spear fishing in the rain doesn’t always work. ("Never Give Up", L. Cavalier)
2509.03.25* Waking up to a big noise leads Chicory and Glow to a small discovery. ("Small Discoveries", J. P.)
2509.03.09* Starskimmer has a streak of bad luck. ("Snake Eyes", K. Hansen)
2509.02.20* Ingot probes an odd bit of history. ("A Minor Detail", C. T.)
2509.02.01* Even on the coldest winter nights, the innocent joy of the tribe's cubs can bring Chicory the warmth of summer. ("A Burst of Summer", R. C.)
2509.01.09* Moss knew he would be hearing a good story soon... ("Measuring for a New Coat", J. P.)
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2508.12.15* Bearkiller’s missing and needs to be found before Copper wakes up. ("Beh-tilla", L. Cavalier)
2508.11.16* “I miss having someone to den with, though. I’d love it if you moved in. Then, you wouldn’t have to ask anyone to open this old one for you. I can only imagine what it’d be like to go back in there.” ("A Den of Her Own", L. Aarts, L. Cavalier)
2508.10.26* Newt gets some help when testing a newly crafted lure at Badger Lake. ("A Last Taste of Summer", W. Ware)
2508.10.21* All it takes is being in the right place at the right time... ("Right Place, Right Time", R. Swartzendruber, W. Ware)
2508.10.08* Newt’s path toward adulthood is much longer and rockier than he expects. ("A Very Long Walk Indeed", H. Bochart, A. Chandler)
2508.09.15* Newt and Rainpace share more than one common interest. ("They Are Like Us in Many Ways", P. B.)
2508.09.01* Chicory and Beetle find more than they expected. ("From the Belly of the Boar", R. C., L. Cavalier)
2508.07.24* Two sisters grow closer on the Very Long Walk. ("Moving Forward", L. Aarts, M. McCarthy).  When one journey ends, another begins. ("Newborn Dreams", M. H., M. Heilemann, M. McCarthy)
2508.05.09* A brewing fight between Honey and Foxtail turns into a night of remembering. ("More Than Just Flowers", L. Cavalier)
2508.03.23* Kestrel realizes she doesn't need a disaster to make a change. ("Candlemaking", L. Cavalier, M. McCarthy)
2508.03.17* The huntress wanted to move forward, today. And she knew what she had to do. ("Some Dignity", L. Cavalier)
2508.03.15* Both Honey and Newt know love can change. ("The Taste of Love", M. Deinert)
2508.03.02* Newt goes looking for one thing and finds something quite different. ("Of All Things", A. Cousins)
2508.01.16* A simple child's game turns disturbing for both father and daughter. ("Memory Games", W. Ware)
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2507.09.16* Glow’s multilingual upbringing takes shape. ("Tree", C. T.)
2507.09.08* It was a shot that everyone would be talking about for a long time to come. ("Best Shot", L. Cavalier, W. Ware)
2507.08.20* Sometimes Beetle finds it hard to make Rooter understand. ("Communication Issues", A. Cousins)
2507.08.12* Glow wants attention, but, for Willow, it's proving to be a headache. ("Splitting Hairs", H. Henderson)
2507.07.30* A frustrated Newt finds a willing flute teacher. ("Too Little Progress", P. B., M. Deinert)
2507.07.10* True Edge struggles with caring for a troubled she-cub. ("Someone Else's Daughter", M. H.)
2507.06.05* Life at the lower tier of Troll society offers few creature comforts. Quartz offers several. ("The Smell of Soap", C. T.)
2507.05.15* The gift of music comes easy to some, others have to show some persistence. ("Dissonance", M. Deinert)
2507.04.28* Fadestar and Greenweave share knowledge. ("Weaving Together", A. Cousins)
2507.04.03* Beetle appreciates a warm welcome back to the Holt... No matter who is giving it. ("Against the Rain", A. Cousins)
2507.02.06* “Don’t cry,” murmured a gentle voice at her shoulder. “Please don’t cry.” ("A Smile Like the Sun", W. Ware)
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2506.12.10* Beetle has to face the consequences of her choice. ("Ah-Choo", A. Cousins)
2506.10.10* Sometimes it’s hard to accept a change in an old friend. Harder if there is doubt behind it. ("Unwanted Attention", A. Cousins)
2506.09.26* One-Leg and Brightwood hash out their differing outlooks on humans. ("Coming to an Understanding", C. T., R. Vardys)
2506.08.19* Foxtail is given an opportunity to join the word-hunters. ("Earned", L. Cavalier)
2506.08.15* Notch does what Notch does best - be a downright awful little sneak. ("You Know You’re Right", A. Cousins)
2506.07.15* Newt has watched the others play treeball for nearly a turn of the seasons. When can he play? ("Playing the Game", H. Henderson)
2506.07.04* Brightwood is not content to wait for the humans to find their way onto THIS side of the Thornwall... ("Fresh Perspective", R. Vardys, W. Ware)
2506.07.02* For Rainpace, becoming a father had changed his life, but some changes are difficult to deal with. ("The Price of Priorities", P. B.)
2506.06.04* Crackle finds that not everything comes easy, while Otter discovers an unexpected talent. ("Keenblaze", W. Ware)
2506.05.30* Putting a cub to bed is never easy. Times that by three. ("Questions Before Bed", A. Cousins)
2506.05.11* A night at the baths masks illicit business. ("Into Hot Water", )
2506.04.29* Foxtail shares some thoughts about cubs with Beetle. ("Cubs of All Sorts", A. Cousins)
2506.04.15* A close brush with death shows Thornbow that he is more needed than he thought. ("A Perfectly Good Shirt, Ruined", H. Bochart)
2506.04.13* With a screaming child and a haunting melody, word hunting begins to take on new meaning for Rainpace. ("A Lullaby's a Lullaby", H. Bochart)
2506.03.25* A relationship grows on a warm spring night. ("Taking Root", J. P.)
2506.02.20* Rainpace finally forces Foxtail to face both his daughter and her own concerns. ("Daughters", A. Cousins)
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2505.11.04* A crying cub and a lullaby bring some old friends together again. ("Changes", P. B.)
2505.10.30* With a glint in her eye that promised something scary, Crackle began… ("Horn-Hand", L. Cavalier)
2505.10.20* Rainpace and Chicory get interrupted during an argument. ("Glow's Birth", P. B., R. C.).  Instead of celebrating, Thornbow suddenly is faced with a different task. ("Like Wine and Leather", M. Deinert, M. Heilemann)
2505.06.15* A hunter does not have to make a kill in order to contribute. ("A Summer Hunt", W. Ware)
2505.05.20* Newt improves his pouncing skills while aiding others. ("Two Will Do When One Will Not", C. L)
2505.03.14* A sleepless day is a joy for Kestrel. ("Sleeping", L. Cavalier)
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2504.09.25* Cinder wakes up Windburn to an awkward situation. ("Chief of Sucklers", J. Milligan)
2504.09.07* Pathmark finds a new helper in the storage dens after a productive night at the traps. ("An Extra Pair of Hands", A. Cousins).  After her encounter with Pathmark, Foxtail takes her tale to another but keeps some of the details left unsaid. ("First Flush", A. Cousins)
2504.08.20* Brightwood and Thornbow consider bows, shaping, magic and change. ("Shapers", J. Milligan)
2504.08.03* Honey finds that the end of being needed leaves room for other things. ("Breathing Again", H. Hutchison, E. Million)
2504.06.15* Copper is born to Brightwood and Farscout. ("Copper", W. Ware)
2504.05.02* Honey can only dread Willow making her milk come in. ("An Unexpected Gift", H. Henderson)
2504.04.29* Beetle would not have been Quick Fang’s first choice as a wet nurse for Cinder. ("Beetle Makes Milk", L. Cavalier)
2504.04.26* Could Willow help others make milk? ("Making Milk", L. Cavalier)
2504.04.22* Autumnleaf follows a grieving Fadestar and makes a remarkable proposition. ("Autumnleaf", L. Aarts)
2504.04.20* Quick Fang offers Foxtail a place to rest. ("Rest for the Weary", L. Cavalier)
2504.04.19* A wolf-friend tries to come to grips with the death of a bond. ("Not Quite Right", T. Driessen).  Foxtail's worldview faces change and challenge in the wake of her mother's death. ("The Mourning After", A. Cousins)
2504.04.18* A candle bowl made in love gets passed back and forth when the need arises. ("Bowl of Memories", L. Cavalier)
2504.04.17* In the wake of a tragedy, Willow faces echoes of her past to help a friend. ("Common Ground", A. Cousins, H. Henderson).  His son might still die. Unless he got there in time to do something about it. ("The Storm's Passing", H. Hutchison)
2504.04.15* A tragedy interrupts conflict between the chief and his heir. ("Tempests", W. Ware).  Snowfall struggles with new and old grief after her sister’s death. ("A Hole in the World", M. Heilemann)
2504.04.12* Fadestar overcomes yet another boundary with a little help of her friends. ("Harmony", L. Aarts)
2504.03.30* Moss and Goldspice enjoy percussion even without drums. ("The Rhythms Between Them", L. Cavalier, A. Cousins)
2504.02.28* When given the chance, Foxtail decides to educate her little brother on her feelings. ("A Frank Discussion", A. Cousins)
2504.02.13* It might take a while, but opinions can change. ("Never Say Never", H. Henderson, A. K.)
2504.01.17* He pressed a hand beneath his stinging nose, wondering how the humans could stand it. ("Tangy and Sweet", H. Bochart, L. Cavalier)
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2503.12.28* Cinder born to Whispersilk and Windburn..  The birth of a second child to the tribe's Chief can mean a challenge for the firstborn. ("Cinders", A. Chandler, W. Ware)
2503.12.27* Moss is one of many who tries to help a crying baby. ("No Gift to Bring", L. Cavalier)
2503.12.25* Fadestar helps Beetle to fulfill a cub’s dream. ("Snow Shapes", L. Aarts)
2503.12.23* Evervale reminisces during a blizzard. ("Memories in the Snow", M. H.)
2503.12.22* Windsong wants a little fresh meat. ("Tender", A. Chandler)
2503.12.19* Fadestar shares a private ritual with her new friends. ("Falling Stars", W. Ware)
2503.10.25* Honey and Mooncrier experience an important moment in the building of their bond together. ("Same for Me", M. H.)
2503.10.23* Unexpected feelings cause Kestrel, Snowfall, and True Edge to rethink their priorities. ("Priorities", M. H., M. McCarthy)
2503.10.22* With a cub on the way and a worrisome mate, Chicory has some decisions to make. ("Unacceptable Risks", R. C.)
2503.10.21* Fate brings together two close friends during a fishing trip. ("Not Fishing for Fish", G. Schroeder, M. White)
2503.10.15* “Coriander, you feel for my husband’s heir the way you ought to feel for your husband.” ("Truths", L. Cavalier, J. Milligan)
2503.10.03* Whispersilk makes a change in her own way. ("Seasons' Weaving", J. Milligan)
2503.09.27* Dreamflight reluctantly takes Newt birdwatching. ("Catching Up", L. Cavalier, M. D.)
2503.09.22* Snowfall and Slychase hunt alone. ("Snowfall's Hunt", M. H.)
2503.09.21* The human word-hunt has personal value for Moss. ("I Want To Sing Their Songs", C. T.)
2503.09.15* Evervale is injured in a hunt and confronts her unease with Willow’s powers. ("Healing of Another Kind", V. Stephenson)
2503.09.14* Cloudfern has been out all night for a hand of nights and only gets in as the sun is rising. Newt is very curious about what Cloudfern is doing. ("Sun-oil", S. Lindström)
2503.09.12* Rainpace can't sleep and decides to go set some traps during the day. It turns out he isn't the only one awake... ("Humans and Berries", S. Lindström)
2503.09.08* Remembering can be a gift for both the Preservers and for those they favor. ("Is What We-Things Do", M. Deinert, W. Ware)
2503.09.05* The hulking old snapping turtle stood its ground, glaring balefully at the four cubs and two wolves who surrounded it... ("Old Snapper", W. Ware)
2503.08.30* A simple set of leathers bears a challenge for Cloudfern. ("As Tough as Leather", M. Deinert).  Newt learns what lies at the heart of Dreamflight's continued avoidance. ("Old Tangles, Fresh Snarls", S. Campos, M. Deinert).  The hills and mountains north above Whitewing Lake were rich with glossy black stone, but for the richly colored obsidian in hues of green, red and purple, or even the most rare clear obsidian, a hunter had to look to the slopes and hills that lay between Greenstone Peak and Lookout Mountain... ("Greenstone Mountain", W. Ware)
2503.08.21* Farscout and company take on some extreme measures to make Brightwood laugh. ("Thistles and All", J. Milligan)
2503.08.20* Honey finds frustration in her training to be a hunter. ("Letting Go of Expectations", E. Million)
2503.08.17* Starskimmer experiments with her recipes and finds that the clean up afterwards can be very rewarding. ("A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That", M. H.)
2503.08.09* Maybe Willow had healed more than just the snakebite. ("Crackle and Burn", L. Cavalier)
2503.08.08* Newt and Dreamflight find a common interest, one that Dreamflight doesn't approve of. ("Bird Calling", L. Jonk)
2503.07.28* Perhaps the best way to solve their problems was to depend on one another. ("Shared Burdens", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2503.07.27* Memories and Cloudfern have never been friends, especially not after his recent fight with Beetle. ("Forgotten Regrets", S. L)
2503.07.26* Brightwood wanted to talk to Willow, but the timing never seemed quite right... until now. ("Crossing Paths", H. Henderson, R. Vardys).  Beetle was certainly acting strangely... but why? ("A Song For You", H. Henderson).  Honey finds some unexpected help in her quest to become a hunter. ("A Hunt of Her Own", M. H.).  Cloudfern’s anger causes him to lash out. ("Angry and Unreasonable", L. Cavalier)
2503.07.25* Cloudfern learns that the most unsettling dreams are the ones that repeat themselves. ("Rare Days", S. L).  Both Willow and Windburn need to rethink the problems that lie between them. ("The Roots of the Problem", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison)
2503.07.24* Honey makes changes in her life. ("Too Many Tears", E. Million).  Farscout relates a story to Brightwood about when he and Quick Fang had a difference of opinion. ("The Fawn", W. Ware)
2503.07.23* Dreamflight feels that things are not as they should be. ("As It Should Be", L. Cavalier).  The morning after her Howl, Brightwood shares a sunrise with an old friend. ("The Lady's Measurements", H. Bochart).  Marks from past events run more than skin-deep. ("Scars", H. Henderson)
2503.07.22* Howl held to welcome Brightwood back to the tribe..  (Brightwood's Howl) Suddendusk tells the story of his first Recognition with Windsong. ("Just One Chance", W. Ware).  (Brightwood's Howl) Brightwood is told about Cloudfern and Starskimmer's Recognition. ("Woven, Retold", L. Cavalier).  (Brightwood's Howl) The story of Finch's naming. ("Littlesong Grows", J. Milligan)
2503.07.20* During her four-day shunning, Willow tries to come to terms with what she's learned about her misdeeds and comes to some self-realizations. ("I Am Not Him", H. Henderson)
2503.07.19* Beetle can’t just let Willow freeze. ("Intervention", L. Cavalier)
2503.07.17* A strange human ritual helps ease Kestrel's sadness. ("A Grandmother's Sadness", M. McCarthy)
2503.07.16* Brightwood grapples with waking up after centuries in wrapstuff by finding ways to grasp her new reality in both hands… ("Shaping a New Home", R. Vardys, W. Ware)
2503.07.15* Goldspice mourns a lost friend … for the second time. ("Not Forgotten", T. Driessen).  Newt reaches out to Beetle. ("Making Time", L. Cavalier).  The elders show Willow memories of Healer Owl’s last days in an attempt to show her why her recent actions angered so many in the tribe. ("The Lesson of the Last Healer", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison, W. Ware).  Some memories are best shared with friends. ("Safety in Numbers", P. B., L. Cavalier, A. Cousins, S. Lucas).  True Edge tries to come to terms with recent events in the light of old, shared memories. ("Making Sense of it All", M. H.).  Just hours before Willow's sending-punishment for healing Brightwood without permission, the healer's lovemate, Beetle, is on her mind. (graphic story) ("Apologies", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2503.07.14* In the aftermath of Brightwood's healing, Chief Windburn must decide what to do about Willow's actions. ("The Morning After", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison, C. T., W. Ware).  Brightwood begins her adjustment process to a new time and new tribe… ("Survivors", W. Ware).  Good or ill, you had to own the ripples of the rocks you threw into that big pond that was your life. Run away, and the ripples would turn to waves that would catch you up and try to drown you. And, High Ones, what Willow was facing now were definitely waves. ("With You", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson, C. T.)
2503.07.13* Fletcher's sudden death stirs doubts and memories, with far-reaching repercussions. ("A Long, Difficult Path", L. Cavalier, S. Lucas, E. Million, W. Ware).  Recent events interfere with a word-hunt. ("Loss for Words", L. Cavalier, C. T.).  Farscout had waited too long for his lifemate to lose Brightwood now, not like this, not without him there at his Recognized’s side... ("Brightwood", R. Vardys, W. Ware).  Thornbow knew far too keenly what it meant to feel like second best. ("Second Best", W. Ware)
2503.07.12* After Fletcher’s death, the unwrapped cubs want to support Brightwood. ("Handprints for Hope", L. Aarts, M. Deinert)
2503.07.11* Fletcher’s death makes Fadestar realize what she wished for. ("Processing", L. Aarts).  ”Wisdom is like a tree, growing with the tribe.” ("True Stories", J. Milligan)
2503.07.10* Fadestar and Crackle both have fears to face. ("Shadowplay", J. Milligan)
2503.07.08* A memorial Howl is held for Fletcher..  Four cocoons opened, and One-Leg had lived to see it happen. ("Alive", C. T.).  (Fletcher's Howl) A minor event becomes something grand. ("Something Missing", C. T.)
2503.07.07* Windburn and others watch as Fletcher's cocoon is opened. ("Fourth", H. Henderson).  It's hard to stay lonely when you're surrounded by love. ("Surrounded by Love", R. C.)
2503.07.06* Fadestar wants to comfort Newt, but instead, gets comforted herself. ("Shared Experience", L. Aarts, M. Deinert).  Newt struggles to find a place in the new tribe. ("New Roots", S. Clawfoot)
2503.07.05* Newt struggles with the gift of his brother. ("Empty", M. Deinert)
2503.07.02* Howl held to welcome Newt back to the tribe..  Crackle gets as good as she once gave. ("Twice Shy", J. Milligan).  (Newt's Howl) One-Leg answers one of Newt’s many questions ("How Does it Feel?", C. T.).  (Newt's Howl) Windsong tells Newt of how Windburn became her chief. ("The Empty Den", J. Milligan).  (Newt's Howl) When Newt asks to know about the Fierce Ones' attack, Cloudfern and Farscout are cautious in their retelling of history. ("Fragments of the Story", W. Ware)
2503.07.01* The homecoming welcome consisted of a single boy riding his yearling wolf headlong up the hunter’s trail... ("Lost & Found", W. Ware)
2503.06.27* Newt wakes from his long sleep in wrapstuff, only to find that his world has dramatically changed. ("Waking Up", W. Ware).  The last two members of Cloudfern and Greenweave's family present themselves to Newt. ("Family Bonds", S. Campos)
2503.06.23* "Newt was such a special cub and isn't that just fitting? Such a special cub for such a special relationship to make it such a special family." ("Special", M. Deinert)
2503.06.22* Howl held to welcome Fadestar back to the tribe.
2503.06.20* Fadestar finds out that Nightstorm isn’t scared away easily. ("Kindred Spirits", L. Aarts).  Otter remembers an old wish. ("Otter's Little Brother", M. Deinert)
2503.06.15* Rainpace comes face to face with a thief and earns an adventure story of his very own. ("To Trap a Thief", M. H.)
2503.06.14* Fadestar awakens, and nothing's the same. ("Shattered Daydreams", L. Aarts, H. Henderson)
2503.06.13* Even the most composed of elders has worries simmering when it comes time to unwrap a loved one. ("Uncertainty", H. Henderson)
2503.06.12* Beetle and Willow take an evening trip to try and forget about upcoming worries. ("Reprieve", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2503.06.11* Beetle wants brown, but Nightstorm has a different idea. ("Not Brown for Beetle", L. Cavalier)
2503.06.06* Dreamflight has finally reached a breaking point. ("Enough", L. Jonk).  Honey needs a new den, but needs to ask nicely. ("Ask Nicely", L. Cavalier)
2503.05.29* Willow's encounter with an old foe has unforseen consequences. ("Old Greedygut", H. Henderson)
2503.05.25* A fight that has been brewing for a long time. ("Moon Rise", A. Chandler).  A pleasant evening for Evervale and Pathmark turns into something else altogether. ("The Calm Before the Storm", V. Stephenson)
2503.05.24* After the first of the tribe’s sleepers is unwrapped, Nightstorm finds an unexpected supplicant at her door. ("Unwrapping Hope", W. Ware).  A prank is set into motion to teach Honey the error of her ways. ("To Teach a Lesson", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson, E. Million).  Thornbow tries to deal with his sister's troubles. ("Encouraging Words", J. P.).  Words remembered help Honey find peace, but it’s short-lived. ("Weight of Words", L. Cavalier)
2503.05.18* A misunderstanding leads Willow to hold back. ("Out of Character", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2503.05.17* Howl held to welcome Honey back to the tribe..  (Honey's Howl) During Honey's Howl, Rainpace relates the circumstances of her father's death. ("The Loss of Birdcatcher", A. W).  (Honey's Howl) Kestrel recounts the death of tribemates during the flood of 2327. ("Red Skies at Night", H. Henderson).  (Honey's Howl) Dreamflight has a story best not told at Honey's Howl. ("Tale Not Told", L. Cavalier)
2503.05.16* Honey is unwrapped from her long sleep. ("Imperfect", E. Million).  Flash’s memory looms over current events. ("Easy Winnings", C. T.)
2503.05.12* True Edge shares an early memory with his mates. ("Earliest Memories", M. H.)
2503.05.09* Otter's near drowning spells new maturity not just for him. ("Life Lessons", J. Milligan)
2503.05.04* Willow discovers the reasons behind True Edge's misgivings. ("Small Victories", M. H.)
2503.05.03* After nearly drowning, Otter’s not out of the water -- and the repercussions of his accident cast its own ripples upon the tribe’s fledging healer… ("Tomorrows", W. Ware)
2503.05.01* A spring evening on the Holt’s River nearly means a life lost for the tribe. ("Never Too Stubborn", W. Ware)
2503.04.28* Quick Fang needs to hunt. ("Expressed", L. Cavalier).  With release of the wrapstuffed elves on the horizon, the past haunts Windburn and Thornbow. ("Regrets", J. Milligan)
2503.04.26* Foxtail has a favor to ask from Nightstorm. ("Changing Your Skin", A. Cousins)
2503.04.24* Willow steels herself for fulfilling the tribe's promises. ("Willow's Hands", S. Clawfoot)
2503.04.16* Notch offers Willow a reprieve from her burdens. ("Escape Plan", C. T.)
2503.04.15* Farscout muses on his own motivations. ("Farscout's Sonnet", S. Clawfoot)
2503.04.03* Crackle wants to help her baby brother understand life with adults. ("Crackle Explains Life", M. H.)
2503.03.31* Left alone with her new cub, Quick Fang is at a bit of a loss. ("Ways of Thinking", A. Cousins)
2503.03.29* True Edge and Quick Fang struggle with a cranky cub. ("Something so Small", M. H.)
2503.03.28* The new cub needs a new name, and it turns into a family game. ("The Naming", S. Clawfoot)
2503.03.25* Rill born to Quick Fang & Suddnedusk..  The arrival of Suddendusk and Quick Fang's cub. ("Ripples and Rippleshells", S. Clawfoot)
2503.03.24* As Suddendusk & Quick Fang’s child nears birth, Windsong takes a chance for some solitary reflection. ("Unbound", W. Ware)
2503.02.15* Kestrel lectures True Edge about his lack of imagination. ("Clouds", M. H.)
2503.02.04* One-Leg has a one-sided ‘conversation’ with sleeping Fletcher. ("Practice Makes Perfect", C. T.)
2503.01.28* Snowfall has some news to share with her little sister. ("Something Old, Something New", M. Heilemann)
2503.01.20* Old bonds are reformed even as new ones are forged ("Family", M. H.)
2503.01.19* Snowfall ponders about helping out Kestrel, by recalling their shared past. ("Reminiscence and Reflections", L. Aarts)
2503.01.10* In the wrapstuff den, Crackle tells a story. ("Suresinger's Tale", J. Milligan)
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2502.12.23* All Quick Fang wants is a nap but her unborn cub has other plans. ("One Quiet Evening", A. Chandler)
2502.10.19* Dreamflight implements a new way to help Willow hone her powers. ("Accidentally On Purpose", H. Henderson)
2502.10.15* Farscout makes a troubling discovery. ("Buried Kin", M. H.).  Kestrel contributes to the word-hunt. ("Amber", C. T.)
2502.10.07* Taking the lessons learned in the wake of their prank and punishment, Notch and Foxtail reunite and aim to use their brains (as well as the usual things). ("New Tricks, Old Treats", A. Cousins, S. Lucas)
2502.10.05* Evervale shares with her lovemates how she felt about the first human language word-hunt. ("Home Again", V. Stephenson)
2502.10.01* In the wake of Windburn's decision, Foxtail faces herself and her capacity for anger. ("Shedding the Old", A. Cousins)
2502.09.22* Windburn brings his plans concerning the humans to council, and a long journey begins. ("The First Step", J. Milligan)
2502.09.10* Removed from his lovemates’ lives temporarily, Pathmark turns to his new duties and new mentor to bury his concerns. ("Finding One's Balance", A. Cousins)
2502.09.05* Hearing all the sides of the humans problem, Windburn finds a different answer. ("The Other Path", J. Milligan)
2502.08.21* A wary Windburn asserts his authority. ("One Too Many", C. T.)
2502.08.20* Dreamflight accidentally overhears a private conversation... or so the story goes... ("Rumors", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2502.08.19* Beetle had had a very long day, and she was exhausted, but something was wrong. Rather — someone was missing. ("Longing in the Sun", L. Cavalier).  When friends won't forgive one another, sometimes the issue needs to be forced. ("The Setup", H. Henderson).  Making up with Notch makes Willow realize how much things have changed. ("Tangles", H. Henderson).  “Any idea what Greenweave meant when he said I’d be untangling something? Your hair didn’t take long at all!” ("Untangled", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2502.08.07* One-Leg asks for help that only Beetle can give. ("Hope", L. Cavalier, C. T.)
2502.08.04* An accidental near-encounter with humans in the deep woods has a deep affect on Moss. ("The Drummer's Dilemma", H. Bochart)
2502.07.31* Beetle and her new wolf-friend go through some growing pains when it comes to acceptable behavior. ("Bad Pup, Good Pup", A. Cousins)
2502.07.30* Beetle and Willow’s first conversation after the shunning. ("After the Silence", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2502.07.29* Silence can be deafening. ("Too Quiet", L. Cavalier)
2502.07.21* Even with a healed leg, One-Leg feels haunted. ("Sparks", C. T.)
2502.07.20* Snowfall decides to play a game of hide and seek with True Edge ("Snowfall in Hiding", M. H.)
2502.07.17* An unauthorized response to the death of a wolf-friend. ("Move, Counter-Move", J. Milligan, C. T.)
2502.06.29* Notch wants Beetle’s help and finds a way to get it. ("The Third", L. Cavalier)
2502.06.10* Chicory’s renewed experimentations provoke an unexpected rescue. ("Chokecherries", W. Ware, M. White)
2502.05.20* For Notch, a round of Taal is just the first game of many. ("Tokens", C. T.)
2502.04.04* Windburn learns of his father's disobedience, and must decide what to do about it. ("A Lesson Re-Learned", H. Hutchison)
2502.04.01* When patience leads to inaction, it’s time for a challenge. ("Patience", L. Cavalier).  Pathmark works to fulfill his side of an agreement with Beetle and finally approaches Evervale. ("Confession", L. Cavalier, V. Stephenson).  A curious cub wants to know. ("Rooter", L. Cavalier).  Willow fixes damage that began long ago. ("Cause and Effect", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison).  Notch and Willow's misunderstandings escalate. ("Strange Behavior", H. Henderson)
2502.03.22* Willow could touch others again. Had Willow really lied to him? The thought stung. ("Morning After", L. Cavalier)
2502.03.21* The New Green Bliss brings with it an unexpected challenge for Longshot. ("Ambush", C. T.).  Notch changes tactics in an attempt to get back on Willow's good side. Willow finds it's best to forget. ("Normal", H. Henderson)
2502.03.20* Snowfall seeks out Cloudfern after a small accident. ("Words and Salves", S. L)
2502.03.19* The potential of Willow's healing powers herald a change in Greenweave and Cloudfern's relationship. ("A Changing Season", S. Campos)
2502.03.17* Human encroachment takes a gradual toll on One-Leg. ("Attrition", C. T.).  Blacksnake decides it's time to remind the chief of old plans. ("Nothing New", H. Hutchison)
2502.03.16* In the wake of Crawfish's death by human hands, Blacksnake pushes through with old plans. ("Plans", J. Milligan)
2502.03.14* Blacksnake and True Edge work through a disagreement. ("Meeting of Minds", M. H.)
2502.03.13* Windburn seeks True Edge’s counsel and gets more than he bargained for. ("Hard Choices", M. H.)
2502.03.10* Tragedy strikes, and a split family must cope. ("Love and Loss", J. Milligan)
2502.02.02* A late winter's snowfall leads to reflection for Greenweave. ("Fresh Fallen Snow", H. Henderson)
2502.01.20* Asking Goldspice for a present for Quick Fang, Foxtail gets more than she bargained for. ("Precious Things", J. Milligan)
2502.01.10* They’d gone through that together… and now, this time, Blacksnake had left him out. ("Pieced Together", H. Hutchison)
2502.01.05* Willow and Blacksnake have a talk about responsibilities and pushing oneself too hard. ("Bonding", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison)
2502.01.04* Willow finds that there are consequences to pushing herself too far. ("In the Other Direction", H. Henderson)
2502.01.02* Windburn and Whispersilk determine to challenge themselves, in the wake of a second Recognition. ("Second Chance", W. Ware)
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2501.12.24* Foxtail finds something odd late one winter night. ("She Came Upon a Midnight Clearing", A. Chandler)
2501.12.15* Willow takes Beetle up on her offer to help. ("Small Steps", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2501.12.08* Blacksnake takes matters into his own hands. ("Fight or Flight, Pt. 1", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison).  Blacksnake confronts the tribe's prodigal healer. ("Fight or Flight, Pt. 2", H. Henderson, H. Hutchison).  After the confrontation with Willow, Blacksnake's mind won't let him rest. ("Aftershocks", H. Hutchison).  Beetle ponders a role in helping Willow with her new-found powers. ("All by Chance", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2501.12.02* A child of the Ebea drowns in a winter flood, and Kestrel faces an unexpected moral challenge. ("A Lost Child", W. Ware)
2501.11.20* True Edge sees the future in reflections of the past. ("Reflections", M. H.)
2501.11.15* A dusting-off of some memories in anticipation of sharing. ("The Ancestors She Predated", S. Clawfoot)
2501.11.08* Evervale tries to help Willow, but gets another surprise revelation. ("Close to the Edge", H. Henderson, V. Stephenson).  Evervale ponders how to handle her interaction with Willow. ("Hidden Truths", V. Stephenson)
2501.11.03* Windburn's search for answers reveals a rocky road ahead for the tribe's new healer. ("Ripples Outward", H. Henderson)
2501.10.30* Some secrets can only stay hidden for so long. ("The Healer", H. Henderson, B. Kita).  Windburn discovers that Willow isn't the only one keeping secrets. ("Revelations", H. Henderson)
2501.10.28* The lowest wolf in the pack has decided on a new elf-friend… all she has to do is convince Farscout that he wants or needs her, while Farscout himself is distracted with a far more worrisome matter... ("Flea-Bit", W. Ware).  A glimpse into One-Leg’s private world, and an attempt to look into Willow’s. ("Aches and Pains", C. T.)
2501.10.27* In the sweet depths of the furs, Foxtail presents two suitors with a challenge. ("Knowing By Feel", J. Milligan)
2501.10.22* After Farscout is attacked by a rival wolf pack, Willow and Rainpace are sent to find their elder. ("Secrets", H. Henderson, W. Ware)
2501.10.21* Even for an experienced scout, guarding the Holt's borders can be a life or death struggle. ("Whitechest", W. Ware)
2501.10.15* For Thornbow and Pathmark, the impact of a lesson lies in its timing. ("Search for Perfection", Beth K.)
2501.10.10* Crackle decides she’s just not growing fast enough. Something must be done. ("Dung", J. Milligan)
2501.09.16* A dare is set, and four pranksters set out to the find who does it best. ("Prank War", G. C.)
2501.08.25* During an exceptionally hot summer tempers flare among both elves and wolves, but an oddly cool day sends Evervale and Longshot on a mission to relieve some tension. ("An Interlude", A. Chandler, V. Stephenson).  Inkstain was gone, but his words lived on. ("Accidental Eulogy", C. T.)
2501.08.10* A curious cub and a sky-watcher contemplate the stars. ("Points of Light", J. Milligan)
2501.08.04* Muddypaws teaches Crackle a new trick. ("Cool Ground, Happy Elf", C. T.)
2501.07.07* Evervale tries to teach her rambunctious little sister a valuable lesson in silence. ("A Lesson in Silence", V. Stephenson)
2501.06.05* Change snaps at Willow's heels. ("A Thicker Skin", H. Henderson)
2501.05.29* Crackle just wants to join the fun. ("Tree Ball", J. Milligan)
2501.05.18* Willow makes good on a promise. ("Debts Repaid", H. Henderson)
2501.04.21* 2007 River Twine Holt Treasure Hunt Results ("2007 River Twine Holt Treasure Hunt Results ", G. C., A. Chandler, B. Kita, J. Milligan).  Whirl stood just outside of her birthing-den and seemed to be encouraging her newest litter to adventure outside for the first time. ("Three Healthy Pups", A. Chandler)
2501.04.10* Chicory and Windburn share a some mud -- and a peaceful moment. ("Muddy Moments", J. Milligan)
2501.04.01* Two hunters meet in the deep of the forest. ("Through Other Eyes", J. Milligan)
2501.03.21* Not all dreams are equal... ("A Dream Not Lost", W. Ware)
2501.03.13* Suddendusk is torn between his feelings for Windsong and not wanting to hurt his family, and the memories of passion with Quick Fang. ("Consumed", T. Driessen)
2501.03.10* Expecting a grandcub, Snowfall can't help but wonder. ("Looking for Hope", J. Milligan)
2501.03.07* Windsong takes a moment to contemplate the changes in her life and lifemate. ("Touch", G. C.).  Quick Fang returns to the Holt. ("Resolution", S. Clawfoot)
2501.03.06* In the wake of a Recognition, Crackle has her own take on things. ("A Howl For Smokelost", J. Milligan)
2501.03.05* The unexpected delay of Recognition's fulfillment has Blacksnake and One-Leg concerned about their brother. ("Doing Nothing", H. Hutchison).  Quick Fang finds she cannot run or hide to escape from the truths of Recognition. ("Gone to Ground", J. Milligan, W. Ware)
2501.03.03* Suddendusk breaks the news of his Recognition to his youngest (so far) cub. ("Spreading the News", S. Clawfoot, J. Milligan).  Quick Fang and Suddendusk's Recognition brings up old issues for Thornbow. ("Small Consolation", J. P.)
2501.03.02* Suddendusk hangs on to the Now for a little while longer before telling young Crackle she's going to get a new sibling. ("Just One More Day", S. Clawfoot)
2501.03.01* Suddendusk & Quick Fang Recognize ("Tangled Lives", S. Clawfoot, C. Pruitt).  The first of many ripples from the Recognition of Quick Fang and Suddendusk. ("Aftermath", G. C., S. Clawfoot).  In the wake of unexpected Recognition, Suddendusk, unsurprisingly, worries too much about his daughter Evervale. Again. ("Joys & Difficulties", S. Clawfoot)
2501.02.14* Suddendusk and Moss have a little talk between fathers. ("Opposites Attract", J. Milligan)
2501.01.01* Untangling knots is what Greenweave does. ("Knots", J. Milligan)
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2500.11.26* Crackle tries a time-honored method for falling asleep. ("Try Counting Wolves", J. Milligan)
2500.11.09* Farscout brings his sister Goldspice a gift from his travels. ("Gifts & Memory", H. Hutchison)
2500.10.31* Crackle tells a horror story. ("Ice-Eye & the Stag", J. Milligan)
2500.10.30* Crackle & Otter ponder a mystery of elfin life... ("The Greater Mysteries", J. Milligan).  Notch tries to lift Otter's bad mood. ("Brothers", W. Ware)
2500.10.08* A bad day gets even worse for Snowfall... ("A Bad Day", L. Aarts)
2500.10.05* Evervale struggles out from under her father Suddendusk's protective shadow ("Harried Footsteps", S. Clawfoot)
2500.09.26* Even the old marrieds of the Holt have lover's quarrels... ("Admitting", L. Aarts)
2500.09.10* Sometimes, Suddendusk finds being a father is hard and sometimes scary work. ("A Little Panic to Start the Day", A. Chandler)
2500.08.29* An evening of sharing beesweets for Willow & Notch doesn't go at all as planned. ("A Sticky Situation", H. Henderson)
2500.08.28* When Crackle destroys Moss’s favorite drum, he helps teach the child how to repair an old friend. ("Drumbeat", W. Ware)
2500.08.01* Hot summer nights and boredom can mean just one thing: Crackle creates trouble for somebody... ("The Task At Hand", A. Chandler)
2500.07.19* A rare solar eclipse takes place..  Farscout failed to notice when the bright afternoon light first began to fail... ("Totality", W. Ware).  A routine hunting trip turns into a chance to witness a rare and special phenomenon. ("The Moon-Wolf Swallows the Sun", H. Hutchison).  Thornbow and Pathmark are witnesses to the dance between the sun and Mother Moon… ("Moonlit Tension", J. Normand)
2500.07.01* Longshot proves that if he can see it, he can shoot it… ("A Nice Shot", W. Ware)
2500.06.07* Out on the hunt, there are some things only an archer can understand. ("Marks Not Missed", J. Milligan)
2500.06.01* Crackle explains why she's hard-pressed to pick a favorite time of the year. ("All The Many Seasons", J. Milligan)
2500.05.18* Farscout finds unexpected company one afternoon, when most of the tribe is asleep. ("Sleepless in River Twine", J. Milligan)
2500.05.12* Domestic distractions intrude on troll Scholar Stillpoint's work. ("Tasting Glass", W. Ware)
2500.04.21* A new outfit creates an unexpected problem for Dreamflight... ("Dreamflight's Relief", )
2500.03.03* Windsong and Suddendusk engage in a seasonal grooming ritual. ("Intertwined", S. Clawfoot, G. C.)
2499.10.14* A dare gone wrong and a hard landing. ("Half Done", G. C.)
2499.10.01* After the events in “Attitude Decides”, Chicory continues to experiment with a potentially deadly substance. ("Phantoms", A. Chandler)
2499.09.28* Farscout spends a day at the beach trying to save lives, and maybe improving his own. ("Not on Beds of Down", M. Jeffers)
2499.09.04* Good ideas may be gleaned from even a bad scientific method. ("Attitude Decides", M. Jeffers)
2499.06.07* Revenge can take many forms... ("Grumpy Revisted", M. Jeffers)
2499.06.05* Evervale adjusts to her newly discovered plantshaping powers. ("A Plantshaper's Choice", V. Stephenson)
2499.05.30* Evervale had always been afraid of the thornwall. Then, it became her duty. ("The Thornwall", E. Million)
2499.05.15* Trees had always been familiar friends, but this one, from her first glimpse of it at moonrise, had distracted her from her task. ("Hypnotic Bark", E. Million)
2499.05.13* Crackle is in a less than sunny mood.... ("Grumpy & Grumpier", H. Hutchison)
2499.05.07* Quick Fang realizes that although independence has its virtues, so too does belonging to a pack. ("Fever Dreams", S. Clawfoot)
2498.09.15* Somehow, history gets changed when Snowfall tries to tell Crackle a story. ("Changing History", L. Aarts)
2498.08.29* Crackle has a lot to learn, and Mushroom a lot to teach her. ("Listen to Mushroom", L. Cavalier, C. T.)
2498.07.24* Longshot does some bartering while Notch proves he knows how the game is played. ("Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained", A. Chandler)
2498.06.19* Evervale & Willow come to a mutual understanding ("For the First Time, Yes!", H. Henderson, V. Stephenson)
2498.06.02* When chief's heir Tamyon returns with the hunters from the northern slopes of Greenstone Mountain above Sky Mirror Lake, his young wife Nonoli wants to hear every detail. ("Mountain Near Big Lake", R. C.)
2498.05.11* Who will give Crackle a little brother? ("Cubs By Request", J. Milligan)
2498.05.08* A cub meets the world – and something else… ("Out Into the World", J. Milligan)
2498.01.05* Evervale is injured while hunting. ("Good Hands", W. Ware)
2497.07.17* Chicory, Crackle, and Otter explore a river. ("Field Trip", G. C.)
2497.02.05* A simple cardinal triggers a happy memory for Willow. ("Redbird", R. C.)
2496.11.24* Snowfall follows her instincts to save a tiny life. ("Bird Saving", )
2496.09.25* Deep currents lurk beneath shallow pools. ("Abstracts", M. Jeffers)
2496.07.18* Kestrel watched as Snowfall departed, and One-Leg interrupted her thoughts, stating, “You’ll be a pair again someday, I’ll bet.” ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
2496.04.04* A glimpse into One-Leg’s private world, and an attempt to look into Willow’s. ("Aches and Pains", C. T.)
2495.06.05* Mysteries continue to exist in the woodlands, and some may wonder whether Quick Fang is more in touch with her elven self than she realizes. ("Quick Blows of Fortune", M. Jeffers)
2495.05.04* The Bukhno Baha version of stand-up comedy. ("BAYUMOP", T. Driessen).  Notch and Willow puzzle over a strange human ritual. ("Strange Human Behavior", H. Henderson)
2495.03.28* Human encroachment takes a gradual toll on One-Leg. ("Attrition", C. T.)
2494.12.20* Otter has a not-so-imaginary friend with whom to share his thoughts. ("Otter's Friend", M. H.)
2494.07.07* Foxtail stiffened at the unusual show of affection, then relaxed to enjoy it. Moments like these could be counted on both hands. ("Surprised While Sick", L. Cavalier)
2493.09.12* Farscout and One-Leg backtrack the Bukno-Baha. ("Edge of the World", C. T., W. Ware)
2493.09.10* With a new tribe of humans (the Bukno-Baha) slowly approaching Holt territory, chief Windburn and his hunting party must face the threat to save the tribe. ("First Contact (Part 4)", J. Milligan)
2493.09.09* The chief and his hunting-party meet up with Farscout and Evervale, to deal with the invasion of their forest by a new group of humans (the Bukhno-Baha). ("First Contact (Part 3)", H. Hutchison).  The chief and his hunting-party meet up with Farscout and Evervale, to deal with the invasion of their forest by a new group of humans (the Bukhno-Baha). ("First Contact (Part 3)", H. Hutchison)
2493.09.08* Evervale makes a shocking discovery -- a strange new tribe of humans (the Bukno-Baha) are invading the Holt's forest. ("First Contact (Part 2)", W. Ware)
2493.06.24* Silverbite wonders just what Nightstorm, her new elf friend, has brewed in that pot — and why does it smell so interesting?! ("Don't Drink the Dye", R. C.)
2493.06.06* Windburn unwittingly teaches Crackle her first word... ("Grouch", J. Milligan)
2493.05.07* What is a lost cause to some is a new wolf-friend for Notch. ("In the Eye of the Beholder", S. Lucas, W. Ware)
2492.12.22* Starskimmer wakes up to find Otter has gone off somewhere on his own in the middle of the day. ("Water Freezes (And Why This is Bad)", S. L)
2492.11.08* Cloudfern urges Farscout to winter over at the Holt. ("Ghosts", W. Ware)
2492.07.04* Windsong has a little talk with Crackle, her newborn cub. ("First Glance", G. C.)
2491.10.25* Starskimmer’s search for the perfect ingredients for a winter brew gets her into trouble. ("Burr-Nut Blunder", S. Feldpausch)
2491.05.20* Foxtail goes in search of a new wolf friend. ("Foxtail and Red Paw", M. H.)
2491.05.15* Music is a very personal thing. Weasel would have to agree. ("Everyone's a Critic", A. Cousins)
2490.11.03* With the gray skies and cold rain of early winter comes the wintertime blues for Chicory… ("Dandelion Wine", W. Ware)
2490.10.28* Sometimes it's good to give a toddler what he's asking for. ("Swim", L. Cavalier)
2490.06.21* Just a little wager between lifemates... ("The Bet", L. Aarts)
2490.04.20* Starskimmer and Blacksnake work well together... ("Harvesting Arrowhead", W. Ware)
2489.08.17* Is someone playing a prank on Thornbow and Dreamflight? ("Thief!", J. P.)
2489.06.16* Pathmark had never asked for his friend to be chieftess-wolf of the pack... ("Moonmist", W. Ware)
2489.03.02* Bowflight's sudden death leaves his his family searching for different ways to cope. ("Landslide", H. Henderson)
2489* Bowflight is killed during a hunt.
2488.09.12* Beetle earns some experience in cubsitting. ("Adventures in Cubsitting", M. H.)
2488.07.10* Chicory’s not happy when Sleuth catches a pond-critter. ("Frog", L. Cavalier)
2488.06.04* Sometimes, even Quick Fang has to submit to the obvious. ("A Different Name", L. R.)
2488.05.23* Sweetvine meets Otter for the first time, and finds out that he’s perfectly normal. ("Perfectly Normal", L. Aarts)
2488.02.08* Starskimmer’s good news is bittersweet to One-Leg’s ears. ("It's a Boy!", C. T.)
2488* Otter is born (out of Recognition) to Starskimmer.
2487.12.07* What won't a mother do to defend her cub? ("Warrior", J. Milligan)
2487.09.29* Two daughters and a quiet little tradition — Beetle and Foxtail and what a cub means. ("Threads That Last", A. Cousins)
2486.11.12* A mother needs to deal with her despair after losing her beloved son. ("Conquering Despair", L. Aarts)
2486.08.15* Quick Fang and One-Leg lock horns during a fishing trip. ("Turnabout", K. Kliefoth, C. T.)
2486.06.09* When Starskimmer comes up pregnant outside of Recognition, it's a question who the baby's father might be... ("All the Possibilities", W. Ware)
2486.03.18* Kestrel and Bowflight observe a change in the wolf pack. ("After A Challenge", L. Cavalier)
2486* Whitestag, son of Snowfall & True Edge, dies in a hunting accident.
2485.05.04* Wolf-bonds aren’t just chosen, they’re formed. ("Not Chosen", L. Cavalier)
2484.08.09* It was a small raft, too small to Nightstorm to hold the weight of her sorrow. ("Dreamberry’s Favorite Tunic", J. P.)
2484.08.06* Dreamflight thinks of Birdcatcher the night after his death. ("Birdcatcher’s Howl", I. G.)
2484.08.05* During a second year of drought, a forest fire overtakes two hunting parties before they can reach safety; six elves are killed (Bearheart, Dreamberry, Cider, Rhythm, Birdcatcher & Ringtail)..  (Honey's Howl) Rainpace relates the circumstances of Birdcatcher's death. ("The Loss of Birdcatcher", A. W)
2484.06.15* Young Evervale wants so badly to learn how Willow gathers honey. Will she succeed in tracking the bee charmer and learning her secrets? ("For The Last Time, No!", H. Henderson, V. Stephenson)
2484.04.18* A year of drought affects everyone and everything. ("Parched", A. Chandler)
2484.04.05* Human encroachment takes a gradual toll on One-Leg. ("Attrition", C. T.)
2483.05.05* Suddendusk experiments with a new form of hunting... ("Skyfishing", S. Clawfoot)
2480.07.06* A good hunter learns to depend on something other than her sense of sight. ("Scent of Success", A. Cousins)
2475.06.11* What's in a name for Windsong... ("Lost In Song", S. Clawfoot)
2475.05.01* With Windsong and Suddendusk’s cub almost born, One-Leg makes a wager. ("Guesses", J. Milligan)
2475.04.01* Goldspice admires two rainbows. ("A Rainbow in My Hand", A. Willis)
2475* Evervale born to Windsong & Suddendusk.
2473.05.05* (Brightwood's Howl) Suddendusk tells the story of his first Recognition with Windsong. ("Just One Chance", W. Ware)
2471.05.14* Ebean colonists arrive and settle in the River Twine forest, much to the Holt's dismay ("First Contact (Part 1)", H. Hutchison, W. Ware, J. Milligan)
2471.04.12* One-Leg critiques Greenweave's new shirt. ("Form and Function", S. Campos)
2470.09.10* Dreamflight finds out that something she doesn’t want is just what she needs. ("Not Wanted", L. Cavalier)
2470.09.02* Dreamflight and Beetle have a drunken heart-to-heart. ("Brawl", L. Cavalier).  Misery does not always love company, and Dreamflight just wants things to be the way they were. ("Snap and Run", L. Cavalier)
2470.08.26* Thornbow does not like complicated things very much. ("Layers", A. Cousins)
2470.08.12* Greenweave moves on and moves out. ("Moving On", L. Cavalier)
2470.03.20* In the aftermath of Honey’s wrapping, Thornbow only means to offer comfort to his niece. ("Choices", A. Cousins)
2470.03.16* The wrapping up of his daughter brings up some unpleasant memories for Birdcatcher. ("Cracks", M. Deinert)
2470.03.15* Shortly after Honey is placed in wrapstuff, Greenweave's thoughts return to Cloudfern. ("Yearning", S. Campos)
2470.03.08* Only days after his Recognized is placed in wrapstuff, Greenweave is reminded that nothing in life is permanent... ("Permanent", E. Million)
2470.02.27* Faced with a difficult decision, Birdcatcher can only hope for the best. ("All for the Best", J. P.)
2469.02.19* The old river is always hungry, and even the most experienced hunters can make a potentially fatal mistake… ("Catch of the Day", W. Ware)
2468.09.28* After an usually long, hot summer, apples have fermented on the bough, leaving Notch to issue Nightstorm a foolhardy challenge she finds herself unable to resist... ("Autumn Cider", W. Ware)
2468.08.12* Thunderstorms bring back sweet memories for Farscout. ("Miles From The Lightning", W. Ware)
2468.04.12* Human encroachment takes a gradual toll on One-Leg. ("Attrition", C. T.)
2454.08.15* Once upon a steamy summer night... Longshot & Chicory spend some time together ("Situating", M. Jeffers)
2445.07.25* An archery contest settles things among the tribe's best archers… for now. ("The Night Tournament", A. Chandler)
2435.07.09* “Tell me again, would you Notch, just what exactly were you doing to get a tail full of quillrat-quills?” ("A Little Family Concern", W. Ware)
2433.09.19* Beetle’s curiosity just might get the best of her. ("Explosive Experience (Part 1)", L. Cavalier).  Dreamflight helps Beetle after her experiment explodes. ("Explosive Experience (Part 2)", L. Cavalier, L. Jonk)
2433.07.12* Cog receives another lecture from Stillpoint. ("Control", L. Cavalier)
2431.08.21* Quick Fang takes a turn as a teacher. ("Targets", A. Chandler)
2425.12.12* Chicory pursues time and a familiar presence... ("Time Prints", M. Jeffers)
2420.07.29* Bowflight doesn't mind getting wet in order to have a little fun. ("Splash", L. Cavalier)
2420.02.05* What keeps you warmest on a cold night? Your friends or your thoughts? ("Three Heads Are Better", A. Cousins)
2415.06.14* Tremor learns a thing or two about the finer points of trapping from his older cousin. ("Minding the Details", M. Di Carlo)
2414.09.10* Foxtail learns in no uncertain terms that not everyone is ready to welcome her into their lives. ("Push and Pull", )
2414.03.28* (Mature Themes) There comes a time in every young elf's life when the activites change during New Green Bliss. Foxtail has her own plans. ("Picking Your Prey", A. Cousins)
2413.08.22* Snowfall teaches young Foxtail a valuable lesson. ("Crossing Boundaries", L. Aarts)
2413.05.15* Farscout and Quick Fang have a difference of opinion. ("The Fawn", W. Ware)
2410.10.15* Whispersilk has things to do, but Foxtail wants her attention. ("Work", L. Cavalier)
2410.06.04* Snowfall takes her niece and nephew for a lesson in tracking. ("Training Day", A. Chandler)
2407.06.08* Tremor finds the perfect gift for Goldspice. ("Glittering Gift", A. Chandler)
2406.08.10* Warm summer nights are the best for washing. ("Doing the Wash", A. Chandler)
2405.06.03* Chicory cherishes a final, peaceful afternoon in the woods with her wolfbond Whitetip. ("Heartbeat", R. C.)
2403.01.12* The work will have to wait. ("Mother's Work", L. Cavalier)
2402.04.02* Chicory has decided that this time the New Green will never get here. ("Sick of Winter", H. Henderson)
2402* Longshot born to Nightstorm & Moss.
2401.06.10* As awkward as she is with cubs, Beetle finds that sometimes you have to embrace the chance given. ("Just a Storm", A. Cousins)
2401.05.19* Moss and Nightstorm don’t always get along. ("Ups and Downs", L. Cavalier)
2400.12.12* A young Foxtail is entertained by her grandfather Bearheart. ("Sneaky Cub", M. H.)
2400.05.01* Two riverside moments in Thornbow's and Windburn's friendship. ("Digging Trenches", L. Cavalier)
2399.10.15* A good grandfather knows exactly when to encourage a little dare-devil. ("Growing Upwards", A. Cousins)
2397.12.12* Windburn faces fatherhood for the first time… and struggles to overcome his own inner demons. ("Newborn Fears", W. Ware)
2397* Foxtail born to Windburn & Whispersilk.
2395.02.19* There is no such thing as a simple visit with Trickleclaw. ("A Measure of Security", C. T.)
2389.08.16* Dreamflight earns her tribe-name the hard way. ("Daydream Believer", W. Ware)
2385.09.17* (Trolls Story) Silkcraft and speechcraft intertwined. ("Weaving Truth", C. T.)
2383.04.19* Coyote earns himself a new name. ("Giving is as Good as Getting", W. Ware)
2378.09.10* It might take a while, but opinions can change. ("Never Say Never", H. Henderson, A. K.)
2378.09.04* The best of friends do not always the best of lovers make. ("Against Better Judgement", L. Cavalier, B. Kita)
2376.08.19* Stars couldn’t fall! If they could, then what else in her world could change in an instant? ("Stars Do Fall", L. Cavalier)
2373.05.15* In sending, there was only truth, and this was the truth... ("Too Much Truth", E. Million)
2372.04.20* Sometimes help arrives at just the right moment. ("Unasked-for Help", L. Cavalier)
2371.05.31* Greenweave struggles to create what he sees in his head. ("Easy Isn't Always Best", M. Di Carlo)
2371.05.07* Three births during Cloudfern's life. ("Birthings", S. L)
2371.04.20* Greenweave makes the most of the good times with his lifemate. ("Happier Moments", L. Cavalier)
2371* Dreamflight born to Honey & Greenweave.
2369.05.04* A fishing adventure turns into the answer to a life-long wish. ("Perfect", E. Million)
2368.08.05* Bowflight rediscovers his reason for living. ("Finding Father", L. Cavalier, M. McCarthy)
2368.08.04* Kestrel is determined to help her son find his way. ("Lost Son", M. McCarthy)
2368.08.03* In the wake of Finch’s death, Mouse feels he may have lost his father, too. ("Losing Father", L. Cavalier, M. McCarthy)
2368* Finch dies; her Recognized Bowflight goes into a dangerous depression.
2366.05.22* Beetle's experiments with wrapstuff stir uncomfortable memories for her father Cloudfern. ("Websilk", W. Ware)
2365.12.15* Young Quick Fang’s wolf heart is stronger than her doomed playmate Fadestar’s… ("Fadestar", W. Ware)
2365.02.09* A simple cardinal triggers a happy memory for Willow. ("Redbird", R. C.)
2365* Leather is killed during a hunt; his young daughter Fadestar develops a dangerous fever soon after, and must be placed in wrapstuff
2364.06.30* Fadestar wants to make a friend. ("Persistence", C. T.)
2364.04.23* Fadestar tries to extend her capabilities within the boundaries set for her. ("Extending Her Limits", L. Aarts)
2363.10.12* Fadestar knows she isn’t like the others. ("I Can't", L. Aarts)
2362.12.18* Something has upset her little brother Mouse, but Willow doesn't think she needs to intervene. ("The Way Things Are", H. Henderson)
2362.05.04* One-Leg ponders what Doeskin’s spirit might be up to. ("Where Among the Stars?", C. T.)
2362.03.02* Ringtail’s grief collides with One-Leg’s. ("Lost Treasure", C. T.)
2362* Doeskin is bitten by a venomous spider and dies in her sleep; her lifemate Ringtail and son Rainpace are devastated.
2358.08.30* True Edge sees reflections of old tales in his daughter’s behavior on a momentous day. ("Living History", C. T.)
2358* Pathmark is born to Finch & Bowflight.
2357.07.29* Snowfall tries to teach her daughter to focus. ("I Spy", L. Aarts)
2357.06.19* glimpse into One-Leg’s private world, and an attempt to look into Willow’s. ("Aches and Pains", C. T.)
2356.05.09* Kestrel and One-Leg guess at the gender of Finch and Bowflight’s newly-expected baby. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
2355.12.10* Fadestar born to Stormdancer & Leather; Stormdancer dies of childbirth fever several days later. ("Fadestar", W. Ware)
2355.10.16* Whitestag knows his sister is a handful but he also knows she is very special. ("The Trick to Snowflake", A. Cousins)
2355* Fadestar born to Stormdancer & Leather..  Stormdancer dies soon after the birth of her daughter.
2353.06.28* Beetle’s not certain she wants to approach someone. ("Initiation", L. Cavalier)
2353.05.20* Snowfall uses Snowflake’s mannerisms to get her attention. ("Growling", L. Cavalier)
2351.04.22* Whitestag shares old and new thoughts with Fletcher. ("In the Space Between Two Sleepers", C. T.)
2351.01.16* Young Snowflake and family have a "bite" of a problem... ("Fangs", J. Milligan)
2350.04.14* A rainy day improves for Chicory -- thanks to an unexpected friend. ("Chicory's Good Day", S. Clawfoot)
2348* Quick Fang born to Snowfall & True Edge.
2347.08.21* Starskimmer and Beetle have always enjoyed crafting together. ("Working Together", L. Cavalier)
2346* Chicory observes the life of one of her wolf-bonds, Brownblur, from cubhood to old age. ("Paces", R. C.)
2341.03.17* Beetle wants to learn more about Preservers, but not all will cooperate with her. ("Only Some Are Willing", L. Cavalier)
2341.03.09* Even Stillpoint can appreciate some jokes -- but when it comes to safety matters, there's no humor to be found. ("No Joke", R. C.)
2340.06.15* Beetle doesn’t give up, even when it might get her into trouble. ("Determined", L. Cavalier)
2339.07.21* Cloudfern encourages Beetle to experiment. ("Pink", L. Cavalier)
2339.07.02* An example of Trollish propaganda. ("Face of the Enemy", C. T.)
2335.05.15* Beetle’s curiosity has been in her since birth. ("And Whether Fish Have Wings", A. Cousins).  Coyote's storytelling leads to pleasant dreams for young Beetle... ("Sweet Dreams", R. C.)
2334.09.01* Beetle asks, “Mama, why aren’t you and Papa lifemates?” ("Lifemates", L. Cavalier, K. Hansen)
2333.08.28* Laughter helps a “Grumpy Old Bear” learn to laugh again and earns a new name in the process. ("Grumpy Old Bear", L. Cavalier)
2333.05.18* First, you need the right size object... ("Learning Poke-Hoop", L. Cavalier)
2333.04.09* Cloudfern had no idea he'd end up sharing a den with so many bugs in his lifetime. ("Creepy Crawlies", S. L)
2332.09.19* Brook searches for her soul name and finds another new name along with it. ("Storms in the Night", S. Lindström)
2332.06.15* A curious cub discovers that her family is full of mysteries. ("Family Mysteries", M. H.)
2332.03.21* Time at the lake leads to a serious conversation. ("Her Own Conclusion", L. Cavalier)
2332.03.02* Unexpected events end the feud between Honey and Flash. ("Feud's End", H. Henderson)
2332* Flash, daughter of Tallow & One-Leg, dies by misadventure.
2331.09.06* (Trolls Story) There has to be a way up and out of this... ("Taking Stock", C. T.)
2331.07.25* Starskimmer and Beetle have always enjoyed crafting together. ("Working Together", L. Cavalier)
2331.07.22* Starskimmer finds out that plans sometimes change in a heartbeat. ("Another Time", L. Aarts)
2330.11.09* Bearheart is enjoying a quiet evening with his loved ones. ("What a Lucky Elf", M. Heilemann)
2330.10.13* Coyote is left to cubsit his baby sister. What could possibly go wrong? ("Stink-Bug", S. Lucas, W. Ware)
2330.05.21* Brook certainly couldn't have a crush on Rainpace... could she? ("Not Me", H. Henderson)
2329.09.17* Cloudfern hunts for beads that seem to have disappeared. ("Beads", L. Cavalier)
2328.04.25* Snowfall can’t sew but she has other qualities Brook values. ("A Sister's Secret", M. Heilemann)
2328.03.25* Three births during Cloudfern's life. ("Birthings", S. L)
2328.03.24* Coyote has one overwhelming thought in the wake of his new sibling’s birth. ("A Brother's Excitement", M. Di Carlo)
2328* Beetle born to Starskimmer & Cloudfern
2327.06.28* He had two choices left. ("Beyond the Shore (Part 3)", H. Hutchison)
2327.06.26* Blacksnake and Cloudfern have a talk after Raven's death. ("Silent Concern", S. Lindström)
2327.06.24* The only thing he could do to make things right was get himself back to the mainland, back to his daughters and his lovemate, back to the people who needed him. ("Beyond the Shore (Part 2)", H. Hutchison)
2327.06.22* It was a surprise to come back to himself and find that he was far out to sea. ("Beyond the Shore (Part 1)", H. Hutchison)
2327.06.21* Raven and Cloudfern fail to find the remains of Sunlight, Tallow and Beesting after the trio are drowned in a spring flood. ("Missing", W. Ware)
2327.03.28* Snowfall thinks on the death of three of her tribemates, and the event's echoes in the tribe's history. ("Gone But Not Forgotten", L. R.)
2327.03.27* (Honey's Howl) Kestrel recounts the death of tribemates during the flood of 2327. ("Red Skies at Night", H. Henderson)
2327* Flash flooding takes hunting parties by surprise; several escape, but three elves are killed (Beesting, Sunlight & Tallow).
2326.03.21* (Brightwood's Howl) Brightwood is told about Cloudfern and Starskimmer's Recognition. ("Woven, Retold", L. Cavalier)
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2325.03.25* Windburn’s elevation to Chief leaves Blacksnake stinging. ("Consequences", C. T.)
2325.03.21* In her grief, Chicory tries to save two orphaned bear cubs. ("Honeycake & Honeycomb", L. Cavalier, H. Hutchison, W. Ware)
2325.03.20* After Blacksnake has gotten revenge on his lifemate's killer, what comes next? ("Undecided", W. Ware).  A new chief's first decision is the most difficult to make. ("Taking Up the Torc", W. Ware)
2325.03.18* Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.).  Easysinger had marked the years of Newt’s long sleep... ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2325.03.15* Chieftess Easysinger dies, killed by a spirit bear.  Windburn becomes chief.
2324.06.15* Blacksnake tries to distract Easysinger. ("Baiting the Trap", A. Chandler)
2323.07.17* Bladesong spends some quality time with her son. ("Future's Promise", C. T.)
2315.05.19* Coyote tries a different approach to rid himself of an adoring cub. Will it work? ("The Challenge", H. Henderson)
2313.05.09* Young Willow learns an unexpected lesson in a stagnant pool. ("The Snow-Melt Pond", H. Bochart)
2313* Nightstorm born to Dreamberry & Bearheart.
2311.06.21* Kestrel takes a moment to reflect on the joys of family. ("A Bird's Eye View", A. Cousins)
2311.05.12* All Snowfall hoped for was a quiet night after a hunt. ("Itch", H. Henderson)
2311.05.02* Willow only listens well when it promises a good prank. ("Itchleaf", M. Heilemann)
2309.08.19* Honey encounters a tiny terror. ("Tiny Terror", L. Cavalier, H. Henderson)
2305.08.12* Bowflight falls in love again. ("A Father's Love", L. Cavalier)
2305* Willow born to Finch & Bowflight.
2303.04.17* The night’s hunt had been very successful... ("A Hunter's Gift", L. R.)
2299.04.10* Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2288* Whispersilk born to Dreamberry & Bearheart.
2270.04.02* When she was young, Chicory always knew she had the best brother. ("Best Brother", A. Cousins)
2269.10.24* Young Fletcher is mortally wounded, leaving Farscout to ask questions without any answers. ("Fletcher", W. Ware).  Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2265.08.02* The end of Doeskin and One-Leg’s relationship. ("Parting Gift", C. T.)
2259.03.27* Dash gets himself a head-start on the New Green Bliss festivities. ("Dye-ing to be Different", M. Di Carlo)
2258.05.11* An evening of berry-picking turns dangerous. ("Sisters' Night Out", L. Cavalier)
2256.09.05* “I’ll wager Dash won’t talk until he’s got something important to say.” ("Say Mama", L. Cavalier)
2256.07.30* If Kestrel loses, she’ll have to curse for a month, but if One-Leg does, he agrees not to. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
2255.10.17* One passion leads to another, fuelled by a surprising force of will. ("Try, Try Again", S. Clawfoot)
2255.08.01* Having a first cub is always a learning curve but having a first cub like Dash? That is a very steep learning curve indeed. ("Dealing with Dash", A. Cousins)
2255* Notch is born to Starskimmer & One-Leg..  Rainpace born to Doeskin & Ringtail.
2253.12.21* A young Windsong finds that trading for a Midwinter Gift can prove to be a logistical challenge! ("Twelve Days 'til Midwinter", W. Ware)
2252.04.16* Whistle moves into a new den. ("Outside", C. T.)
2248.06.12* A monster from Flash’s youth swallows a tribemate. ("Distances Measured", C. T.)
2246.06.14* Young Windsong meets the wolf she wants for her first wolf-friend... ("Crackbone", W. Ware)
2236.08.03* While entertaining herself on a lazy summer afternoon, Acorn sees a group of butterflies doing something very strange indeed. ("Puddling", R. C.)
2236.05.18* Sparkle worked long and hard to make something, and she wants the recipient to be the first to see it. ("The Smallest Ornament", L. Cavalier)
2236.04.14* Three births during Cloudfern's life. ("Birthings", S. L)
2236* Windsong born to Sunlight & Raven.
2232.05.08* Little cubs grow like meadow grass, but Acorn isn't ready to give up her clothes even if they are getting too small! ("Too Small", R. C.)
2231.07.25* Young Chicory has a close encounter with the biggest game animal in Holt territory. ("A Mountain With Eyes", Gills C.)
2230.08.28* Not all elves treasure the same things. ("River Treasures", R. C., L. Cavalier)
2226.03.29* The nut doesn't fall far from the tree. ("Cubname", R. C.)
2226* Chicory born to Easysinger & Blacksnake..  Blacksnake's muses over his newborn child... ("A Father's Musing", A. Chandler)
2223.11.25* Gauntlet intends to set his son right about his future. ("Dressing Down", C. T.)
2222.02.23* (Fletcher's Howl) A minor event becomes something grand. ("Something Missing", C. T.)
2210.10.02* Upon his brother Riskrunner’s death, everything changes for Windburn. ("Flesh & Blood", J. Milligan).  Farscout and Goldspice bond over a shared loss. ("The Bond of Loss", M. Di Carlo)
2210.10.01* The last thoughts of two fathers. ("Dying Thoughts", A. Willis)
2209.09.27* Redpike and wife move into a smaller home ("Outrageous Fortune", C. T.)
2208.08.10* Private thoughts are hastily written. ("Lodestone", L. Cavalier)
2208.06.18* Thumbprint makes Bludgeon an offer he dare not refuse. ("Workaround", C. T.)
2208.06.15* The discovery of brightmetal knives on the body of a dead troll triggers a tragic obsession for goldsmith Ice. ("Brightmetal", T. Driessen, W. Ware)
2208.06.12* The appearance of the elf in an eastern tunnel had thrown all of troll society into a state of organized chaos. ("Leftovers", H. Henderson, C. T.)
2208.06.11* Brightmetal combats fear with reason. ("Strength in the Tunnels", C. T.)
2208* Riskrunner, Windburn and Farscout find the body of a drowned troll. Two metal blades are recovered from the body..  Obsessed with her desire to learn the secret of metalworking, Ice attempts to make her way through the troll labyrinth and is killed.
2205* Little Goldspice ponders two sapphires. ("Two Gems the Color of the Sky", A. Willis)
2204.06.12* Sparkle realizes there’s more than just dirt in the mud of the river. ("Panning for Gold", L. Cavalier)
2204.05.10* Ice uses her daughter to get what she wants. ("The Game", L. Cavalier)
2203.12.25* A young Goldspice listens to her grandmother, Chieftess Easysinger, tell the origin story of the tribe. ("Grandmother Spirit", W. Ware)
2198.04.24* A pregnant Ice tries to sleep... ("Waiting to Sleep", J. P.)
2198* Goldspice born to Ice & Riskrunner.
2196.07.08* After the whirlwind experience of Recognition, some elves need a bit of alone time to think about it all. ("A Quiet Place to Think", R. C.)
2190.01.28* … is the one Tallcrag can't even ask himself ("The Most Worrisome Question", C. T.)
2187* Fletcher born to Beesting & Snaptwig.
2186.02.21* A gift that is Honey's alone. ("A Gift from the Sea", W. Ware)
2185.01.23* A young Honey finds that finding true love isn’t an easy as she dreamed it would be... ("Winter's Chill", W. Ware, Ellen Million)
2180.08.01* Trip (Honey) attempts to teach Mud (Greenweave) how to fish bare-handed. ("When We Were Young", B. Kita)
2175.09.10* When Trip wants a playmate, it’s hard to wait. ("Waiting", L. Cavalier)
2175* Greenweave born to Nettle & Tossfur.
2170.11.16* Cloudfern and Raven wake up together the evening after their lovemating. ("Lovemate", S. Lindström)
2169.12.19* If it’s white, it’s snowing. ("Weather-Rock", L. Cavalier)
2168.04.25* Two riverside moments in Thornbow's and Windburn's friendship. ("Digging Trenches", L. Cavalier)
2165.05.29* One-Leg re-affirms his life with a little help from his daughter. ("Another Very Long Walk", C. T.)
2165.05.26* One-Leg’s worst and best day ("All In A Name, Part 2", C. T.)
2165* Honey born to Tallow & Birdcatcher.
2164.10.23* Prior to his renaming, Axehand rebuilds part of his former life. ("Re-Attached", C. T.)
2164.09.13* A glimpse into One-Leg’s private world, and an attempt to look into Willow’s. ("Aches and Pains", C. T.)
2164.07.22* When his brother's life is in danger, Suddendusk only wants to help. ("Out On A Limb", G. C.)
2164.07.17* Doeskin receives a precious gift at exactly the wrong moment. ("All in a Name", C. T.)
2164.07.16* In which Axehand comes to terms with a difficult choice. ("Running Through My Dreams", M. H.)
2164.07.01* One wolf's view of a fateful hunt. ("Sounds and Silence", C. T.)
2161.10.01* Thornbow puts an awful lot of thought into his new craft. ("Knowing The Wood", A. Cousins)
2160.01.27* Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2159.06.09* Always hungry for something new, Suddendusk tries to rejuvenate hobby and spirit. ("Garnet Guided Reasons", M. Jeffers)
2159.04.16* Littlejab finds his soul-name. ("Heartwood", J. P.)
2159.03.01* The search for your soul-name changes you, or so Riskrunner tells it. ("Searches", J. Milligan)
2157.03.23* Redfox is disappointed by his father's reception of a gift. ("The Amulet", W. Ware)
2154.09.12* Young Starskimmer discovers her inheritance as a rockshaper. ("Tears And Treasure", K. Hansen)
2150.06.25* After losing his eye, Suddendusk learns that there is more to perspective than sight alone. ("Perspective", H. Henderson)
2150.04.12* One in the form of a culinary experience. ("Trust Exercise", C. T.)
2150* Suddendusk loses an eye.
2149.11.07* Thumbprint meets Trickleclaw. ("Initial Encounter", C. T.)
2149.05.23* Thumbprint learns an astounding truth about her father. ("Into The Smalldark", C. T.)
2146.11.25* (2010 Howls Contest - Brightwood's Howl) The story of Finch's naming. ("Littlesong Grows", J. Milligan)
2146* Windburn born to Easysinger & Blacksnake.
2145.10.22* Littlejab gets his first introduction to the Chieftess' new cub. ("Introductions", J. P.)
2144.10.01* From the first Blacksnake heard her soul-name, he could not take it from his mind... ("A Little Night Music", J. Milligan)
2142* Thornbow born to Tallow & Birdcatcher.
2137.04.02* Doeskin rekindles an old flame. ("Once More", C. T.)
2132.07.19* Slag and Soupstone knew it wouldn't last. ("Prelude to a Parting", C. T.)
2130.05.15* A young Flash learns about the aftermath of young Newt's being placed in wrapstuff. ("A Pledge to the Sleepers", S. Clawfoot)
2125.02.16* Flash’s first wolf-bond ends in tragedy. ("Letter of the Law", C. T.)
2124.03.28* He laughed. “You said the same thing last turn of the seasons, and owed me four rabbits.” ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
2119.05.06* Tallow shares a once-in-a-lifetime moment with Axehand. ("Vision Through Faraway Eyes", C. T.)
2118* Flash born to Tallow & One-Leg.
2101.03.18* An adventurous cub tests Snowfall’s resilience. ("Cub on the Loose", M. Heilemann)
2099.09.20* Not long after a great loss, young Moonmoth learns he's inherited a gift. ("Green Fingers", S. Lindström)
2098.01.05* (Newt's Howl) When Newt asks to know about the Fierce Ones' attack, Cloudfern and Farscout are cautious in their retelling of history. ("Fragments of the Story", W. Ware)
2097.12.03* (Newt's Howl) When Newt asks to know about the Fierce Ones' attack, Cloudfern and Farscout are cautious in their retelling of history. ("Fragments of the Story", W. Ware)
2097.11.28* The tribe’s first human encounter leads to the deaths of several elves. ("First Contact: Prelude", W. Ware).  He could die right now, bloody and in battle and all would be well because her weight was upon his spine and her scent was in his nostrils. ("Something in the Air", H. Bochart)
2097.11.26* True Edge wanted, more than anything, for his Recognized to become his lifemate. ("Hope Deferred", L. Cavalier)
2097* Whitestag born to Snowfall & True Edge.
2096.10.05* Brightwood & Farscout Recognize ("Seasons", W. Ware)
2096.08.12* Farscout failed to notice when the bright afternoon light first began to fail... ("Totality", W. Ware)
2096.04.03* Moonmoth worries that he won't bond with any of the pups from this year's litter either. ("The Last Pup", S. L)
2096* Finch born to Sunlight & Raven.
2094.12.19* Moonmoth plans to give gifts to the whole tribe. ("Better to Give", L. Cavalier)
2091.08.11* Moonmoth learns “be ready” and “tie back your hair.” ("Little Lessons", L. Cavalier)
2086* Cloudfern born to Frost & Lynx.
2079.09.29* Kestrel wins a bet, but in a way she never wanted to. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
2079* Boar, Recognized of Kestrel, dies during a hunt.
2069.06.13* It was only when the bow was in his hand and he was sighting down the straight shaft of an arrow that Bowflight felt his doubts fade. ("Hit Or Miss", W. Ware)
2045.04.20* Blacksnake returns from his first major expedition as hunt leader to a pleasant surprise. ("Finding Warmth", J. Milligan)
2045* Oakhand, Hunt Leader and Recognized of Chieftess Easysinger, dies during a hunt.
2038.09.06* A moment from Thumbprint’s apprenticeship. ("Vocational Education", C. T.)
2022.09.12* Sometimes mothers need to learn to let their children grow up. ("Overdrawn Expectations", M. McCarthy)
2020.08.23* A meticulous task drives Thumbprint to exasperation. ("Frayed", C. T.)
2018.07.29* Young Lightgaze confides in his sister as he leaves childhood behind. ("A Cub No More?", M. H.)
2017.09.15* The futures of two young trolls are laid down. ("Setting the Cords", C. T.)
2015.03.24* By Thumprint, Age 10. ("What I Learned from My Mother's Job", C. T.)
2012.09.15* Kestrel never realized how much Recognition would change her life... for the better. ("A Change for the Better", M. McCarthy)
2012* Bowflight born to Kestrel & Boar.
2011.04.02* Tunnelrat’s double life comes to a forked path ("Footsteps Into Uncertainty", C. T.)
2010* Moon, sister of Kestrel, dies during a hunt.
2009.06.03* After weeks of obsessing, Snowdrop decides enough is enough. ("No More Doubt", M. McCarthy)
2009.05.20* Snowdrop realizes that the answer to her problem might be more obvious than she thought. ("Here All Along", M. McCarthy)
2006.09.07* Little cubs can have a lot of questions. ("Why?", M. Heilemann)
2004.07.08* Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2003.11.26* Easysinger marks the years of Newt’s long sleep. ("Keepsakes", C. T.)
2002.08.22* A mother worries about her infant son. ("Summer Cold", L. Cavalier)
2002* True Edge born to Shyheart & Cedarwing.
2000.06.30* Moss tries to catch the strains of an elusive song. ("Song of the Storm", H. Henderson)
1985.12.24* The elves marvel at a rare display of the aurora borealis. ("Magical Lights", M. H.)
1980.04.03* Riskrunner learns a valuable lesson when his uncle wins a race by less than fair means. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
1977* Moss born to Cider & Rhythm.
1972.10.05* Riskrunner displays his independence while his father reflects on his own strengthening family ties. ("Bonds", C. T.)
1965.10.15* Snowdrop finds her place in a story. ("Storyteller", M. Heilemann)
1965* Riskrunner born to Easysinger & Blacksnake.
1960.10.26* "Bearheart gazed down into his daughter’s earnest, shining face, and found that words choked him..." ("Trying Her Wings", W. Ware)
1958.08.22* When a young Snowfall cannot join the rest of the tribe at the swimming hole on a sticky-hot summer night, Stormdancer teaches the child how to swim with the stars ("Swimming in the Stars", W. Ware)
1957.04.23* For trolls, not all young loves end with marriage. ("One Always Leaves Before The Other", C. T.)
1956.01.15* Even a solemn little cub can find joy in the snow. ("Waiting for Snow", A. Cousins)
1955.09.14* Cubsitting for the first time proves to be a challenge to Starskimmer but not in any way like she expected. ("Stuck with a Challenge", M. Heilemann)
1950* Snowfall born to Dreamberry & Bearheart.
1949.07.05* An innocent remark has dramatic results. ("New Needles", M. Heilemann)
1938.12.24* When Agate feels low, Shimmer and Dagger want to cheer her up ("Mother’s Gift", L. Aarts)
1938.05.14* A look at the life of a remarkable wolf. ("An Uncanny Wisdom", S. Clawfoot)
1937.09.28* You can learn so much about those that have gone before, and even more about those who are here now, just through time and patience. ("Grandfathers", L. Cavalier)
1931* Starskimmer born to Agate & Dagger.
1919.10.08* The wrapping up of his daughter brings up some unpleasant memories for Birdcatcher. ("Cracks", M. Deinert)
1918.09.12* Easysinger helps Newt's family to cope after he is wrapped. ("A Pledge to the Sleepers", S. Clawfoot)
1918.06.07* When Newt is bitten by a deadly snowmouth snake, his family fights to make a difficult decision. ("Going to Sleep", M. Deinert, C. T., W. Ware)
1918.05.01* The homecoming welcome consisted of a single boy riding his yearling wolf headlong up the hunter’s trail... ("Lost & Found", W. Ware)
1918* Newt is mortally poisoned by a snowmouth snake and is placed in wrapstuff.
1917.03.10* Why does Chieftess Easysinger call Newt "spirit-cub"? ("Spirit-Cub", M. D., H. Hutchison)
1916* Newt has some tricky questions before he goes to sleep. ("A Cub Born of Love Only", M. Deinert)
1915.09.18* Cider is Newt’s favorite cubsitter. ("A Helping Hand", L. Cavalier, M. D.)
1915* Fairness is a matter of perspective, Birdcatcher comes to realize. ("About Fairness", M. Deinert)
1914.05.02* Sometimes Strand and Turtle can’t help but wonder ... ("Son of One, Son of Two", M. Heilemann)
1909.09.15* Kestrel spends some time with baby Newt to give his parents a much-needed rest. ("Who You Will Become", M. D., M. McCarthy)
1909.07.04* Lacewing, Turtle and Strand welcome the birth of their third, special child. ("White as Snow", L. Cavalier)
1909.02.20* Bramble knows she’s supposed to work on her weaving project, but a heavy snowfall distracts her. ("Leaving Tracks", B. Kita)
1909* Newt born (out of Recognition) to lifemates Lacewing, Strand & Turtle.
1870.02.10* As the first responder on the scene after a deadly avalanche, Kestrel struggles to do the right thing, when she cannot know what the right thing really is... ("Summer's Passing", W. Ware)
1860.06.06* A pair of interruptions has a common cause. ("Moon and Stars", C. T.)
1850.11.16* Kestrel learns that Axehand can be crafty when making a bet. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
1846.08.31* Beesting has honeycomb, and the little cub that Sunlight is cubsitting wants some! ("Treewee Wants Beesweets", R. C.)
1830* Suddendusk born to Dove & Skinner.
1753.06.10* With the common, lovelorn peeper came a far less common predator... ("Foreign Tastes", W. Ware)
1750.07.15* A father protects those he loves... ("An Old Promise Kept, A New Promise Made", S. Clawfoot)
1750.01.13* A young Farscout struggles with his preoccupation with Brightwood… ("Losing The Game", W. Ware)
1747.12.19* All is calm and bright on the wintry meadow as Kestrel and Beesting take Moon and Raven for a walk. ("Silent Night", L. Cavalier)
1747* Moon born to Stormdancer and Leather. Raven born to Beesting.
1746.04.12* A mere turn after tragedy for parents, eyes meet eyes and soul meets soul a second time, bringing Summer a renewed hope for their tribe. ("Soul Reunion", R. C.)
1745.08.02* Two children discuss waiting for their fathers on a summer night. ("In the Stars", W. Ware)
1745* Chieftess Easysinger is forced to kill Owl after he goes mad, leaving the tribe without a healer (story in progress).
1744.03.27* Friends share. ("Being Best Friends", A. Rosbergen)
1744* A plague decimates the wolfpack and then affects elves; several die from the disease (story in progress).
1743* Hope born to Easysinger & Oakhand.
1742.09.02* Some elf-names are gained by less than noble means. ("All or Nothing", C. T.)
1742.05.20* The best teachers don’t make things easy for the student, especially in rockshaping. ("Doing it in Your Sleep", M. Di Carlo, M. Heilemann)
1739.05.12* Young Briar goes on his Very Long Walk ("Seasons", W. Ware)
1738.08.25* Young Briar saves Fawn's life when the toddler falls from a tree. ("Seasons", W. Ware)
1735.05.18* Brightwood’s birth warrants her father Lynx’s asking a jealous boy for a favor to the family… ("Promises", W. Ware)
1733.08.09* The hills and mountains north above Whitewing Lake were rich with glossy black stone, but for the richly colored obsidian in hues of green, red and purple, or even the most rare clear obsidian, a hunter had to look to the slopes and hills that lay between Greenstone Peak and Lookout Mountain... ("Greenstone Mountain", W. Ware)
1729* Farscout born to Ice & Hawkcall (already deceased)
1728.10.20* Hawkcall looks forward to the birth of his son. ("Just a Little Longer", M. H.)
1727.02.17* After the whirlwind experience of Recognition, some elves need a bit of alone time to think about it all. ("A Quiet Place to Think", R. C.)
1727.02.13* An account of Farscout’s genesis. ("Labors of Love", S. Clawfoot)
1725.11.01* Kestrel and Snaptwig challenge Melody and Axehand to a race. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
1725.10.31* One race, and then another… ("High-and-Low", C. T.)
1724.05.20* Ash has a simple task for Muckabout. ("Say My Name", C. T.)
1707* Blacksnake born to Dove & Wolfmane.
1697.07.05* A cub eats a big fish and wins a night flight. ("Bets of Friends", L. Cavalier)
1690.10.07* Time transforms a pupil into a teacher. ("Moments in Rhyme", C. T.)
1689* One-Leg born to Dove & Wolfmane.
1688* "But the pair of them were like littermates, and Wren was hard-pressed to get her younger daughter out of Dove’s den." ("Hunters' Tales", L. Cavalier)
1639.03.22* Dewdrop sings for its fallen friend. ("A Song for Butterfly", C. T.)
1594.06.09* Did Raindrop hear someone sending for help? ("Two If by Sea", L. Aarts, H. Henderson)
1592.07.21* Chestnut’s more than a little happy about her new powers. ("Purple Haze", L. Cavalier)
1572.03.01* As the arrival of his first cub approaches, Leather realizes that he has more nerves than he thought. ("Handle With Care", A. Cousins)
1572* Kestrel born to Stormdancer & Leather.
1514* Three drown in a raging spring flood (Carver, Harmony & Riversong).
1510.06.25* It takes more than brute strength to make a winning move. ("Good Move", H. Henderson)
Chieftess Wolfsister | Chief Burn | Chieftess Foxsly | Chieftess Easysinger | Chief Windburn | 2500 | 2501 | 2502 | 2503 | 2504 | 2505 | 2506 | 2507 | 2508 | 2509 | 2510 | 2511 | 2512 | 2513 | 2514 | 2515 | 2516 | 2517 | 2518 | 2519 | 2520
1502.07.19* When a pair of nosy intruders set off a troll trap and leave rocks everywhere, someone has to tidy up. ("Tidying Up", R. C.)
1502* Trolls are discovered; .  Chieftess Foxsly & lovemate Crest track trolls back into an underground labyrinth, and are killed in a troll-made trap..  Easysinger becomes chieftess; her first act as chief is to declare the troll tunnels off-limits to elven exploration.
1424.10.15* It wasn’t often they all hunted together, but when they did, the way they hunted always turned out for the best. ("Flowers Fade", L. Cavalier)
1403.05.16* "Stoneback cried out and rushed the bear, no longer worried about the plans the group had made, and hoping to save his sister." ("Hunters' Tales", L. Cavalier)
1400.07.20* When Turtle’s love of fishing is brought into doubt, Thistle has a thing or two to say about it. ("The Sawtooth's Snap", M. Di Carlo)
1399.04.23* Raindrop finds something she didn’t know she needed. ("Gathering Thoughts", A. Cousins)
1397.04.10* "The cub was so excited, he didn’t care that he was covered in goose bumps and shivering like a leaf in the wind." ("Hunters' Tales", L. Cavalier)
1371.09.09* Foxsly loved a challenge. ("Loving the Challenge", A. Chandler)
1278.06.09* Two siblings exchange significant gifts. ("Forging Gifts", W. Ware).  Two siblings exchange significant gifts. ("Forging Gifts", W. Ware)
1251.08.01* Foamspray and its fellows had helped to take care of the Highthings for as long as any of them could remember. ("Gentle-Smile Highthing", R. C.)
1251* Easysinger born to Foxsly & Reedweaver.
1249.08.03* Recognition is a wonderful thing for the whole tribe, as well as those it strikes... but is it ever perfect? ("A Wonderful Thing", R. C.)
1215.10.09* Some elves are born to be different. ("The Love of Rocks", L. Cavalier)
1208.01.14* A wearied Toss refuses to stop. ("The Children Come First", A. Willis)
1189.08.13* After a long, dry summer with many sudden fires, Ambergold ends up joining the tribe’s plantshapers on an impromptu guard mission. ("Go Toward the Water", S. L)
1189* A summer of forest fires scorch the Holt; in one particularly bad blaze, four are killed (Blackberry, Ivy, Ambergold & Streak)
1170.10.20* A new rock-shaper's dire warning sends the tribe packing. ("The Earth-Storm", S. Clawfoot)
1016.09.27* Riversong mourns her wolf-friend Longbird. ("Never Again", W. Ware)
1010.08.01* Riversong did warn him about a sawtooth’s oh-so-sharp teeth... ("Watch Your Fingers", W. Ware)
900.09.07* Crest doesn’t do anything. ("Nothing Happens", C. T.)
847.01.29* On his Very Long Walk, Dusk is introduced to some of the dangers of Holt territory... ("Crystal Springs", R. C.)
Chieftess Wolfsister | Chief Burn | Chieftess Foxsly | Chieftess Easysinger | Chief Windburn | 2500 | 2501 | 2502 | 2503 | 2504 | 2505 | 2506 | 2507 | 2508 | 2509 | 2510 | 2511 | 2512 | 2513 | 2514 | 2515 | 2516 | 2517 | 2518 | 2519 | 2520
827* Foxsly becomes chieftess..  Chief Burn and a hunting party are caught out on the grasslands during a summer wildfire. While the hunters all manage to escape, Burn, Bravestride and Raincaller are badly burned and die later of their injuries.
712.02.10* The birth of Badger's first child, Toss. ("Snakebite", W. Ware)
703.06.18* A tribe defends its own. ("Tribal Warfare", W. Ware)
697.11.15* A drunken prank earns Boldscout a new haircut. ("Drunken Haircut", S. Lindström)
697.07.04* By the time the chief and his band of hunters could get there, it was all over except for wrapping up their wounded and howling for their dead. ("Mauled", W. Ware)
669* Foxsly born to Sparrow & Burn.
Chieftess Wolfsister | Chief Burn | Chieftess Foxsly | Chieftess Easysinger | Chief Windburn | 2500 | 2501 | 2502 | 2503 | 2504 | 2505 | 2506 | 2507 | 2508 | 2509 | 2510 | 2511 | 2512 | 2513 | 2514 | 2515 | 2516 | 2517 | 2518 | 2519 | 2520
666* Burn becomes chief after a contest of wills with his brother Badger..  Chieftess Wolfsister dies.
645.07.17* Wolfsister and Feverease discuss the tribe’s future ("Grooming", C. T.)
597.08.25* **Wet wolf-like Chieftess, fur dripping, lightning loud and all around, flashes of it arching overhead. Wolfsister shivering, wanting home. ("Hunters' Tales", L. Cavalier)
584.05.14* Early morning at the Holt. ("Dawn Guardians", G. C.)
562.08.05* Firecat takes a very long walk with an unexpected ending. ("The Solitary Walk", L. Cavalier)
560.06.22* Spearpoint knows potential when he sees it. ("Potential", L. Cavalier)
559.11.12* Firecat enjoys watching the wolves. Barkmoss might have a problem with that. ("Belonging to the Pack", )
559.02.17* With the first spring thaw and the river ice starting to crack, it makes for a fun game for the tribe's reckless youth. ("Spring Thaw", R. C.)
556.05.30* Firecat tries her best to do what she thinks she should. ("Here I Come", A. Cousins)
543.09.26* “I just can’t pick up scents like you do. Or Raincaller. I don’t feel like a wolf. I can’t track. And I really try, but it is just not in me. I want to learn how to hunt so badly, that it almost hurts sometimes.” ("Forever to Practice", L. Aarts)
508* Burn born to Wolfsister and Redmane.
501.09.17* Winter was coming, and it was time for the wanderers to make a fateful decision. ("Home", W. Ware)
501* Wolfsister and her companions discover the River Twine Holt region and decide to settle. The Holt is founded..  Chieftess Wolfsister gives birth to a son, Badger.
499* Wolfsister and her band of companions part ways with their tribe of origins.
4.11.07* A desperate bid to save a friend's life ends in tragedy and mystery. ("Flight for Life", H. Hutchison)

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