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(Return to the [http://www.rivertwine.com River Twine Holt] website.)
(Return to the [http://www.rivertwine.com River Twine Holt] website.)
''(article by Fey M., Holly H. & Whitney W. - first posted 04/10/07, updated 02/14/2016)''
''(article by Fey M., Holly H. & Whitney W. - first posted 04/10/07, updated 02/16/2016)''
(Note: images below are taken from Monty Sloan's [http://www.wolfphotography.com/ Wolf Photography] website, and are used with permission; images from other sources are noted in the entry.)
(Note: images below are taken from Monty Sloan's [http://www.wolfphotography.com/ Wolf Photography] website, and are used with permission; images from other sources are noted in the entry.)

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(article by Fey M., Holly H. & Whitney W. - first posted 04/10/07, updated 02/16/2016)

(Note: images below are taken from Monty Sloan's Wolf Photography website, and are used with permission; images from other sources are noted in the entry.)

The River Twine tribe's wolfpack is descended from wolves who came with Wolfsister when she led her group back to the area to settle. These wolves have at least some elf-blood in them, and although they are always primarily wolfish in outlook and behavior, the occasional "throwback" is born who is still wolf-shaped but who has a greater affinity for the elves than for the wolf-pack.

These partially elf-blooded wolves are more wolf than not, with the same appearance and behaviors as natural wolves. Their kinship and empathic bonds with the elves leads to a cooperative arrangement – but the wolves also tend to regard the elves as "odd" wolves. Elves are smaller and weaker, and have many strange un-wolflike behaviors. The wolves tolerate this and even respect and defer in some cases to the elves' behavioral choices; but in other cases the wolves simply treat the elves according to wolf norms.

Appearance & Characteristics

Territorial Behavior

Breeding, Pack Size, and Mortality

The Pack's Genealogy

Bonding with elves, and Communication

In-Play Concerns, How to go about replacing wolf-friends

RTH 2514 Wolf Pack

(photos used by permission of Monty Sloan/Wolf Park; other photos as noted.)

(Generic wolf picture by Wendy Pini. These mark wolves whose individual appearance has not yet been determined. Owners are allowed to choose pictures to represent their wolves. Owners who adopt a wolf with an existing picture may choose to change the wolf's appearance if it has not already been established in art or a story on the group's website.)

The individual rankings of wolves within the pack is something that is in regular flux. A high ranking wolf will always lord it over a mid- or low-ranking wolf, but among high, mid, and low ranked wolves, it is often difficult for even the elves to tell what a linear hierarchy might be from day to day or week to week. What’s more important to understand are the roles played within the pack. The River Twine wolf pack usually numbers between 30 and 40 wolves at a time -- so not all of them will play the role of primary hunters. Some wolves perform more of a “guardian” role by ranging the territory, and the lowest play a “home guard/babysitter” role as the primary guardians of the Holt proper.

It is important for club members to understand that a wolf’s role within the pack does not always match their rider’s role within the tribe. Wolves do not exist at a rider’s beck and call. A wolf who is high-ranked, but who’s rider is not primarily a hunter, will generally be away hunting while his/her elf friend is back at the Holt fishing or crafting. Likewise, some of our tribe’s primary elven hunters can find themselves bonded with low-ranking wolves who are only grudgingly tolerated by their high ranked packmates. Elves who are bonded to mid-ranked wolves may find their wolf-friends off for days at a time, patrolling the woods and borders of the Holt’s territory with other mid-ranked wolves.

Alpha Pair (the Chief and Chieftess-wolf)

The Alphas are the leading male and female of the pack. The Alphas are the only breeding pair in the pack. The current Alpha wolves of the pack are:

Thumb wolfpix halfmoon.jpg Halfmoon (born RTH 2490 / bonded to Evervale). Alpha male. Always an ambitious wolf, for a long time was the beta of the pack. Had killed Icestalker in a status fight, and was unchallenged as beta for a while, although aware of pressure from Beauty. After Wasp's death, there was a brief contest between Halfmoon and Beauty for the alpha spot, but Halfmoon prevailed. When Starlight pushed out Whirl as alpha female, Starlight accepted Halfmoon as her alpha. Littermate of Bonetrail and Briarfoot.
Thumb wolfpix mooncrier.jpg Mooncrier (RTH 2489 / bonded to Honey). Alpha female. A stubborn, determined creature, tends to be aloof, was reluctant for a long time to allow any elf to ride her. Surprised many when Honey's persistence paid off, and Mooncrier bonded with her. Having an elf-friend caused her to have a boost in confidence and slowly gain in rank, until she became beta to Starlight; then she unseated Starlight and became alpha in RTH 2514. Closest to her littermate Longtooth, and used to depend in part on his support to remain with the River Twine pack; also littermate of Thief and Whirl.

Beta Wolves

Beta wolves are the top ranked wolves within the Pack beneath the Alphas. These are individual wolves who are the likely heirs to the Alphas (but until the dust settles, don’t place your bets!)

Note: beta-ranked wolves listed in alphabetical order, not by hierarchal ranking

Thumb wolfpix frostback.jpg Frostback (RTH 2508 / bonded to Blacksnake) Beta male. Big, sturdy wolf with a very good nature. Tends to be friendly and social, playful and hard-working. Moved up into the beta position in RTH 2514. Littermate of Brindlefur.
Thumb wolfpix redbrush.png Redbrush (RTH 2501 / bonded to Brightwood). Beta female. Named for her unusually reddish color. From the moments she opened her eyes, Redbrush has proven to be an aloof, self-confident, and determined young she-wolf who is likely to rise among the hierarchy of the pack as she matures -- became beta female in RTH 2514. Littermate of Rooter.

High-Ranked Wolves

The high-ranked wolves are the primary hunters of the pack. They run at the front of the pack; after the Alphas and Betas they pick the choicest parts of a kill, and they are the most likely to become Alpha (after a previous Alpha's death, or through challenge). High ranked wolves are generally the most mature and intelligent hunters. Young wolves usually have some learning to do and must spend some time to spend in lower ranking positions before joining the high ranked hunters.

Note: high-ranked wolves listed in alphabetical order, not by hierarchal ranking

Thumb wolfpix beauty.jpg Beauty (RTH 2491 / bonded to Notch). High-ranked male. Grizzled, big, ugly and powerful animal. Very scarred from a number of close scrapes: has only a stub of a tail, no left eye (empty socket covered with eye patch), most of his right ear is ragged and missing; left ear has torn tendons and is floppy. Overgrown left incisor tooth. Roguish old cuss, with a taste for brawls and a love for chasing anything that moves. Beauty is a clever, cunning wolf; has an ugly temper and gets very vicious when pissed. Reckless, but good-natured otherwise. Friendly to most elves, but those he dislikes have scars to show for it. Has a special "relationship" with Quick Fang – where his rider adores teasing Quick Fang and getting her to chase him, Beauty simply sees her as another wolf, one who's a threat to his own place in the pack. Will routinely shove her around when the chance arises, equally quick to show his teeth and bite. Upon the death of the former alpha male, Wasp, in RTH 2511, Beauty tried to challenge beta male Halfmoon for the new alpha position, but lost, and chose to defer to Halfmoon rather than endanger his own life and position in the pack. Held onto the beta position until RTH 2514. Littermate of Duskgreeter.
Thumb wolfpix duskgreeter.jpg Duskgreeter (RTH 2491 / bonded to Farscout). High-ranked male. A keen hunter and clever fighter, tended to be friendly toward elven hunters and allowed them to ride him during a hunt, if their own wolf-friends were not present. Particularly friendly with True Edge, although it was not a true wolf-bond. Eventually bonded with Farscout, after Flea switched her bond to Farscout's daughter Copper. Littermate of Beauty.
Thumb wolfpix fireweed.jpg Fireweed (RTH 2509 / bonded to Windburn) High-ranked female. Alert and eager, she shows a good aptitude for social cues and for hunting. Littermate of Softjoy and Longhowl.
Thumb wolfpix longhowl.jpg Longhowl (RTH 2509 / bonded to Cinder) High-ranked male. A quiet pup, but playful and unafraid, Longhowl is much like his elf-friend. However, even as a young pup, Longhowl shows enough aggression to give the impression that, when the time comes, he's going to start moving his way up the pack. Littermate of Softjoy and Fireweed.
Thumb wolfpix muddypaws.jpg Muddypaws (RTH 2498 / bonded to Crackle). High-ranked male. Muddypaws is canny and sophisticated, the kind of wolf who'd find a way to get the meat out without springing the trap, but he is usually too occupied with being either a worrying guardian or a long-suffering toy for that intelligence to show much. He hates baths almost as much as Crackle does. Littermate of Tenor.
Thumb wolfpix patchface.jpg Patchface (RTH 2496 / bonded to Raindrop) High-ranked male. Named for the odd scattering of brown in his gray fur. Incredibly stupid and, to compensate, lightning-quick. Has grown massive upon reaching his full size, and is making up for past insults by bullying all his new underlings.
Thumb wolfpix silverbite.jpg Silverbite (RTH 2492 / bonded to Nightstorm) High-ranked female. Aloof but devoted to her elf-bond. A bit of a diva. Littermate of Charm and Lightjaw.
Thumb wolfpix splash.gif Splash (RTH 2497 / bonded to Otter). High-ranked female. Splash is a very playful wolf. She enjoys chasing small game, but not necessarily catching it. But she is a water-loving wolfie and is an excellent match for Otter. She has even learned to catch fish on her own in shallow waters by snatching them with her teeth. Splash likes to patrol the banks of the rivers and streams that Otter plays in but gets thoroughly annoyed by slap-tails because they scare the fish away, and antagonize her. Littermate of Slychase.
Thumb wolfpix rambler.jpg Rambler (RTH 2501 / bonded to Longshot) High-ranked female. A wolf born outside the pack, Rambler has worked her way in. She is a calm, calculating wolf, always on the look out for something that will give her an advantage. She fiercely guards her own place in the pack but is quick to submit to the higher ranks.
Thumb wolfpix starlight.jpg Starlight (RTH 2486 / bonded to Kestrel). High-ranked female. A regal wolf, with a strong sense of self and of her place in the world. Benign as long as you show throat, but will wallop any lower-ranked wolf who shows a hint of challenge. Upon the death of former alpha male Wasp in RTH 2511, Starlight saw Whirl's position as having been weakened, and she challenged the female for the alpha position, and won. She accepted Halfmoon as the pack's new alpha; remained in that position until RTH 2514, when she was unseated by Mooncrier. Littermate of Bristlepelt.
Thumb wolfpix thief.jpg Thief (RTH 2489 / bonded to Thornbow). High-ranked male. Thief is aggressive when it comes to moving in rank, loves stealing fish from the fisher traps, and fears the sound of storms. His wide-set eyes give him a permanently confused look that he uses to the best of his ability, notably more scheming and cunning than his bond. Littermates of Longtooth, Mooncrier and Whirl.

Mid-Ranked Wolves

While they sometimes join the hunt, wolves of the middle rank tend to be guards of the territory. They also enjoy the company of gatherers, trappers and those that scout. To them it shows the tribe contributing to the protection of the territories (and the elves have protection while doing their duties).

Note: mid-ranked wolves listed in alphabetical order, not by hierarchal ranking.

Thumb wolfpix bonechase.jpg Bonetrail (RTH 2490 / bonded to Pathmark) Mid-ranked male. An average wolf – comfortable with his position in the pack and has just enough ambition to keep it for now, doesn't have the drive to rise any further. Likes his creature comforts – ample food, a good scratch on the butt, and a patch of warm sunlight to snooze in. Littermate of Brairfoot and Halfmoon.
Thumb wolfpix branch.jpg Branch (RTH 2504 out of Charm / bonded to True Edge) Mid ranked female and one of the few wolves nimble enough to actually climb or jump into the trees. She is prone to laying on large limbs to soak up the sun or just to get a good view of the area around her. Is also one of the first to join the elves in the dentree when the weather turns foul. On the hunt or just out on patrol she is both graceful and quick. Littermate of Thumper and Crowsong.
Thumb wolfpix brairfoot.jpg Briarfoot (RTH 2490 / bonded to Foxtail) Mid-ranked female. Curious to a fault, Briarfoot always seems to be getting her snout into trouble! Any noise or smell is worth investigating! A fearless climber (into both trees and dens), and has an eternally puppyish attitude. Very socially involved, often jumps into elvish matters by adding her voice (in yips and yowls) to Foxtail's when her rider is arguing a point. Littermate of Bonetrail and Halfmoon.
Thumb wolfpix browncoat.jpg Browncoat (RTH 2500 / bonded to Newt). Mid-ranked male. Browncoat has matured into an average-sized wolf with obvious intelligence and cunning.
Thumb wolfpix crowsong.jpg Crowsong (RTH 2504 out of Charm / bonded to Cloudfern) Mid-ranked male. Litter mate of Thumper and Branch. An eager and determined wolf, Crowsong is always ready to get in the thick of things. If he can do it with an elf on his back, so much the better.
Thumb wolfpix fumble.jpg Fumble (RTH 2505 / bonded to Dreamflight) Mid-ranked female. (Picture (c) Oliver Matla, Lupinity!, Click here to see original image; used with permission.)
Thumb wolfpix peakrunner.jpg Peakrunner (RTH 2494 / bonded to Goldspice) Mid-ranked male. Peakrunner is calm and well-tempered, but a very fast runner, also very vocal, even when he is sleeping.
Thumb wolfpix pounce.jpg Pounce (RTH 2503 / bonded to Greenweave) Mid-ranked female. Pounce is scrappy, happy, and eager. She loves to play rough-and-tumble with other wolves her rank. Very gentle with elf cubs.
Thumb wolfpix silversong.jpg Silversong (RTH 2510 / bonded to Glow) Mid-ranked female. Silversong is a fast and curious wolf with great respect for Glow and everyone around her elf-friend. She is just like Glow in that she is a fighter. She is restless, playful and can't wait to go hunting. When Glow plays her flute, Silversong lies down and listens.
Thumb wolfpix slychase.jpg Slychase (RTH 2497 / bonded to Snowfall) Mid-ranked male. Slychase is a clever, sometimes overenthusiastic young wolf who is quickly distracted. He is determined to chase things – bugs, small game, weapons thrown/shot. As a result, the high-ranked wolves will not allow him to join his rider during pack hunts. Instead, he might make a place for himself someday in the ranks of the mid-ranked wolves. He enjoys his connection with Snowfall, but if he is not needed he can be away from his elf bond for several days without being missed. Littermate of Splash.
Thumb wolfpix softjoy.jpg Softjoy (RTH 2509 / bonded to Rill) Mid-ranked female. Softjoy is very active and enjoys playing with anyone available. She is possessive toward Rill but may wander off when she thinks she isn't getting enough attention. Littermate of Fireweed and Longhowl.
Thumb wolfpix thumper.jpg Thumper (RTH 2504 out of Charm / bonded to Windsong) Mid-ranked female. Littermate of Crowsong and Branch. Thumper is an energetic wolf with a care-free, almost reckless attitude. She thumps the ground with her tail a lot, thus earning her name.
Thumb wolfpix windswift.jpg Windswift (RTH 2506 / bonded to Rainpace) Mid-ranked female. A fast runner, Windswift is a terror to the rabbits and other small animals. She will eat anything, including stray leathers left unattended. She is quite affectionate and is always looking for attention from the elves.

Low-Ranked Wolves

Low ranked wolves are the guardians of the denning area and protectors of any young pups. These are the wolves who are the daily guardians of the Holt proper.

Thumb wolfpix autumnleaf.jpg Autumnleaf (RTH 2493/bonded to Fadestar) Low-ranked female. A particularly reddish coat marks her out; beautiful, glossy and very sneaky, but a bit of a loner, thus not higher in rank. Despises fighting and for a long time had never been ridden, as she always escaped when anyone tried. Eventually sought out a bond with Fadestar.
Thumb wolfpix flea.jpg Flea (RTH 2500 / bonded to Copper). Low-ranked female. Not gifted with the burden of intelligence, Flea is an easy-going creature who loves her comforts. What she lacks in brains she makes up for in speed and endurance. Started out bonded with Farscout, which many viewed as a mismatch. Growing up close with his daughter Copper, as her self-appointed protector, Flea eventually switched her bond to Copper (in 2509). Littermate of Browncoat and Flysnap.
Thumb wolfpix foxnose.jpg Foxnose (RTH 2512 / unbonded) Low-ranked male. Light-colored, tan and buff wolf with some tawny markings. Good-natured.
Thumb wolfpix highpoint3.jpg Highpoint (RTH 2510 / bonded to Willow) Low-ranked female. A calm but alert wolf, she frequently takes to the high ground to keep a cautious eye out for intruders.
Thumb wolfpix murkfur.jpg Murkfur (RTH 2499 / unbonded) Low-ranked male. Dark in coloring and spirit, a mean, runty thing who survived only because he would do literally anything for food. Feels incredibly self-important when ridden, and can prove to be a pest when trying to encourage a walking elf to get on his back.
Thumb wolfpix silkear.jpg Silkear (RTH 2511 / unbonded) Low-ranked female. Greyish coloring, rounded ears. A bit shy, but with enough confidence to keep her place in the pack, for now.
Thumb wolfpix sleuth.jpg Sleuth (RTH 2488 / bonded to Chicory). Low-ranked female. Mischievous, clever, good runner, prefers to patrol the pack's territory, over spending time lazing by the ponds her elf-friend frequents; has learned not to snap up scurrying or hopping things because then her elf-friend will sulk. Loves to snap at and chase Preservers. Littermate of Growler, Soot and Weasel.
Thumb wolfpix sunsoak.jpg Sunsoak (RTH 2505 / bonded to Raven) Low-ranked male. Littermate of Fumble. Sunsoak is a sweet-tempered, lazy wolf who enjoys nothing better than a long snooze in the sun and a thorough scratching.
Thumb wolfpix tenor.jpg Tenor(RTH 2498 / bonded to Starskimmer). Low-ranked male. Particularly cowardly, likes to cubsit and is always eager to join in a howl. Littermate of Muddypaws.

Omega Wolves

The omega wolves are the lowest-ranked of the low. They are often the babysitters and are the ones who teach the pups skills and social behaviors. Because they are lowest ranked they eat last (or not at all during lean times) and have no rights. Since they rely on the goodwill of the pack, they also tend to initiate playing.

Thumb wolfpix rooter.jpg Rooter (RTH 2501 / bonded to Beetle). Omega-ranked female. Littermate of Redbrush. A throwback, Rooter enjoys the company of elves more than other wolves, and has proven herself a sharper mind at wolf-sending than is common. Rooter's not fearless, but she is quick and active. She is also unusually clever and curious.
Thumb wolfpix weasel.jpg Weasel (RTH 2488 / bonded to Moss). Omega-ranked male. Named for his fondness of stoats as snack food as well as his sly, crafty temperament, Weasel is a throwback; greatly prefers the company of elves to that of the Pack. Not that it seems to bother him; he much prefers stealing dreamberries from Moss (or pretty much whatever he fancies from anyone else who isn't paying attention). Littermate of Growler, Sleuth and Soot.

Cubs, Yearlings, and Second Years

Roly-poly pups are generally considered rankless, but after their first winter, they are considered yearlings – and begin to risk being chased out of the pack. Yearlings who fail to bond to an elf-friend by the beginning of their second winter seldom remain with the pack. Unless they prove unusually clever or remarkably good as a hunter, these young wolves are driven out of the Holt by their elders, and the ones who are the most ambitious leave on their own to carve their own way in the world, outside of the Holt’s territory.

(Generic wolf picture by Wendy Pini. These marks wolves whose individual appearance has not yet been determined. Owners are allowed to choose pictures to represent their wolves. Owners who adopt a wolf with an existing picture may choose to change the wolf's appearance if it has not already been established in art or a story on the group's website.)

Litters from 2500 - present

Go to the page above to see the numbers of cubs in each litter from 2500 to the present, along with any other notable information about cubs in those litters (some of which is repeated here). The few most-recent litters are listed below.

SECOND YEARS (2512 litter):

Low-ranking in general, these wolves are in transition. If they have survived their first year, but are still unbonded, this is the year in which they and the pack will determine whether they stay around, or are run off by the pack, or depart on their own to try to found a pack elsewhere.

Thumb wolfpix foxnose.jpg Foxnose (RTH 2512 / unbonded) Low-ranked male. Light-colored, tan and buff wolf with some tawny markings. Good-natured.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2512) Male second-year.

YEARLINGS (2513 litter):

Low-ranking in general, these still-maturing wolves may be old enough to be bonded to an elf and carry a rider, but they are still in the process of learning the ropes. They are expected to follow the social rules of the pack, and they learn a great deal from their pack elders about hunting and behavior. Wolves of this age who remain unbonded and who did not die in their first year are still at increased risk of mortality, because of their lack of experience.

Thumb wolfpix turnstone.jpg (RTH 2513) Female yearling. Bonded to Turnstone.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Female yearling.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Male yearling.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Male yearling.

CUBS (2514 litter):

Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Female cub.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Female cub.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Male cub.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Male cub.
Thumb wolfpix placeholder.jpg (RTH 2513) Male cub.

Deceased Members of the Pack

Deceased Members of the Pack

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