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Every quarter, the Council of Five will collectively decide which member should receive the Art and Fiction award for the season, based largely on who has earned the most points in that category during the quarter. The Member Award will go to a member who has actively participated throughout the quarter above and beyond the normal rate of activity. The Member Award is generally based upon the amount of points that a person receives in a quarter.

The awards are given out 'seasonally' as follows:

• March 31: Winter Quarter (Jan-Feb-March)

• June 30: Spring Quarter (April-May-June)

• Sept. 30: Summer Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)

• Dec. 31: Autumn Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec)

Once a member has received an Art, Fiction or Member award during the course of a year, that member cannot receive that same award again during that year.

The Chief's Choice Award was introduced in 2008. It is given to honor an exceptional effort in fiction, poetry or artwork. The Chief's Choice Award may be given out quarterly, but is not a mandatory award -- the Council will give it only in circumstances where the Council believes it very well deserved, but the regular artist, member, or general participation awards (which are largely points-based achievements) are not applicable.

Trophies for the "Commented on All Stories to Date" and "Commented on All Fiction to Date" achievements were first awarded in 2011. These trophies will be collected in a single post for a calendar year (if the trophy was earned by anyone in that year).

2015 Summer Participation Awards

RTH 2015summer artist.jpg RTH 2015summer writer.jpg RTH 2015summer member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Peggy B.)

2015 Spring Participation Awards

RTH 2015spring artist.jpg RTH 2015spring writer.jpg RTH 2015spring member.jpg RTH 2015spring chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Peggy B.)

2015 Winter Participation Awards

RTH 2015winter artist.jpg RTH 2015winter writer.jpg RTH 2015winter member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Peggy B.)

2014 Fall Participation Awards

RTH 2014fall artist1.jpg RTH 2014fall artist2.jpg RTH 2014fall writer.jpg

RTH 2014fall member.jpg RTH 2014fall chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Heidi H.)

2014 Summer Participation Awards

RTH 2014summer artist.jpg RTH 2014summer writer.jpg RTH 2014summer member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Heidi H.)

2014 Spring Participation Awards

RTH 2014spring artist.jpg RTH 2014spring writer.jpg RTH 2014spring member.jpg RTH 2014spring chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Heidi H.)

2014 Winter Participation Awards

RTH 2014winter artist.jpg RTH 2014winter writer.jpg RTH 2014winter member.jpg RTH 2014winter chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Heidi H.)

2013 Fall Participation Awards

2013fall artist.jpg 2013fall writer.jpg 2013fall member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Karena K.)

2013 Summer Participation Awards

2013summer artist.jpg 2013summer writer.jpg 2013summer member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Karena K.)

2013 Spring Participation Awards

2013spring artist.jpg 2013spring writer.jpg 2013spring member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Karena K.)

2013 Winter Participation Awards

RTH 2013winter artist.jpg RTH 2013winter writer.jpg RTH 2013winter member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H., background by Karena K.)

2012 Fall Participation Awards

RTH 2012fall artist1.jpg RTH 2012fall artist2.jpg RTH 2012fall writer.jpg

RTH 2012fall member.jpg RTH 2012fall chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2012 Summer Participation Awards

RTH 2012summer artist1.jpg RTH 2012summer artist2.jpg RTH 2012summer writer.jpg

RTH 2012summer member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2012 Spring Participation Awards

RTH 2012spring artist.jpg RTH 2012spring writer.jpg RTH 2012spring member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2012 Winter Participation Awards

RTH 2012winter artist.jpg RTH 2012winter writer.jpg RTH 2012winter member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2011 Commented on All Art to Date

RTH-all-art-Melanie2011.jpg RTH all art Lyn2011.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2011 Commented on All Stories to Date

RTH-all-fic-Melanie2011.jpg RTH-all-fic-Lyn2011.jpg RTH-all-fic-Holly2011.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.)

2011 Fall Participation Awards

RTH 2011fall artist.jpg

RTH 2011fall writer1.jpg RTH 2011fall writer2.jpg RTH 2011fall writer3.jpg

RTH 2011fall member.jpg RTH 2011fall chiefs.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; background by Daria M.)

2011 Summer Participation Awards

RTH-2011summer-artist1.jpg RTH-2011summer-artist2.jpg RTH-2011summer-writer.jpg

RTH-2011summer-member1.jpg RTH-2011summer-member2.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; background by Daria M.)

2011 Spring Participation Awards

RTH-2011spring-artist.jpg RTH-2011spring-writer.jpg RTH-2011spring-member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; background by Daria M.)

2011 Winter Participation Awards

RTH-2011winter-artist.jpg RTH-2011winter-writer.jpg RTH-2011winter-member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; background by Daria M.)

2010 Fall Participation Awards

RTH-2010fall-art.jpg RTH-2010fall-writer.jpg RTH-2010fall-member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; template by Vicki S.)

2010 Summer Participation Awards

RTH-2010summer-art.jpg RTH-2010summer-writer.jpg RTH-2010summer-member.jpg RTH-2010summer-CC.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; template by Vicki S.)

2010 Spring Participation Awards

RTH-2010spring-art.jpg RTH-2010spring-writer.jpg RTH-2010spring-member.jpg RTH-2010spring-CC.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; template by Vicki S.)

2010 Winter Participation Awards

Rth-award-winter10-artist.jpg Rth-award-winter10-writer.jpg Rth-award-winter10-member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2009 Autumn Participation Awards

Rth-award-fall09-artist.jpg Rth-award-fall09-writer.jpg Rth-award-fall09-member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2009 Summer Participation Awards

RTH-2009summer-art.jpg RTH-2009summer-writer.jpg RTH-2009summer-member.jpg

(Icons by Holly H.; template by Vicki S.)

2009 Spring Participation Awards

2009spring artist.jpg 2009spring writer.jpg 2009spring member.jpg 2009spring chiefschoice.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2009 Winter Participation Awards

Rth-award-winter09-artist.jpg Rth-award-winter09-writer.jpg Rth-award-winter09-member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2008 Autumn Participation Awards

2008autumn artist.jpg 2008autumn writer.jpg 2008autumn member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2008 Summer Participation Awards

2008summer artist.jpg 2008summer writer.jpg 2008summer member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2008 Spring Participation Awards

2008spring artist.jpg 2008spring writer.jpg 2008spring member.jpg Rth mem spring08 cc.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2008 Winter Participation Awards

2008winter chiefs.jpg 2008winter member.jpg

2008winter artist.jpg 2008winter writer.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2007 Autumn Participation Awards

2007autumn artist.jpg 2007autumn writer.jpg 2007autumn member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2007 Summer Participation Awards

2007summer artist.jpg 2007summer writer.jpg 2007summer member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2007 Spring Participation Awards

2007spring artist.jpg 2007spring writer.jpg 2007spring member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2007 Winter Participation Awards

2007winter artist.jpg 2007winter author.jpg 2007winter member.jpg Note: there was an administrative change between 2006 and 2007 in how quarters were titled/tracked. These awards were originally called the "Winter 2006" awards; normally authors are not awarded the same award twice in one year, but Sarah earned the Winter 2006 award before the administrative change went into affect, thus grandfathering in her two writer awards during 2007.

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2006 Autumn Participation Awards

2006autumn artist.jpg 2006autumn writer.jpg 2006autumn member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)

2006 Summer Participation Awards

2006summer artist.jpg 2006summer writer.jpg 2006summer member.jpg

(Icons by Vicki S.)