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River Twine Holt is set on a version of the World of Two Moons that is very similar to that of the ElfQuest comics - but in many ways is not identical to it. We are "off the map" from the EQ comics, set in a different time period, and the composition of the world (the plants and animals found there; the human cultures; etc.) is different in many ways as well. We do have some of the animals familiar from the books (treewees, for example), but we may not have others; and we may have some Earth animals that aren't in the books.

On the linked pages you will find lists and pictures of some of what we do have, and some lists of what we definitely don't have. These lists aren't necessarily complete; they are being added to all the time! If you have a question about something specific, please ask about it on the RTH messageboard.

Flora of River Twine Holt

Fauna of River Twine Holt

Fisheries of River Twine Holt

Birds of River Twine Holt
(Coming soon!)