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River Twine Contest & Game Awards

These are awards giving to winners of River Twine's art contest, fiction contests, and competition events.

Each contest is hosted with a theme, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize award icons will be given to the winners chosen by vote on the message boards; when items are tied, multiple awards are given. Non-members are often invited to participate in the regular River Twine art & fic contests, with a "People's Choice" award voted upon by non-members at the Scroll of Many Colors site.

Competition events such as Treasure Hunts and Taal are held for members-only, and on average take place once a year.

River Twine Participation Awards

Every quarter, the Council of Five will collectively decide which member should receive the Art and Fiction award for the season, based largely on who has earned the most points in that category during the quarter. The Member Award will go to a member who has actively participated throughout the quarter above and beyond the normal rate of activity. The Member Award is generally based upon the amount of points that a person receives in a quarter.

The awards are given out 'seasonally' as follows:

• March 31: Winter Quarter (Jan-Feb-March)

• June 30: Spring Quarter (April-May-June)

• Sept. 30: Summer Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)

• Dec. 31: Autumn Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec)

Recognition from Outside RTH

Includes the Golden Wolf Awards.