Ancestors: List with Portraits & Blurbs (by Generation)

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Ancestors: First Generation

Ancestors: Second Generation

Ancestors: Third Generation

Ancestors: Fourth Generation

Ancestors: Fifth Generation

Ancestors: Sixth Generation

Ancestors: Seventh Generation

A note on the generations...

Elven genealogy poses a remarkable problem: with an elf's lengthy lifespan, several generations can be alive at once (and thus, Recognizing across generational lines). And where human fertility is generally limited to a twenty or thirty year span, a female elf can be fertile for centuries.

For our purposes, the River Twine Holt recognizes "generation" as based on the mother's birth. For example, all children born of second generation mothers are considered third generation children, even if the fathers of those children are themselves of the first, second, or third generation.

It is also assumed that the females of the first and second generation may have used healing magic to spark their remarkable fecundity. (In fact, first generation healer Feverease is well remembered in the tribe's verbal history for having assisted in "sparking" many pregnancies among the first and second generations of the tribe.)