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Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2015-06-19
Very nicely done Joan. I like the atmosphere here. i can see the dim, gloomy day, feel the exhaustion and misery i the first part and the sense of "not quite right" and then in contrast the warmth Blacksnake is greeted with. It has this cozy warm feeling of a good bath or just some warm blanket, a hot tea and a relaxing book to close off a very stressful day in peace.
The good-natured fun and chatter here tops it off. This is what I imagine a huge family is like where everyone loves everybody in their own way.
I like how each one of them gives Blacksnake something to ease him into the night and make him feel appreciated. I especially like how you only show glimpses of some but their characters are so clear here. They all shine with personality.
Suddenly a not so well hunt doesn't matter anymore, and that's sucha wonderful thing.
Love the feel of this. very well done.
Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2015-05-24
I adore this story! What struck me the most ~ By far, the vast majority of the elves in this one are, well, now dead. An elf lives a long time, this was *only* five hundred years ago, so it shows in stark relief how everyone, now and again, died relatively prematurely. I love the appreciation shown for Blacksnake, something he's always needed, I think.
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