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Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2016-02-26
Such a wonderfully emotional story! Having the main interaction be between Blacksnake and Nightstorm was so great, seeing as they're outwardly polar opposites when it comes to handling feelings. Seeing them connect in such a way, at such grief-filled parts of their lives, was very touching.
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2015-11-21
You did a great job here connecting the variuous sad events through an object that gets passed from one to the other. It was interesting to see more of Nightfall over the years and how compassionate she is. I bet not many had tried to approach Blacksnake after his loss. Takes some courage!
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2015-07-03
I like this story for more then one reason. One of these reasons is, that it showes how the tribe handels loss and how comforting and caring isn't only districted to close family and friends but spans over all the tribe as a big family.
I also like how the bowl withstood the time as a connecting symbol for Blacksnake and Nightstorm. The story also has a nice feel of proceeding time. From Nightstorms early childhood untill recent memory. Her encounters with love and loss so to say.
Easysinger has a very warm and motherly feel to her here. She really seems to care for her people and it's nice to see how, even if he's not the type, a part of that stuck to Blacksnake in it's own way and how she is still with him.
Tone Strand
New! Entered: 2015-06-26
This was a really nice story. The structue, having it start from Nightstorm's point of view, then shifted over to Blacksnake's. I liked how centered it was around life, not only how loss is a huge part of it, but also on how Brook's wolf friend died of teeth infection. And how this candle bowl was shared and given between them as they saw the other experience deep loss. It was great!
Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2015-05-20
My favorite part was Easysinger taking the time to make a special bowl for what is basically a Life Event ~ the first loss of a wolf friend. She reminds me of a special Sunday School teacher to do something like that! It shows the depth of her love for the tribe, especially for its youngest members!
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