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Holly H.
New! Entered: 2015-03-30
What I particularly liked about this was the acknowledgement, and examination, of the fact that the elves truly never have just ONE type of relationship with a tribemate. All of the relationships are layered, composed of encounters between tribemates at various points in an elf's life. Cloudfern and Honey may have been on the outs later, but at some point, Honey WAS an innocent, happy child, and Cloudfern experienced her that way before she became trouble later. I really like getting to see that!
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2015-03-28
Very nice. I like all the hints that Cloudfern doesn't see himself as just an innocent victim in all that went wrong but also shows regret and that he did hold his own hatred and grudges over the years. It makes him more integrated and not just a passive part of it even if it's just hints.

Honey again shows a real strong side of her here. She's so willing to risk getting hurt but dose it anyway, willing to make up for all her faults she sees in the past. I hope to see the same from Dreamflight and Greenweave at some point - well we saw bits and pieces of it from Greenweave I think, even if not as focused as Honey showes it lately.

I agree fully with Cloudfern here. It's heartening.

Personally I have to admit, I could have done without the first part. It's cute and I like seeing them together in this moment, the irony of talking about Greenweave like this before he was born and causing a riff between them later is not lost on me, yet I think the second part would stand stronger on it's own. Well at least in my opinion. It's still a nice parallel.
Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2015-03-26
Oh my goodness, I adore Honey when she was Trip! All that excitement and energy!! At some point she lost that quality, little by little. I would love to see her have passion again, say what she wants, do what she wants, when she wants, and be well received! I can see how she could hate Cloudfern with the Greenweave thing and also the FarScout thing when she was younger. Glad she's "over it"! I would also like a good realization that she and Greenweave are Recognized, and that no matter the past, nothing could change that fact or undo it.
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